Goddess Illumination: Devi

Goddess Illumination: Devi

From the secret companion guide to the book, Her Legend Lives In You: The Untold Creation Story Honoring The Goddess And Our Daughters.

As discovered by Myron J. Clifton


Attributes: Always shown with a drink of what is presumed to be something that may have been wine. Thick black curly hair. Known to channel the energy of the universe and deliver it to the Earth. Smooth skin that glistens. A listener and advice giver. She is rarely drawn or depicted but the few drawings of her show her breasts and hips as full, which in the cultures that depict such things, is an indication of health, happiness, and motherhood.

Likes: Making her friend’s laugh, all fruits, warm drinks that may be mind altering, swimming, and all water activity. She is often shown in the water and with two dolphins near her (it is not known what these may signify). Has another name that only elder women are allowed to say – *none would say it to me.

Dislikes: Polluted (dirty is the most common translation but I believe polluted is more accurate) water, mistreating children, and what may be translated as ‘Not understanding what dolphins are singing about”.

Favorite saying: You know I love you, stop worrying and let’s have fun.

Favorite Story about her: She is said to be the sky and talk to the wind (very loose translation).

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