Scaredy Cat

Written by Myron J. Clifton One summer day around 1972 or so, my brothers and neighborhood friends were playing outside our apartment that was just off East 14th Street in…

The Bike Ride

It was a typical summer mid-afternoon day in Oakland. The weather was typically moderate and the sky was typically large and beautiful and we were outside typically playing, running, laughing, arguing, and riding our bikes between games of street football, baseball, and roughhousing.

A Bus Ride

This week I am re-sharing a Dear Dean Reader Favorite, A Bus Ride. Happy Writer Wednesday! Enjoy…

It was a mix of dread and anxiety. Excitement and embarrassment. And guilt, an emotion I didn’t understand in this context feeling this way about my mother.

It was a trip to the doctor with my mother. And it wasn’t the doctor that evoked these conflicting and overwhelming emotions and my first feelings of guilt about letting down my mother. And perhaps the strongest emotion though was the feeling of impending separation from her.

Parted Hearts

“Are you sad?” she asked. She sounded like she was almost smiling. I thought she also tried to suppress her smile. I think she was teasing me but I couldn’t…