Official Release: Amazon Prime & Kindle

Dear Friends & Readers,

I am happy to share that my new book, “Her Legend Lives In You: The Untold Creations Story Honoring The Goddess And Our Daughters,” is now officially released and on Amazon Prime, in paperback, and on Amazon Kindle!

Get your copy, and gift a copy to all the women and girls in your life!


Amazon Prime / Paperback

Amazon Kindle



About The Book:

“This story is a new mythology that captures the Divine Feminine and draws the reader into its sisterhood with magical creatures and utopian dreams. Both whimsical and darkly serious, this previously untold creation story, presented as a prose-poem, reveres the Mother as creator.”

What some other readers have shared…

“A beautifully written story that opens your eyes to the creation of the universe that will challenge how you think, and will have you lost in a story of possibilities. Enchanting to say the least!” – Jennifer

“This book honors and empowers women in such a deep and thoughtful way. It is one of a kind, and a must-have for every mother and daughter. I highly recommend this book to all, and would love to see our education system assign quality reading like this to our schools. It is important that young women (and men!) grow up learning about stories (and religious stories in particular) in school and church about strong, resilient women and mothers, not just men. Buy this book and gift it to everyone!” – Katya

“This is a charming, engaging and thoughtful take on divine creation artfully mixing science, feminism, mythology and the magic of mother-love. It is both playful and serious, introspective and fun. I love that it can be enjoyed across all ages. Younger readers will enjoy the magic and mystery (and the cat…and the dog…), more experienced readers will find much to mine in the mash-up of science, fable and whimsy. It is a it’s heart a love letter to womanhood, to mothers and to daughters. Share it with the women and girls in your life…and all the men too.” – Desiree

I would love to hear from you, too! Please leave your review on amazon, and feel free to share an email anytime:

Happy Reading!


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