Driving Down The Delta

Written by M.J.C

It all made sense now. The wind. The Sun. The Curls. She was welcomed (back) into her true element. The Mother, now known as Nature recognized her fully for she was a daughter. The Sunrays danced through her curls a jubilant dance that twisted and curved. The wind laughed. And laughed. And the curls celebrated their friendship because the curls had waited patiently for these 11 years for this moment of unity – Sunrays, Wind, Curls, and the Mother’s Daughter together. At last. Forever.

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10 Thoughts

  1. Love it! A fun, bright post about curls! Which I have as well today! I can’t “Like” your post for some reason. It wants me to sign in but I have my own WordPress so I don’t want to sign out and make another account and mess myself up. ???? I can’t wait to read your posts!!!


  2. Ok. Me trying to figure it out, again. But this figuring is only a means by which to understand the context and the players. I see the mother as your mother, and the daughter as your daughter. And one day, on a drive, you noticed your daughter’s hair channeling your mother’s hair in the wind. And the two became one. Doesn’t have to be the “real” meaning, but that’s what it means for me.

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