Midterms Bring All The 3rd Parties to the Yard

The midterm elections are in full swing and with Democrats poised to gain seats in the House, Senate, Governors, and in state legislatures all across the nation, the angry 3rd-party distractors are surfacing.

Last week a new party — The Forward Party — was formed by Andrew Yang. You will remember Andrew Yang for his unserious and goofy attempt to mess up the 2020 democratic primaries. He regularly made a fool of himself and made it clear he had no interest in working with or even getting to know the base of the party — Black women. Then after flaming out in the primaries, Yang resurfaced as an unserious candidate for mayor of New York. Carpetbagging in New York City didn’t fare well — especially when he showed his entire ass when answering softball questions about the City that no true New Yorker would say: “Times Square is my favorite subway stop.”

Yeah, no.

He went further though, by doing a photo-op at a gentrified supermarket called “The Bodega,” and thereby fully ending his lame mayoral candidacy and launching him to his newest unserious and silly political stunt.

Andrew’s new party is funded by GOP operative’s money and has no real platform to speak of other than harming democrats. So, he’s doing what previous 3rd-party candidates have done — work in the interest of republicans and/or foreign agents to suppress or siphon votes away from democratic candidates.

But what Andrew Yang is saying and doing isn’t new or original, because it is no different than prior 3rd-party crazies from the Green, Socialist, Libertarian, Reform, or Communist parties. Those parties are and have always been anti-Black, anti-Jewish, anti-Latino, anti-lgbqti and thus anti-democratic party.

The only difference is, of course, this time there is an Asian man as the front-face of the 3rd-party. So Andrew joins Russia’s BF Jill Stein as a non-white-man fronting a political party that is hell-bent on destroying the democratic party and advancing the gop’s white supremacy efforts.

Andrew Yang now joins the loser brigade that in addition to Russian stooge Jill Stein, also includes Ralph Nader, Ross Perot, Gary Johnson, Tom Steyer, George Wallace, and a host of kooky state representatives who do nothing more than gum up voting and law making.

These candidates surface precisely because voters soundly rejected them and their politics, but instead of going back to their lives, they decide that voters are wrong and that it was the fault of the all-powerful establishment as the cause of their definitive losses. And it is no secret that 3rd-party clowns tend to show up during two scenarios:

  1. A democrat is in office, and/or is a frontrunner to win office
  2. A current democrat in office is passing historic legislation

We are currently in the second scenario, as President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and the democratic party are on a streak of passing generational legislation while conducting the country’s most important congressional hearings ever.

This week democrats passed the PACT ACT which provides $280M in funds to support veterans exposed to toxic burn pits while serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition, democrats have passed $1.9T covid relief package, extended $20B for vaccinations and free tests, created six-million jobs and lowering unemployment to 3.9%. The administration also signed a $1.2T infrastructure bill, nominated 121 judges, and placed the first Black woman on the Supreme Court.

Kansas voters soundly rejected a regressive anti-woman change to its constitution that would permanently ban all abortions for any reason.

And, just last week signed an Assault Weapons Ban that is headed to the Senate where it is expected to pass — continuing generational gun control legislation that has upended gun’s rights advocates and their deadly movement.

And Democratic gubernatorial candidates, Stacey Abrams, Beto O’rourke, and Charlie Crist are poised to win contests and create a Southern Blue Wall, to go along with expected wins in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, and Arizona.

With so much real successes and so much momentum heading into midterms, why would Yang and others — including some of the usuals like Nina Turner, most hosts and guests on MSNBC, and a few loud social media know-it-alls take this moment to try to harm the democratic party?

The answer is in the question. Every attempt to create a 3rd-party is rooted in anti-Blackness and Antisemitism and harming the Democratic party.

All those 3rd-parties — Libertarian, Forward, Reform, Socialist, Communists, and Green, are all based on white (mostly) male grievances. They are most significantly aggrieved about having to consider non-white people in their politics and real lives and so they target the one and only party that works to improve America for all citizens — the Democratic party.

Think about it this way: 3rd-parties never attack Republicans, the republican party, or the racism endemic to that party?

Why doesn’t Andrew Yang do a press conference where he calls out republican racism, republicans trying to overturn the 2020 election, republicans embracing the Proud Boys, Oathkeepers, 3 percenters, and those who overran the Capitol, killed Capitol police, and pissed and defecated in the hallowed halls of the historic seat of power?

Is it because his partners include a who’s who of bad people like former CIA and Guantanamo Bay fan, and anti-voting rights, gay rights, and anti-environmental protection guy Evan McMullin? Or Eric Grossman, a noted Wall St noted liar and market cheater? There are Forward party backers, but they aren’t any better. But they all have something in common: They are all white men and they are all republican.

But typical of entitled losers, they each decided that grifting is lucrative and grifting off white voters is most lucrative of all because there is always money to be made by telling white voters they and they only should be in charge of every political party.

And therein lies the truth of alternative parties and their candidates: They do not want to be bothered with being team players or having anything to do with equality. They are mostly aggrieved white people who don’t believe that issues that are primary to them should ever take a back seat to issues that are important to anyone else.

In short, they are white supremacists through and through. Even if an Asian man is fronting the party.

They have learned that it can be helpful to have a minority as the face of 3rd- party that is attempting to destroy the democratic party, and it can be doubly good to have a tech industry “disruptor” on their side.

But it is good to remember that tech-industry experience isn’t another way of saying “Success.” Yang is like the tech-bros who thought it was a great idea to create a faux-bodega that was nothing more than a vending machine. And it didn’t even have a bodega cat.

Andrew Yang is another in a long line of spoiled wealthy men who instead of learning to work with people, especially when that means not leading people, decided the best use of his money and platform was to join his limited talents with wealthy backers who want to destroy the democratic party and American-style democracy.

Andrew Yang should be ignored, his political party scorned, and his friends and backers called out for who and what they are: Bad for the U.S. and bad for democracy.

The democratic party is poised to create a Southern Blue Wall with expected gubernatorial wins in Georgia (Stacey Abrams), Texas (Beto O’Rourke), Florida (Charlie Crist), as well as win critical senate race wins in Pennsylvania (Fetterman), Florida (Demings) Georgia (Warnock), Nevada (Cortez-Masto), North Carolina (Beasley), Ohio (Ryan), and Arizona (Kelly).

The wins can facilitate generational transformation of the nation.

Now is not the time for democratic voters to be distracted or misled by false political promises and anger grievances from Yang or certain social media loud mouths, or to be fooled into thinking the historic consequential presidency of the Biden/Harris administration should be disrupted as it is hitting its stride.

A return to the chaos of the former administration is what is at stake during the midterms because if democrats do not retain the House or gain a comfortable majority in the Senate, that is just what we will get — Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy have both promised to make it so if they are again given power.

Vote early, remind your friends to do the same, donate to democrats if you are able, and remember that the only political party standing against extremism and white supremacy is the Democratic party and not any of those other gentrifying political parties whose only mission is to harm Democrats and democracy.

© by Myron J. Clifton and Dear Dean Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

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