America Doesn’t Deserve Black People

Forced from our home, shackled in chains at the bottom of overcrowded ships, the ancestors that survived the bloody journey, were met with more chains, whips, beatings, rape, lost of limb, torn apart families, pedophilia, and bodies used as spare parts for white people.

Fighting our way out of slavery the ancestors fought another century’s long war against the mechanisms of white supremacy that governed all aspects of American life: Home, work, schooling, policing, courts, medical, and all points in between, up to the “supreme court” which backed and upheld white supremacy then and now.

Major battles were won including monumental Civil Rights advances, housing and schooling changes, and of course jobs and social acceptance.

To a degree.

Despite steady advances and generation after generation of Black citizens wanting and fighting for equality – equality! – America continues to shut the door on Black faces and bodies and stick to its tried and true state of being: Racist and hostile to Black people.

Students from South Bronx Community Charter High School with

You know the statistics on law enforcement, killer cops, rigged all-white juries, mass Black incarceration, never “ended” segregation, underfunded schools, last hired – first fired, student debt, bad loans, and implicit and explicit bias.

You know about Black Lives Matter, birtherism, to smaller but hurtful racism in sports and entertainment, all the BBQ Becky’s and the entire subculture of racist Karen and her white male counterpart, Chad. You know the dating site racism, LGBTQI racism, #metoo racism, women’s march racism, and even Covid-19 racism.

You’ve know the names from Sandra Bland to Tamir, Trayvon, Walter, Stephon, Diallo, and hundreds more.


You know the mottos and sayings “Hands up, don’t shoot” and “I can’t breathe” and “Why are you shooting me?”

You’ve seen the videos. My god you’ve seen too many videos of our sons and daughters being slaughtered.

And all we’ve ever wanted is equality.

But their fear is being enslaved and being treated the way they treat us – you notice it in their books, movies, tv shows. They have an internalized fear and dread of slavery that is driven by guilt and that is in their DNA just like the trauma of slavery is in our DNA.

They know.

And we do, too.

Now we have a new video that is as horrific as any that’s ever been released. *Be warned if you search online for the video – it is horrible.


Ahmaud Arbery was running/jogging in his neighborhood when he was chased by two white supremacists in a pickup truck. They cut Ahmaud off and he tried to go around.

One of the men jumped out of the truck armed with some type of long rifle-type weapon.

Ahmaud tried to protect himself.

The truck had stopped by now and the second man, now standing but still in the truck bed began shooting. The video swerves for just a moment – shots can be heard – and when the video focuses again on Ahmaud he is just breaking free of the first man out of the truck.


More shots.

Ahmaud breaks free and tries to run. But he is shot and after a few crooked steps, he drops to the ground dead.


A lynching in broad daylight.

Although the video was leaked and circulated on Tuesday, the video is two months old and was already in the hands of the District Attorney who until the leak had refused to arrest the two murderers.

Sounds about “white,” doesn’t it?

The animals and white supremacists who lynched and murdered Ahmaud are father and son:

Gregory McMichael and his son Travis McMichael – of Brunswick, Georgia.


Besides them being white men what other reasons and lies could surface that tell us why they haven’t been arrested?

Gregory McMichael worked for several years for the Brunswick Police Department and as an investigator with the Brunswick District Attorney’s office.

In short, he’s one of them. A good old boy. An insider. A racist. A murderer.

Murdering and covering up birds of a feather stick together.

Maya Angelou’s famous quote of believing people when they show you who they are, can be extrapolated to America:

America has shown Black people who it is for four-hundred years so we believe what it has shown us.

America is irredeemably racist.

And America is satisfied that it is the best it can be.

America elected the stupidest president ever, surrounded him with as stupid people, so he could place more stupid, racist, and unqualified people on the Courts and other government positions.

And his followers celebrate him caging kids, facilitating 75k Covid-19 deaths (and counting), graft, lies, cheating, and being a puppet of a foreign government.

None is enough for his base of deplorables to stop worshiping at his orange feet.

He is the best of racist America and they love him for who he is.

They love his cruelty, stupidity, lying, drug use, inability to speak coherently, and his disdain for science, logic, and the ability to read.


Despite his racism and despite him targeting Black people with his policies, his followers love him more than ever so one must face the fact that in order to love him as much as they do, they must have an equal amount of hatred and racism toward Black people.

Race crimes are up and racism, which never gone away, continues unabated. His racist brigade are storming capitals, blocking intersections, and holding racist and anti semitic signs, signaling to their racist leader that they hear and obey him.

They don’t deserve us.

Our fight to uphold the ideas of the constitution – we’re the only ones who have pushed America to live up to it in practical application and not just some rarified theory.

They don’t deserve our patience and willingness to adapt to them.

They don’t deserve our culture, our intelligence, our music, our food, our styles, our bodies.

They don’t deserve our love, our lives, our time.

It’s high time Black Americans assert its ownership of this country that our ancestors built.

It’s not “their” country and we are not renters afraid of eviction.

It is “Our” country and as co-owners it is high time for our co-owners to shape up or ship out.

They are dragging us down with them and its time for that nonsense to stop.

If they can’t behave then they need to go back where they came from and leave  America to the side of the family that actually cares about and loves it and works nonstop to improve it.

Because as it now stands America will not survive if the racists remain in charge of all of the institutions of government, law enforcement, business, medicine, and schooling.

And if they stay in charge, murders such as what just happened to Ahmaud Arbery will continue to happen.

But in true American fashion Americans – real Americans… Black Americans will begin to strike back.

Goose meet gander.

© 2020 by Myron J. Clifton. All Rights Reserved.

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