Goddess Illumination: Uzza

Goddess Illumination: Uzza

From the secret companion guide to the book, Her Legend Lives In You: The Untold Creation Story Honoring The Goddess And Our Daughters.

As discovered by Myron J. Clifton


Attributes: Energetic and loving life to the fullest. Her hair is thick but is shown short, long, curly, and different colors.

Likes: All outdoors activities, looking at herself, and remaining focused on her own happiness because then she will be able to help others be happy

Dislikes: Dishonesty and selfishness

Favorite saying: Explore life at a higher frequency (loose translation)

Favorite Story about her: She is known as the “Traveling Goddess” because she loves to go to all places on the planet and she is at all places at once. (this is from a nomadic society so that may explain their traveling Goddess).

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