Joy, Remembrance, and Much to do

And, finally, President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. and Vice President Kamala Devi Harris.

America’s new President and Vice President assume the power of an injured superpower that is uncertain of its footing but certain of its need for foundational restoration.

Today is filled with hope, trepidation, relief, excitement, fear, joy, and so many rotating and revolving emotions. But unlike the nonstop stress of 2020, we welcome all the emotions we rightly feel because we – and the nation – earned every smile, tear, and hug.

America finally, finally, exits the Trump presidency and enters a new phase of decency, honor, and truth.

The television and print media will have much to say and write about the Trump era, but I will write only this: It is over, it is what Black people knew to expect, Hilary and President Obama were right, he encapsulated what is wrong with America and, finally, good riddance to him, his family, and his administration.

Inaugurated under the watchful local eyes of tens of thousands of National Guards, Police, FBI, CIA, Military, and other law enforcement personnel due to the anything but peaceful transfer of power, Present Biden exuded stature, maturity, confidence, and solemnity befitting the role of “Leader of the Free World.”

It has been four years since America could look upon its leader with respect President Joe Biden has earned.

Vice President Kamala Devi Harris did as she said she would: Stood with her head high and her back straight, as she again swore an oath to serve the people and defend the nation and the Constitution. Let it not be missed she will defend the very document that famously ignored her – and all Black women’s – existence.

Vice President Harris further validates and elevates the ancient document, giving it new life after the nonstop assault the of last administration.

Today is the respite and now Biden/Harris represent America’s current relief and future hope. The veteran long-time politician with extensive political accomplishments and controversies, personal tragedies, and the faithful former Vice President who loyally stood aside America’s first Black President.

Today is the pause, and now Biden/Harris represent eighty-one million voter’s hard work and results. The multi-national daughter of Indian and Jamaican parents, who was nurtured by Oakland and Berkeley, formally educated within the embrace of Black Excellence at Howard University, and finally joining the political machines of San Francisco and Sacramento and shattering racial and gender barriers. Vice President Harris blazed a trail of firsts from District Attorney in San Francisco, to California Attorney General, to Senator from California – and she did it with intelligence, flair, confidence, joy, and by putting women, children, and the most vulnerable first.

And she did it in business suits and her famous pumps or “Chucks.”

The Pomp, the colors, the crowds, and security are smaller than what Americans are used to for presidential inaugurations, and that is okay because the Biden and Harris administration will deal in reality.

That is why the new dynamic duo stood in reverence and humbleness before two-hundred thousand small flags at the National Mall – flags and 56 pillars of light that silently represent Americans who could not attend the inauguration and/or who have died from Coronavirus-19.

We remember our fellow citizens who were attacked by multiple pandemics: one a global virus, and the others the homegrown pandemics of indifference, political negligence, and conspiratorial targeting.

With the Washington Monument in the background, President-elect Joe Biden with his wife Jill Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris with her husband Doug Emhoff listen as Yolanda Adams sings “Hallelujah” during a COVID-19 memorial, with lights placed around the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

President and MVP honor our dead in an act of empathy long missing from the Executive Office. They have already outlined aggressive actions designed to vaccinate the nation, slow the death rate, and restore scientific oversight of future pandemics and public health issues.

Today is a day of joy.

The joy thieves will always show themselves at moments like these, but they should be pushed aside like the last administration. The doomsayers should be ignored like last year’s sports stories. And the negative naysayers of negativity should be muted so that you can take in the moment – all of the moments that you so richly deserve.

Revel in it and let the moment fill you with Biden’s steadfastness and Kamala’s unbounded exuberance. Smile at the scenes of their families.

Laugh with them. Laugh at their jokes, Admire their outfits, hair, and comportment.

It is okay again to admire and aspire our two top leaders. To tell our children about their journeys, their personalities and, if age-appropriate, their policies, challenges, and what to expect over the coming years.

Do it because you have earned the right to today.

They’ve got this and because they do, you deserve to exhale and enjoy theirs and our moment.

After the ceremony, dancing, and late night parties, the work to repair our nation begins.

The repair will involve all aspects of government, business, military and law enforcement. It won’t be easy, fast, or without hurdles or roadblocks. But what it will be is consistent with the mission set about by President Biden and Vice President Harris when they joined forces and which is outlined on their transition website:

America begins a new era and it is the hope of millions of citizens and hundreds of millions of people around the world that it is an era to welcome.

An era to look forward to, and one that again embraces the global community as it tackles the pandemic, climate matters, and all the usual issues – war, unrest, global economy, resources, inequality, housing, healthcare, and creating and defining the agenda for the next decade.

In other words, embracing the reason, purpose, and function of government.

The work will start as it should and we will each need to do our parts, as we should.

But for right now – for one day – we get to be with President Joe and Vice President Kamala in the moment – in their moment – that now and forever belong to them.

Congratulations and welcome President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

© 2021 by Myron J. Clifton. All Rights Reserved.

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