Democrats are riding the energy of Roe-Mentum with the latest midterm results that include a few stunning wins, a few encouraging wins that set up battles against republican candidates in November, and a few unexpected wins in New York and Florida.

Florida is always a critical state and nothing will change that. Now, though, it is in play on multiple fronts that have Democrats excited. It is expected that vile Governor Ron DeSantis will run for president, hoping to deliver a more refined and better managed maga-fueled insurrection and destruction of democracy than his criminal predecessor oversaw.

But Florida is fully in play as Charlie Crist soundly beat Nikki Fried and her insulting and poorly run campaign. The best thing Nikki did during her entire trainwreck of a campaign was when she conceded and pledged to support Crist to beat DeSantis.

Val Demings is set to go against ineffective bootlicker Marco Rubio in what promises to be a spirited contest pitting the accomplished Demings against a man whose biggest accomplishment in congress is setting a record for the number of consecutive days he tweets bible quotes.

Pat Ryan pulled off a huge upset that has republicans looking for one of those Marco Rubio bible quotes for comfort. Ryan won the special election in New York NY18. Ryan used his military experience and confronted Roe head on, showing republicans nationwide that they will pay for stealing women’s rights. In all, Democrats won a +3 district by 3 points for a 6 point swing.

Encouraging isn’t a strong enough word for what this win may foretell come November.

Democrats did have “bad” news, as thirty-year congresswoman Carolyn Maloney lost her reelection bid to fellow long term and fellow new yorker, Jerry Nadler. The district was redesigned forcing to the powerful leaders to go head to head in a competition nobody wanted to see, but which everyone necessarily took sides. Ultimately, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer chose to back Nadler and that basically ended Maloney’s thirty-year career.

Despite that sobering news, Democrats are riding high and riding the blue wave and Roe-Mentum to November where hopes are high that they can gain two or more seats in the Senate and grow their lead in the House.

What seemed improbable just a few months ago is looking more likely by the day. Even a few months ago, the Dynamic Duo of President Biden and VP Kamala Harris, and the steady leadership of Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Schumer were delivering results the major media was choosing to downplay or ignore. Preferring to focus on silly stories, feeding their addiction to the lies of Trump, and giving entirely too much airtime to the far left wing of the party, the beltway media has completely lost its way.

No matter though because Democrats are taking their messages directly to the people — to voters — as they follow VP Kamala Harris’s lead to talk often as they can with voters, left, center, and right.

The efforts have paid off in historically significant ways, as they have passed legislation that would be enough for an entire presidential term, but they’ve done it in just over two years.

The list looks like the best of the best of any presidential team:

Inflation Reduction Act, CHIPS & Science Act, the American Rescue Plan, and the Pact Act for veterans.

They’ve gotten the first major gun legislation passed in a generation, grew the economy, and reduced unemployment to record lows. They’ve worked internationally to extend the NATO alliance, strengthened international relationships, and unalived the latest leader of al Qaeda. They’ve overseen the an international alliance to fund and provide equipment and logistics to Ukrainian government to support their war against Russia.

After talking directly to the price gouging oil companies about the excessive price of gasoline, they’ve seen the longest continuous decrease in prices ever — 70 days and counting.

And, significantly, they have placed the first African-American woman, Ketanji Brown Jackson, on the Supreme Court, while also getting close to eighty judges confirmed — and most of those are women.

Democrats are matching the heat of summer and delivering results that are turning into votes for the party candidates.

If the trends continue, it is highly likely the only political party that is working for all Americans, will gain seats in November. If that happens, we can expect even more historic legislation.

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