Hot Dem Summer – The Southern Blue Wall

Midway through summer and the democratic party is on fire and looking to build a wall — a Blue Wall extending from Texas to Georgia and all the way to Florida.

Despite the negative nabobs of negativism in the national media, especially MSNBC and Fox news, the party of the people ie. the big tent party is delivering for the nation.

With President Biden deftly using his office with dignity and understated forcefulness to keep the party and country moving forward, and Vice President Kamala Harris seemingly everywhere at once, the administration has winning momentum headed into the second half of the year and into critical midterm elections in multiple battleground states.

Those states include critical races in Texas —Beto O’Rourke looking to upset the Gregg Abbott, who cannot even be bothered to attend any funerals for the children or teachers murdered in Uvalde. Abbott is somewhere enjoying air conditioning and electricity unlike many voters who aren’t so lucky due to Abbott’s historical mismanagement of Texas energy policies.

In Georgia meanwhile, Senator Raphael Warnock looks poised to win a full term, despite republicans finding another historically unqualified buffoon to represent the party.

Herschel Walker should be treating his multiple mental health issues that he has talked about — brandishing a weapon at his partner, threatening to kill himself and others, lying about all his extra-marital affairs and the children he long lied about fathering. His being unable to form coherent sentences and talk issues without devolving to conspiracy nonsense and mad-libs type speech would be disqualifying if he were in a real political party and not a party doing it’s best to reanimate Nazi Germany.

And the venerable Stacey Abrams is stronger than ever and ready for round two against Brian Kemp, and deliver the Georgia governorship to Democrats and help build a critical piece of the Southern Blue Wall.

Meanwhile in Florida, Val Demings is surging in funds raised so much so that inept legislator Marco Rubio has resorted to begging on Fox news for funds and fretting over the coming election because he well knows that quoting the bible every day on Twitter does not a re-election campaign make. Florida also looks to Charlie Crist to upend corrupt Trump 2.0 lying Ron Desantis in what is shaping up to be a close race.

Democrats look to expand their numbers in the Senate and the House, giving the President the backing to push the country further away trump’s disastrous administration and policies and attempts to end American-style democracy once and for all.

The January 6th Insurrection Hearings are showcasing outstanding democratic political organizational skills that are frequently and unfairly criticized by national media. The hearings are thee Summer Blockbuster of the year. Just finishing “Season 1,” and the committee, led by the indefatigable Rep. Bennie Thompson and his team of facilitators, including Californians Zoe Lofgren, Adam Schiff, and Pete Aquilar, along with Liz Cheney, Elaine Luria, Stephanie Murphy, and Adam Kinzinger.

The President has momentum precisely because he and the VP have been delivering above and beyond campaign promises. The dynamic duo entered office and immediately attacked the pandemic, signing a $1.9 trillion covid-relief package, delivered millions of free tests, extended vaccinations with a $20 billion in funding that helped grow vaccination rates to about 75%, created six-million jobs, and lowered unemployment to a historically low 3.9.

And they signed a $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill that will build roads, extend broadband to cities and rural areas, repair bridges, and create millions more jobs that will also help stimulate the economy.

President Biden has nominated 121 judges and 74 have been approved so far, setting the most aggressive pace in decades and giving Democrats greater say in Federal sentencing. Equally important, he nominated Ketanji Brown-Jackson to the Supreme Court, where she is the first Black woman to serve on the high court. And he and the democrats signed the most significant gun legislation in decades following another school mass shooting tragedy.

While the President has returned dignity to the office of the President, VP Kamala Harris has proven to be the administration’s strongest messenger, influencer, and road warrior. The globally popular historic VP traverses the country illuminating the administration’s agenda while helping to rally the electorate leading up to the aforementioned midterms. VP Harris is showered with love and adulation wherever she has appearances — even in GOP strongholds — and that popularity scares republicans, their voters, and misogynists everywhere.

But the VP remains unbothered by the constant stream of hit pieces from beltway media, whether the increasingly irrelevant New York Times, Bernie’s MSNBC, elitist media writers at the Washington Post, New Yorker, Politico, or other publications that miss the clickbait of Trump’s racism and fascism that drove their revenues. The VP and to lesser degree, the President, have also risen above the attacks from the left flank of the party who remain instigators who criticize the administration with the fury of the republican party. It has not gone unnoticed that specific to the Vice President, the attacks from the left are as racist and misogynistic as those from the far right.

The summer has a few potholes, too, with the President contracting covid — he has mild symptoms and is expected to recover in the coming days; gas prices which are trending down after the President definitively told the oil companies to reduce prices or face his wrath, and noise about inflation that is larger than the actual concerns about inflation.

Through it all the democrats are doing what they do best: work tirelessly for all Americans — middle class, city, rural, poor, and business, as they show Americans and the world that a functional democratic government in this nation is good for Americans and much of the world.

And many nations appreciate having support from a stable government and leaders who are willing and able to provide money, equipment, and economic assistance without bribes. Ukraine is grateful for money, intelligence, and military equipment. While South American nations are appreciative and supportive that the VP continues to work closely on border security, and trade.

And state leaders look strengthen women’s access to healthcare, legal abortions, and for the administration and cabinet to campaign with and for democratic candidates up and down the ballot in key races across the country.

In baseball summer is known for two things: For losing teams it is referred to as “The dog days of summer” because those teams have no hope to make the playoffs so their season becomes a slog.

But for winning teams in baseball, summer is known for the pennant race, as winning teams jockey for playoff positioning so they have all the pieces in place, their best players healthy, and their fans primed for a playoff run that they hope leads to a championship.

President Biden, Vice President Harris, and the democratic party — elected and those running for office — are the latter — positioning themselves for the midterms, aka, the playoffs. And by all indicators democrats are headed in the right direction and looking forward to a deep playoff run that leads to turning multiple red states blue, thereby handing the administration a majority in the senate and extending its majority in the house.

The blue wave of 2020 was a rousing success and now the hopes for a Southern Blue Wall is looking not only looking possible but likely in a Hot Dem Summer that is setting the American political world on fire.

© by Myron J. Clifton and Dear Dean Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

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