Shontel Brown Defeats Nina Turner, Bernie Sanders, Justice Dems, Leftists, MSNBC, Shaun King, Bernie Bro Twitter, & the Squad

Shontel Brown, (D-11) Ohio, decisively beat Nina Turner.

A simple sentence that hides so much anger, hatred, money, and anti-party efforts from so many people and politicians who also happen to want Democratic Party support.

Shontel Brown ran a smart, thoughtful, measured, and unity-building campaign that was heavy on local knowledge and interactions, filled with authentic outreach efforts to the most critical democratic voting bloc – Black voters, and buoyed by national grassroots efforts from small donors who also unanimously support President Joe Biden and MVP Kamala Harris.

Shontel Brown intelligently aligned herself with the party that just won the presidency and who are transforming American jobs, healthcare, and pandemic response, while strengthening the southern border and re-building international relations.

With the hindsight of 24 hours, it is easy to see why Shontel Brown ran a campaign of Democratic Party alignment, while graciously accepting the much sought after political support of Black political icon Rep. Jim Clyburn (D) South Carolina and the congressional Black Caucus/CBC- because Black voters are pragmatic and intelligent voters who respect the opinions of icons and our political institutions.

Shontel Brown won, so we will keep the focus on her, but let’s point out one political historical fact: Rep Clyburn destroyed Bernie Sanders hopes once again.

Okay, back to Shontel Brown because Bernie Sanders blessing ain’t worth the wrinkled suit he wears everyday.

Why did the race in Ohio’s 11th district even make national news and gather so much attention from beltway media in the first place? Of course every race is important and with the 2022 interims quickly approaching, democrats need all the momentum they can get to stave off the insurrection party.

But this contest, like it or not, was a chance to see if democrats want to continue along the path the Biden/Harris administration are pursuing across multiple disciplines, or throw everything into gridlock like the far left hopes to do.

The contest also gave us an early look at republican strategy which is to shut down January 6th investigations, channel money and political favors to The Former Guy, and set the groundwork for a unified white supremacist government in 2024.

But we all know that, so the question becomes, why did Nina Turner, specifically, run?

Nina Turner, mouthpiece to Bernie Sanders and 2016 Jill Stein voter, was endorsed by California Reps Katie Porter and Ted Lieu, New York Rep Ocasio-Cortez, Shaun King, Bakari Sellers, Pramila Jaypal, and Georgia rapper Killer Mike, as the leftist wing brought in their big hitters to again try to take a seat from an actual democrat. And Turner’s team actually had the nerve to complain about other out of state people enforcing Shontel Brown.

Of course they did.

And they ridiculed the important endorsements that Shontel Brown gathered from democratic stalwarts, because they, like their mentor Bernard Sanders, do not respect Black lawmakers or Black democrats. But the thing is, the right endorsements can and do make a difference.

The two biggest and most impactful endorsements that Shontel Brown got shook Nina Turner’s campaign and followers to their core:

Hilary Clinton and Rep. Jim Clyburn.

The two endorsements rallied local Black voters and true democratic voters to Shontel’s camp and helped slam the door on Nina Turner and the far left wing once again.

Nina Turner had inserted herself where she wasn’t invited and caused ruckus where none was needed, and now she will pick up her carpetbags and go home to Maryland and wait for the daily call from MSNBC to add negative comments on the latest Biden/Harris accomplishments.

Nina brought her national name recognition, her relentless media cohorts, and her minstrel show to Ohio because like her mentor Bernie Sanders, she only wants to destroy the democratic party from the inside while helping to block actual progressive actions by the Biden administration.

She made no secret about wanting to join the “Squad,” the ineffective group led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who dominate on social media and MSNBC guest lineups while accomplishing little in the halls of congress.

Winning the Ohio race was the final prerequisite to join the group of women who call themselves “progressive” but who are anything but, due to their consistent efforts to stop any type of progress for democrats.

They could more accurately be called “preventists,” since that is all they work to do, prevent progress by any means necessary.

Nina Turner, who refused to vote for Hilary Clinton and called voting for Biden like “Eating a half-bowl of shit” while also refusing to confirm she actually voted for Biden/Harris, offered an ugly maga-like faux concession that dogwhistled antisemitism to her followers who heard her loud and clear. Her speech was true Nina Turner. After getting mollywhopped last night she said:

“We didn’t lose this race, evil money manipulated and maligned this election.”

The voters of Ohio’s 11th aren’t evil – they are Black, Jewish, and white democratic voters who work with the party to advance democratic principles. But Nina’s garbage words, like Sanders in 2016 and 2020, show her true colors and expose her and the far left group for the chaos agents and poor losers they are and continue to be.

Nina’s followers, heavy on white aggrieved sometimes voters, refuses to accept that Black voters will not “do as we are told” by white leftist voters. The same voters who are trying to dismantle the very party that we and our ancestors have built with blood, sweat, and tears, and which has almost exclusively pushed the country forward with our help, will not listen to spoiled brats upset their parents won’t pay off their student debt.

It hasn’t been easy, fast enough, or comprehensive enough for Black folk, but Black voters, always pragmatic and consistent, understand the importance of incremental changes and small progress as necessary to assauge American sensibilities and fears.

We cannot cuss out our parents like white leftists, we can’t scream in the faces of police like white people can, and we can’t pontificate online about getting along with mega-republicans to understand them like the mostly white beltway media tells us to do.

Our day to day lives are a study in the success of incremental approaches to governing, voting, and the march toward equality. We understand what is needed to make progress: vote, elect democrats, and push back against chaos agents who are trying to destroy our party while simultaneously working to help elect white nationalists.

Nina Sanders and Bernie Sanders will regroup because they will never stop working to harm the party that has repeatedly rejected their “Burn it all down” approach because the backbone of the party, Black voters, actually know that when white people want to burn things down… we are the “things” they burn first and last.

It is a shame Nina Turner has turned her back on Black voters again and it is a shame that she has fallen for Bernie Sanders and his aggrieved voters okey-dokey. But she has made her choice and so has Black and Democratic voters.

We don’t want you as a party leader, Nina Turner, because you hate the party and those who run it.

Shontel Brown will now be tasked with joining her peers in advancing the Biden/Harris agenda while serving the constituents who elected her to represent them and their issues. Her work will be critical to building momentum to drive voter turnout during the upcoming midterms and the next presidential election.

Ohio’s 11th district has been decided and congress has just gotten better because Shontel Brown is bringing hard work, dedication to improving the lives of her constituents and all Americans, and because she is on board pushing the progressive and mainstream Biden/Harris agenda.

And America is better because once again, an individual who only wants to tear down, take corporate money, and strangely align their disruptive efforts perfectly with republicans and Russia, has again been soundly beaten.

As millions have already said, written, and tweeted: Goodbye, Somebody! That “somebody” is you, Nina Turner.

And I will add: don’t let the centrist, progressive, establishment, liberal, Black, Jewish, rainbow coalition voter’s door hit you on the way out of town.

© 2021 by Myron J. Clifton. All Rights Reserved. 

Myron J. Clifton is slightly older than fifty, lives in Sacramento, California, and is an avid Bay Area sports fan. He likes comic books, telling stories about his late mom to his beloved daughter Leah, and talking to his friends.  

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