The Greatest Presidential Team Ever. Still.

I first wrote this article on August 11, 2021, and now I am writing it again because not only does the premise remain true, the dynamic duo has extended the gap between them and the next best presidential duo.

The Greatest Presidential Team Ever. *so far

Two hundred and three days since they were inaugurated under the watchful eye of a nation reeling from an attempted coup detat by Trump’s militia, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala D. Harris…

Two years into their historical administration, Team Biden/Harris continue to raise the bar, extend their winning streak for the people, and set a standard for future administrations on how to successfully govern in the new century.

They took over a nation reeling from an attempted insurrection and stolen election, from a corrupt and compromised former president who trampled on political norms and broke multiple laws, all the while damaging international relationships. They took over a nation sick with Covid, that had record unemployment, and that had allowed millions to die from Covid due to over a year of medical malpractice from Donald Trump and his inept team of idiots.


Not at all. Take a look the Biden/Harris legislative and other accomplishments:

Inflation Reduction Act – Prescription drug pricing reform, Energy Security and Climate Change -reduce carbon emissions by ~40%, IRS Tax enforcement for wealthy, extends Affordable Care Act, 15% Corporate Minimum Tax, Carried Interest loophole.

Learn more

American Rescue Plan – $1.9T Covid stimulus Package & Economic Stimulus

Learn more

Build Back Better – High quality care for seniors, free universal preschool, child tax credits, plus climate and environmental justice components.

Learn more

Infrastructure Law – Jobs, no more lead pipes, high speed internet, roads, bridges, airports, public transit, electric vehicles, passenger rail, and environmental remediation

Learn more

Gun Safety bill – First passed in a generation.

Learn more

Semiconductor and Science bill – Investments and incentives to support semiconductor manufacturing, and research and development.

Learn more

CHIPS Act– Boosts US Chip Manufacturing.

Learn more

Signed the NATO accession protocols for Sweden and Finland

Learn more

Signed Executive Order Protecting reproductive rights

Learn more

PACT Act – Provide healthcare to veterans who were exposed to toxins.

Learn more

And also:

Gas median national average is again below $4 a gallon.

Unemployment is at a generational low of 3.9%, down from over 6% during last administration.

Appointed Ketanji Brown-Jackson to Supreme Court, and confirmed another 76 judges.

Delivered a special missile to terrorist Zawahiri. Learn more

And President Biden Modeled the adult way to manage his Covid diagnosis.

I am in agreement that the gift of time provides additional insight, consideration of factors known and unknown at the time a president was in office, and time for sober analysis by learned women and men who traditionally study, research, and write about presidents and their administrations.

And you know what else? It is possible to understand greatness at the time it is happening. To recognize great art while an artist is living, and to celebrate unique and unparalleled greatness when we first witness it.

And we can draw the necessary contrast between Biden/Harris and Trump/Pence and see the glaring differences of governing for the people versus governing only for *certain people.

We see the Vice President traveling the nation and the world where she has reestablished American leadership, trust, and cooperation with allies. And her domestic visits that wow, charm, and deliver heartfelt and information to communities, leaders, elected officials, and to children. We see the smiles, the welcoming, and the post visits interviews where citizens gush and rave about the VP’s effectiveness, charm, and warmth.

We hear the same feedback about VP Kamala Harris from global media, which is in sharp contrast to domestic media.

Accomplishments are why presidents are elected but that is not the only job they have.

It is critical to the nation and allies that the U.S. President projects confidence, kindness, accountability, and assuredness. The duties of the American President and Vice President therefore necessarily include ceremonial and emotional expectations that go hand in hand with their more formal duties.

This team excels at providing calming support, timely empathy, and mature responses to events, natural disasters, mass shootings, and recognizing the accomplishments of citizens.

Their unending kindness and shared respect for all peoples causes the domestic press to create controversy where none exists because they are addicted to nonsense, spin, lies, and daily drama that was provided by the prior administration.

But President Biden and VP Harris aren’t pandering to the media. They remain focused on delivering results, working across the nation and when necessary, across the aisle to get legislation passed.

It is easy for some to forget the absolute mess they inherited.

It wasn’t even guaranteed they would be inaugurated and take office. The economy was in shambles, and the Federal government apparatus had been stripped of experienced workers and executives. The Covid pandemic was raging, grocery stores had problems stocking food and supplies, and unemployment had skyrocketed.

The malfeasance of the prior administration was thorough and emblematic of the disregard for regular people hateful and incompetent leaders unleash on citizens.

It is possible to recognize greatness contemporaneously and it is time to recognize President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for the greatest results any presidential tandem has ever had at this point of the presidency.

And it is entirely okay for voters to be proud of their accomplishments. After the homegrown terrorism, insurrection, and nonstop criminality and ugliness from the prior administration, the very act of normalcy is its own reward. Add in all of the aforementioned accomplishments and pride and celebration are a welcome relief and opportunity to exhale.

The entire big, diverse, broad coalition tent can exhale together.

President Biden and VP Harris consciously chose the most diverse and qualified cabinet in history, and the well-run and well-managed administration is proving, again, that diversity is a strength in addition to being the right thing to do.

But what truly sets Biden-Harris apart and above all their predecessors is the second name in the administration: Harris.

Vice President Kamala Devi Harris is the only woman to hold the office of Vice President and she is setting a standard for all who follow her – woman or man.

From police reform, jobs plan, infrastructure, borders, domestic security, foreign relations, and traveling the nation selling pending legislation, listening to voters, and strengthening the position of local and state candidates during vital midterm elections, VP Harris seemed to be everywhere during the first two years of the administration.

And where she went success followed. 

Success for candidates, for states, for businesses, kids, unemployed, sick, elderly, and international allies. Success that brought America back to international leadership and collaboration and far away from bluster, incompetence, and disrespect.

Success that is tied to President Biden is also tied to VP Harris. The connection perplexes the national media who want lies and villainy to sell ads instead of honesty and integrity presented daily by the administration and cabinet.

This administration is transforming American politics for the better. They are re-legitimizing government institutions, honoring the Constitution by staying separate from other co-equal branches of government, and establishing decency, debate, and decisions that seek to help, not harm.

With dozens of midterm elections on the horizon, Biden/Harris may be given a safe margin in the Senate while holding on the House. That they’ve accomplished historical legislation with a 50-50 Senate is remarkable and stunning. The scenes of VP Harris boldly striding to cast one tie breaking vote after another is the administration’s version of must-see TV.

They are accomplishing so much that they are able to keep the news focused on their results, the democrats ability to get things done, and the benefits to people and businesses, much to the chagrin of the woeful clickbait based national media.

The FBI warrant served to Mar-a-Lago will certainly take up a lot of cable and network news space over the coming days and weeks – as it should.

But what should not be lost in the long expected actions by the Justice Department, are the definitive and productive actions and results of the most consequential presidential team in history.

And it is comforting to know that even as their historical story progresses, President Biden and VP Harris will continue working for the people to see to it that America reaches for the best of what we can be instead of pandering to the worst of who we can be.

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