Goddess Illumination: Birra-Ngulu

Goddess Birra-Ngulu

Attributes: Loves rivers, lakes, and all water, and is known as the River Goddess. It is said that Her swimming causes waterfalls, while also being the reason rivers and streams sometimes run extra fast. Birra-Ngulu is also a Loving Goddess and She is present at all phases of creating children; The motion of her waves brings life and are said to manifest during intimacy and lovemaking. And when She is ready, Her joy causes the water to break in expectant mothers, and she is said to be present when babies are born so she can collect after-birth and return it to her rivers and gardens to start the life-cycle anew.


Likes: Rivers and river animals. Twins. Shorelines and throwing rocks and making them skip. Lovemaking.
Dislikes: Dams that restrict her rivers. Cutting down trees. Long breaks between lovemaking sessions.
Favorite saying: The Goddess broke your water.
Favorite Story about her: She will come when called during lovemaking (meaning is uncertain)




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