Trump Supporters are Stupid

Trump supporters are stupid and they proved it when he was elected, proved it when they elected people he wanted them to vote for, and they are proving it every day they show up protesting the Justice Department and FBI because they are treating him like the criminal he is.

The desire for mass media to frame his voters as anything but stupid is a pathology and shows the media incapable of properly covering them as voters — stupid voters.

And we all know why.

Mass media on television and print are owned by billionaire white men, who have extremely wealthy white men running their enterprises, and those white men hire wealthy white men to run the day to day operations, editorial, and on-air talent.

They then hire wealthy white men to run marketing, sales, and human resources. And they mostly hire white men, and those white men mostly hire white men as their on-air talent and featured writers. And those white men mostly statistically vote republican and even the ones who vote democratic, live their lives mostly among other white men and those white men vote republican.

Of course there are women of all colors, and Black, Asian, and Latino men who are in mass media, though not all of them are liberal or vote for democrats so the point still stands: mass media is owned and largely run by white men.

All that to say, those men refuse to “Call a thing a thing” for fear of alienating their family, neighbors, friends, colleagues, and a significant number of their viewers. And lost viewers equals lost revenue, lower ratings, and senior management losing their high-paying jobs.

Because if they were not fearful, they would call a thing a thing: Trump voters are stupid.

But instead what we get are obfuscation, rationalizations, justifications, excuses, and misdirections. You have heard them all because they are overused and constitute a what’s what and who’s who of their excuses and lies for why they voted for Trump:

Economic Anxiety, Cancel culture,Woke culture, Border security, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Black History, Abortion, Religious rights, Business rights, and the worst of all — “both sides”.

Despite Trump being a failed businessman, racist, homophobic, misogynist, ableist, xenophobic, and very stupid, they voted for him twice and they argued and debated why he was their choice using the aforementioned bullshit excuses.

Most refused to acknowledge the two main reasons they voted twice for him:

  1. He is white
  2. He wasn’t Black ← the Anti-Obama

But voting can be confusing and maybe if given the benefit of the doubt, his voters are not stupid? Is that possible?


They took horse medicine because he told them Ivermectin was a “cure” for Covid.

They applauded when he acted like an asshole at international meetings.

They believed him when he said all Mexicans were rapists and criminals.

They laughed when he tossed toilet paper to Puerto Ricans devastated by a hurricane.

They thought it was cute he paid off sex workers while he was married, and has five kids by three wives.

They called him a “Man of god” though he wasn’t religious or Christian.

They laughed when he disparaged Black voters, the first Black president, and the first Black Vice President.

They turned their heads when he met with Russians in the White House and wouldn’t let the US press attend.

They applauded when he nominated multiple unqualified Supreme Court justices.

They turned the other cheek as his dumb wife plagiarized Michelle Obama, ridiculed children locked in cages at the border, and tore out the Rose Garden.

They cheered when he used the military and private troops to threaten peaceful protesters in Washington, D.C.

They agreed with him and his dumb attorney, Rudy Giuliani, that the election he lost decisively was “rigged and stolen.”

And they cheered as his personal troops attacked the Capitol as they tried to overthrow the government, before they got angry all over again that the FBI politely visited Mar-a-Lago to retrieve sensitive nuclear and top secret documents that he had stolen and lied about having.

Then, following his instructions, his troops got so mad, again, they started attacking FBI field offices, and illegally protesting outside Mar-a-Lago protesting that their god and savior being treated like the traitorous criminal he is.

But through all that the national media cannot find the guts to call his voters what they are: Stupid.

And before we go any further, let’s be clear that his voters can and are successful in other areas of their lives, they are not all hillbillies, or yokels.

His 70 million voters are small business owners, corporate business people, Evangelical and Southern Baptist leaders, Catholic Bishops, Megachurch prosperity preachers, Mormon Elders, and Black pastors.

His voters are wealthy, middle class, and poor. His voters live in the South, North, East, and West. They attend private and public schools. They homeschool, and they attend major colleges and universities.

His voters are hourly workers, management, and work on Wall Street and mainstreet. They are homeowners, renters, hunters, gun owners, vegans, retirees, and police officers and other law enforcement.

And as far as voting is concerned, they’re all stupid.

Anyone who fell for and at this point continues to fall and advocate for a man as stupid as Donald Trump, deserve scorn and to be called stupid — plain and simple, because it is not only Trump they support, they also support stupid politicians like Lauren Boebert, Margie Taylor-Green, Matt Goetz, Jim Jordan, Kevin McCarthy, Ron Paul, Lindsey Graham, and Herschel Walker.

It is confirmed Trump stole nuclear secrets and other highly classified documents, that he and his criminal family made billions while trading favors while he was in office, and that he has been and in cahoots with Russia, the House of Saud, and other foreign criminals for years. They know he disparaged US Intelligence, that he wanted military generals to treat him as if he were “Hitler,” and that he thought his violent followers were “Nice people.”

His voters refuse to learn, accept, or teach Black history, and they are banning books. They are refusing to provide care and services for lgbtqi youth, they don’t accept science of climate change, vaccinations, solar, electric vehicles, or free lunch for kids. They don’t support the United Nations or reducing carbon emissions. They don’t support abortion rights (except for their own), desegregation, or legalizing weed, unless they own the dispensary.

They don’t support voting rights, ending gerrymandering or voter suppression, or making voting easier for Black, Indigenous voters, or to make voting a national holiday.

But despite all of his stupidity he still has millions of followers who worship him, and major television networks and national news print media who normalize his and their behaviors.

Those people are stupid. No matter their station in life, no matter how smart they are in other parts of their lives, no matter how much they are loved by family and friends or by you they are, in fact, stupid.

And the country is worse off because of them.

But is there any help for them? Can Trump voters be “Turned?”

Many white democrats say they are past the point of trying to convince their loved ones to return to normalcy. They have stopped trying and for the sake of family peace, they’ve either stopped trying, or have broken off relationships with family and loved ones.

The privilege inherent in being able to just ignore having loved ones who support the man who is actively trying to destroy the nation is something so very vile and lazy that it is hard to fathom the depth of white privilege that represents.

Black, brown, Asian, Jewish, and lgbtqi of all races do not have such lazy luxury to just wave our hands and be done with it. If we had taken that road, we would not have freedom, voting rights, women’s rights, healthcare, union wages, civil rights, and on and on and on.

You can do it, white people. You don’t have to turn all Trump followers, just some. The best starting point is: Turn off Fox News.

No matter what you have to do, get your family to stop watching Russia’s propaganda network. If you do that, 80% of your job is done.

Fox News teaches your loved one of three things:

  1. Do the worst
  2. Do the stupidest
  3. Do the least

Your task is to help your loved ones unlearn such nonsense. It won’t be easy, as you already know, but so what? You what else isn’t easy? Watching white people try to overthrow the Capitol, shoot up schools with assault weapons, terrorize churches, federal officials and buildings, cause Synagogues to cancel services, and watching girls and women die because abortions are illegal.

The rest of the nation cannot fix your family. Only you can. Opting out isn’t an option because quite honestly, it is your and only your job. It isn’t on us to work on our friends and family and yours.

You have to try, try, again. To not do so is stupid.

© 2022 by Myron J. Clifton and Dear Dean Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

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