The Most Consequential Vice President Ever (guess who?)

Yes, Vice President Kamala D. Harris is already the most consequential Vice President ever, just one week into the job.

Obviously as the first woman – Black and South Asian – VP Harris is important to the nation that for so long, and even now of course, keep women “in their place.”

Having ascended to the number two position in the Executive Office, MVP Harris necessarily changes and advances the position in ways no man ever could, and not because she’s a woman.

Vice President Kamala Harris is partnering with President Biden at the most important timeframe in America since the end of the first Civil War when American leadership failed and allowed white supremacists to survive, recalibrate, grow, and plot their next attempt to establish a white-ruled nation.

While it may seem it took 150 years for the supremacists to launch their second attempt to subjugate, place in chains or prisons, and kill anyone and everyone who isn’t white, in reality they were moving their troops all this time.

White supremacists leaders, often but not always politicians, advanced their tactics for the new century as they expanded their hate to include immigrants from the South, from the African continent, and LGBTQI, while simultaneously directing their outreach to law enforcement and the military.

With their troops in place, they stalled and disrupted peace agreements (reconstruction), they reneged on their promises (delaying freedom for tens of thousands – think Juneteenth), they blocked reparations and 40 acres and a mule, they disrupted supply lines and limited the movement of Black citizens (Jim Crow, pass laws, segregation), and they began century’s-long acts of domestic terrorism (lynching, murder, all-white juries, prosecutors, and judges, extra-judicial killings, bombing churches and homes, torture of prisoners), and they forced their twisted view of history on the nation while also continuing their refusal to properly allow all citizens to be educated (underfunded public schools).

Once they had all their pieces in place, they elected multiple presidents to do their bidding, but fortunately for most Americans, white supremacist presidents only carried out some of their nefarious plans. Until they finally selected the racist village idiot just dumb and egotistical enough to lead them into the next attempted civil war.

America again survived because white supremacists selected a five-time draft dodger and wealthy failure to lead the troops.

And now we are where we were after the first Civil War, with the erstwhile “winners” trying to decide what to do with the “losers.” But anyone paying attention to anything but what is taught by the nation’s education system know that what happens now will set the stage for the next one-hundred years.

And that is why Vice President Kamala Harris is the most consequential Vice President since the first civil war and ever.

While it is true she cannot force democrats and republicans to hand severe consequences to politicians and citizens who tried to overthrow the government, whatever she does will be more than the white Vice Presidents during and after the Civil War.

We are not stuck with those Vice Presidents though. And for whatever they may have accomplished, they served during some of the worst years for Black Americans ever, outside of the time of enslavement.

Vice President Harris is similar to those men in only one way: She is serving during the time immediately following armed insurrection. And, like then, she faces a white political party to fight, a white senate to fight, a white judicial branch to fight, and a white-run national media to fight.

She has a willing partner in President Biden who has committed to focusing on issues that are meaningful to Black Americans: K-12 and college education, housing, predatory lending, systemic racism, healthcare, small business loans, access to financial markets, and everything else we have earned as full citizens and builders of the richest nation on the planet.

Should President Biden waiver in any way, he will have to contend with VP Harris who has already made it known she will remain front and center every day of his administration. Theirs is a healthy working relationship and so far they have shown mutual respect as they have taken steps to repair some of the damage of their predecessors.

It is expected that VP Harris will expand the VP role so that she is not only second in command after the president, but his eyes, ears, and communicator to both domestic and foreign allies and adversaries. Her ability to deliver strong messaging, pointed rebuttals, and of course sharp questioning, will greatly benefit President Biden who is an effective communicator in a much different way.

Vice President Kamala will be front and center domestically when dealing with recalcitrant republicans, republican traitors, and republican media.

And Vice President Kamala will be front and center in international relationships, foreign policy, and upcoming negotiations with Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia – all the usual players. And other critical nations, such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, many African nations, and of course our closest neighbors to the South and North.

Vice President Harris will not overstep the diplomats and other administration officials as long as they are accomplishing goals of the Biden/Harris administration in the timeframes that are needed. But there is no doubt she will dive in when and where she is needed – whether dispatched by the president or of her own volition.

And we can be certain that the mistakes following the last Civil War are not what we can expect from Vice President Harris who is all too aware of the devastating consequences of allowing the supremacists to win.

America will be better for her involvement and will be worse if she is constrained or restrained.

President Biden has shown that he will lean on his Vice President in any situation. And Vice President Harris has shown that she is up to the task of advancing his agenda whenever she is called upon.

MVP Harris is the woman for the moment, the woman America needs, and the most consequential Vice President in American history.

Just watch.

© 2021 by Myron J. Clifton. All Rights Reserved.

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