Dear Dean at Two Years – What’s Next?

What’s Next?

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Last week we took a short trip to the past and highlighted some of the past two year’s most popular, favorite, and/or touching posts. Thank you for reading and responding and sharing even more about what the posts mean to you and friends/family.

Writers write, bloggers, blog, and readers read and I am doing all three. I am currently working on a few projects that are exciting, exhausting, and so much more.


I am happy to share that I have completed my first novel. The novel is a political thriller set in the near future and which looks at the intersection of police violence, politics, law enforcement, and race. For U.S. publishers for a book to be considered a novel, the word count should at a minimum be 50k words give or take a few thousand, though most novels are on average 90k words. My first novel is 102k words.


It is my first official work to be submitted for query, i.e. sent to publishers for review and in the hopes a publisher picks accepts it and publishes it. It’s always a long-shot for an unknown writer to get a publishing contract and it can often take many years and many rejections. I remain hopeful that the story will connect and end up reaching a broad audience.


OverProject 63

Many of you have read and commented on the various essays I have written for Dear Dean, and now I have for the first time submitted a group of essays for review and eventual publication in a magazine that focuses on independent writers.

I have more than thirty essays ready to go and most are short form – a few thousand words – though the one that is currently under review is about nineteen-thousand words. It is previously unpublished here and is a completely new work that explores dark and controversial themes around mercy killing and revenge killing. Whew! I am excited to share (all) this essay and its eventual publication in a great magazine.

Blog/Dear Dean

The blog kicked off my professional writing adventures and thus remains dear to me, pun intended. So of course there are plenty of wonderful, exciting and challenging adventures ahead, including more Coffee Tales – the personalized coffee/drink review that takes a deep look into a specific drink and the person who drinks. It in an original series that will soon make its way to its natural setting: A coffee table book.


There are a few other surprises and adventures that will come later this year and early next year including more Dear Dean swag, interviews, guest bloggers, and as we get closer to election 2020 we will deep dive the candidates from a unique and fun perspective.

As always, writers LOVE feedback and I love to hear from readers. All feedback – whether you think it great or critical – is appreciated and welcome. And please continue to SHARE Dear Dean posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to your followers because one never knows who will love to read a story, blog, or book.

Thank you again for being part of the Dear Dean family.

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  1. I am excited about ALL OF IT! I cant keep up as quickly as I like so these are great ways to remind me of all the enjoyment I am missing out on!

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