Her Legend Lives In You: New Book Review!

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Her Legend Lives in You: The Untold Creation Story Honoring The Goddess And Our Daughters

by Myron Clifton

her legend live in youVivid and original…

Myron Clifton puts forth a fascinating mythological thesis about life’s emergence in Her Legend Lives in You. He presents the idea that life is created by mother goddess: God in a female form, opposing the argument that life arose on Earth through creation by God in a male form. Written in poetic prose form, he covers the universe’s history from Mother Goddess’s first creation to current life on Earth and builds his case taking inspiration from several mythological stories around the world. Galaxies, nebulas, star system take birth trailed slowly by living things as life follows a systematic script. Clifton argues that man is merely the caretaker of the orb, whereas woman is the creator. Man’s place is inconsequential in his story. In unraveling the myths and legends of the Mother Goddess, Clifton explores the truths hidden within the mythological tales, and the innate power a woman holds deep in her souls. The narrative is rich and rings true with references from the centuries old tradition of demonizing of women, the tradition which continues through to present day. The term “witch” is used to demonize women earlier in the narrative in a man’s world and they are attacked for the fear they inspire in others with the power they hold within themselves. With passing of time, the term “witch” is replaced by other words: slut, whore, but the sentiment stays the same: It’s used to demonize fearless individualistic women. In Clifton’s world, it’s a man who starts war. Woman is all for peace, for creation: she becomes the embodiment of Mother Goddess, the ultimate creator which is to say, she holds within herself an enduring power. By drawing connections between a woman’s natural ability of creating things (giving birth) and artful creation of the universe, Clifton puts forth a strong case for his argument. The idea that “God is a woman” will surely make skeptics raise hackles, but readers, especially feminists, will appreciate Clifton’s outlook and his fresh way of looking at creation of the universe. Written in poetic prose and full of vivid imaginary, the book explores creation of the universe through women’s hands. Whimsical and original, the book will please lovers of mystical literature. Readers will welcome Clifton’s unique attempt at exploring the theory of woman as the creator of the universe.

Her Legend Lives in You: The Untold Goddess Story

by Myron Clifton

Dear Dean Publishing

Buy now

PUB DATE March 30, 2019

ISBN 9780692071984

PRICE $3.30 (USD)

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