Tara Reade vs. Black Voters

America has entered the character assassination point of the 2020 Presidential campaign.

Judging by the aggressive first wave attacks, voters are headed for a long, hot, hyper-sexualized summer of salacious accusations, rumors, and coordinated attacks from the GOP, Russia, Leftists, angry Sander’s supporters, and all of their sycophants in the mainstream media.

To kick things off Tara Reade leveled multiple and escalating charges against Joe Biden going back to her time as a staffer almost thirty years ago. Look up her charges elsewhere since I won’t repeat them here.

They’ve been definitively disproved by multiple credible news organizations – even though many of the same organizations shared her lies before vetting her story or vetting who was supporting her.

On the surface, the point of the attacks were designed to force Biden to withdraw his candidacy thereby paving the way for Bernie Sanders to step in as a white knight and save the party, the election, and the country.

Social isolation got folk imagining the craziest stuff.


But dig a little deeper and the true purpose of the Tara Reade story and attack comes to the fore: Invalidate Black voter’s votes.

When Joe Biden was trailing Bernie Sanders after two states with almost exclusively white voters – Iowa and New Hampshire – had their say, Biden’s campaign was written off as dead and going nowhere.

Sanders and his team gloated. Loudly. Sanders even tweeted that “No one can stop this movement, not Republicans or Democrats.”

The media ate up Sander’s words and his online followers taunted supporters of other candidates with memes and gifs that showed Sanders triumphantly conquering America, the GOP and, most offensively, the DNC.

There was one significant missing element to Sanders ascendancy: Black voters in the South hadn’t voted.

Specifically, the South Carolina primary was coming up and anyone with basic knowledge of southern Black voters, particularly but not exclusively, older Black voters, knew Sanders was dead meat in the state.

The Sanders campaign and mass media ignored the simple fact that Black voters in the South were clearly on Team Biden. And no matter how often cable and network news repeated the lie that Black southern voters would follow the lead of white Midwest/upper eastern voters, Black voters knew.

There was no way Iowa or New Hampshire results could predict anything about South Carolina, but the dumb media loves a white narrative that places white opinion above all others.


Black voters steamrolled Sanders in South Carolina, and then in every subsequent primary, effectively forever ending his attempts to destroy the democratic party and become president.

But Sanders and his followers were hiding an ugly secret: A white woman who would launch aggressive sexual harassment, assault, and rape charges against Biden.

The plan was to to use the false story to scuttle Biden’s candidacy causing him to drop out and pave the way for Bernie to jump back in as the presumptive nominee.

It was, on its face, a stupid plan that only an idiot would fall for.

Mass media was the idiot the plan needed and the idiot the plan got.

Panels of all-white commentators breathlessly talked about Biden stepping down, Bernie stepping in, and democrats falling in line all the way to November.

Not one of the panels that I witnessed mentioned Black voters and what “we” thought of Biden’s next steps.

But the Sanders plan, just like his plan to capture Black voters, was missing a key element though:  Black voters who agreed with him.

Black voters had chosen Biden and pushed him to the nomination. And Black voters were not losing their minds over an obvious operation designed to taken Biden down.


Black voters chose Biden and they were standing by him because he had stood behind President Obama for eight years. Further, the timing of the accusation was suspect along with the ever-changing details that evolved with each passing hour.

More than anything though, Black voters made Biden the nominee, not white voters, and if Black voters still supported him, that was all that mattered in real life.

But network and cable news isn’t real life. And neither are Twitter or Facebook.

But Black voters in general and Black women voters specifically were largely missing from the panels so the message that got out was that the Biden campaign was in trouble.

With every new lie and revelation cable and network news were pulled in to the morass they were so familiar and comfortable with. They wanted this salacious story and wanted to see Biden destroyed in their ratings and money grab.

Never mind there are twenty-six credible sexual assault accusations against Donald – including one actively in court – the conservative and faux-liberal media chose to ignore the twenty-six cases against trump for the one fake unvetted one against Biden.

None concerned themselves with Black voters – then or now – as Tara’s ever-evolving story finally unraveled like Walmart toilet paper during a pandemic.

Tara was arrested for check-cashing fraud in California and Biden’s then-team allowed her to resign instead of firing her on the spot, and let her leave on better terms. But what did the liar do? Embarrassed about her arrest she told family and friends back home that she left her job due to vague harassment issues that didn’t mention Biden.


Again, read the false accusations elsewhere and be prepared to see through the nonsense. They read as bad as Twilight fan-fiction.

So now that the jig is up we can all fully see it for what it is/was: The notorious racism that fueled many of online Sander’s hatred for older Black voters – “low information, stupid, slave mentality, are frequent insults his followers use – found its way to the Tara operation seeking to use a lone white woman to invalidate millions of Black voter’s choice.

And the media ate it up.

It is almost as if the well-known character assassination attempts, such as these never happened:

  • Carter’s conflict for owning a peanut farm (Nixon)
  • Welfare queen (Reagan)
  • Willie Horton (Bush I)
  • Whitewater (Bush I)
  • Swiftboat (Bush II)
  • McClain’s secret (Black) child (GOP primary)
  • Birtherism (GOP)
  • Her Emails (Trump)

You see that four of the eight involve Black people or issues seen as “black” in efforts to impact white voter choices.

Tara follows a long line of dirty tactics by republican and GOP operatives with the only difference being hers is directly from the *Independent party – let’s be clear, neither Sanders or his supporters are democrats.

It is only May and the dirty tactics are in full swing and though Sanders team has taken their shot, the GOP hasn’t even really gotten started yet.

© 2020 by Myron J. Clifton. All Rights Reserved. 

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