Coffee Tales: “Wanda”

Wanda drinks Decaffeinated white chocolate mocha with whipped cream. I recently tried cousin Wanda’s drink and here is my review.

This drink could be the coffee version of “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I ordered this drink
one morning when I really wanted (needed?) caffeine so the very act of ordering this lightweight coffee annoyed me to no end. Add in that the drive-through was eight cars long and the drink had offended me, and I hadn’t even tasted it yet.

The first few sips were good, though. Surprisingly good. Kind even, and with a big heart that reached for my annoyance and laughed it away with a big old splash of whipped cream that just will not allow one to be annoyed. Like being with Wanda.


Sometimes when we feel and believe we need a jolt of energy we may just need peace and silence and stillness. Drinking a coffee drink without caffeine at first seems like the antithesis of today’s high energy big time capitalistic charge forward to a new hour, day, year, and world. We are constantly bombarded with images and instructions – from TV and movies, social media, work and with our families, that we need to go Go GO! Right NOW! Do it ALL! Have it ALL! Be ALL!

This drink though purposely disagrees with those mantras and modernity’s desire to push us all higher, faster, further. This drink is unafraid to laugh in the face of all that nonsense and do so with equal derision and intensity that will better anything caffeine or modern life has to offer.

Like Wanda will listen to your story and, like the women in our family, boldly laugh in your face and call out your nonsense in the most brutal and loving way that’ll initially make one mad but later make one’s spirit feel attended to and satisfied.


Life has a way of causing us to reconsider our opinions and decisions that at the time we were certain in our views and we will proclaim them loudly and wrongly against all facts.

This drink – Wanda’s drink – did that to me as it changed my opinion even before the fabulous
encore that was like the “Chef’s kiss” of coffee drinks: Sweet white chocolate that healed my ego and salved my coffee and caffeine wounds.

Wanda recommended a drink that is surprisingly complex and filled with small but intimate surprises that fulfills basic coffee needs by sharing alternatives that in the right moment are a better and sweeter solution than one first considered.


I will drink this drink when I need to curve life’s banality of sameness and ignore the usual
options that can border on mundane and bland. I will seek out Wanda’s drink to refresh my belief that what is popular is not always the best choice. And I will drink cousin Wanda’s drink when I need a reminder that there is goodness even when it appears hidden. It’s not hidden at all; we just need to look deeper.

Copyright 2019 by Myron J. Clifton, Dear Dean Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

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