Goddess Illumination: Ixchel

Goddess Ixchel

Attributes: Youthful, thick dark curly hair that is often depicted as being tied up on top of her head. She is said to be a living rainbow, and as such her colors change constantly. Is also noted that she is her own twin and thus is often represented as the number 22  – this representation only goes back a few thousand years, prior to that she was represented as two parallel lines. Some say the lines also represented one girl and one boy, but that remains unconfirmed.

Likes: Watching her friends grow as people. Rainbows, Self-care, warm sweet drinks, watermelons, and oranges. Honesty, reflection, and lots of laughter. She is also known as a caretaker to women.
Dislikes: Bad friends. Women who criticize other women, women who judge other women.
Favorite saying: Friends I am here for you, are you here for me?
Favorite Story about her: When she returns she will first seek out all girls and women to reacquaint herself with them because it is said that she walks the earth and lives amongst the people.


“HER LEGEND LIVES IN YOU: THE UNTOLD CREATION STORY HONORING THE GODDESS AND OUR DAUGHTERS” is now available online on Amazon Prime, Amazon Kindle, and in select stores. This book is a beautiful gift for the graduating women in your life, and of course, your mother and daughter. Make sure you share this story with all whom you love.


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