Democrats to Democrats: Pull Up!

Spring is in the air and instead of love, flowers, and allergies — wait, there are always allergies, aren’t there? — Democrats are going at each other with energy and tactics that would be better if directed at the GOP and their national news media.

For the uninitiated, from Urban Dictionary:

Pull Up

threatsynonymous to “drop your location” or “wanna fight”.

With 2024 looming, Democratic candidates, electeds, activists, media, and of course, social media personalities, are actively staking out their positions on every real issue, anticipated issues, and even some made-up issues being fed to the masses by foreign operatives in their neverending efforts to sow dissent.

The vocal left are pushing the narrative that President Biden should not run again and that in fact, he was only elected to stabilize things and set up the next democratic candidate. They say he is too old now, will be too old in 2024, and will be far too old by the end of a second term.

There are Democrats who are pushing for President Biden to drop popular Vice President Kamala Harris and swap her out for <insert a white man or white woman> candidate.

The Democrats that say President Biden is too old/should not run again, are closely aligned with the Democrats who say that even IF President Biden runs again, he should cast his historic and globally popular iconic vice president to the dustbin of history.

Joe Biden on presidential run in 2024: ‘I plan on running’

President Joe Biden told Al Roker on TODAY during a quick chat at the annual White House Easter egg roll that he plans…

There are democrats who are mad/sad/ and disappointed that President Biden and the DNC chose Chicago for the Democratic National Convention instead of Atlanta. The Atlanta supporters point to the fact that Georgia handed democrats and the president the Senate which has seen to it his first term has been historically successful.

There are democrats happy that New York DA Alvin Bragg has charged Donald Trump with 34 felonies, and democrats excited for pending charges coming from Fulton County DA Fani Willis, just like there are democrats angry and exasperated that AG Merrick Garland has not charged Donald Trump for any crimes 2.5 years after the insurrection — and that he hasn’t charged any of the leaders of Jan 6th.

We see the burgeoning arguments over all things Gavin Newsom. From he should stay in California and work on his own state and stay out of Florida and national issues, to he is running a sly exploratory campaign for president by testing his national acceptance, to he is positioning himself to run should Biden drop out, and all the way to he is showing Biden should drop VP Harris and pick him.

We hear left of center democrats asking to call out Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and right of center democrats demanding more attention to the spreading rise of antisemitism.

There are splinters in the LGBTQI+ community with a small faction of LGB folk demanding to separate from the TQI+.

And we see difficult discussions, arguments, and disagreements between generations of democrats, from those who’ve been voting and working for decades to those who are newer to the battles. An online expression by one activists about being “Tired” turned into an intergenerational battle royale.

The disagreements inform all the big issues at the federal and state levels:

Expand the Supreme Court!

Don’t expand the Supreme Court!

Why didn’t democrats codify abortion?!

When will Dianne Feinstein retire?!

Eliminate ALL student debt by executive order!

Reparations now!

Reinstate mask mandates!

Open the border!

Close the border!

Let red states secede!

Legalize weed!

Don’t drill in Alaska!

Give Ukraine more money and advanced weapons now!

Stop giving Ukraine money and give it to underserved communities!

Ban all assault weapons!

One thing about having a big tent is it can hold a lot of people… and a whole boatload of issues waiting for the rising tide.

As the only party that actively works to improve people’s lives — all peoples — the tasks are often overwhelming and never-ending. Trying to prioritize the issues is difficult enough but when you add in obstructionist republicans, elected democrats in red states, compromises and bargains, money or lack thereof, gerrymandering and voting restrictions, and more than anything, consistently low voter turnout for all elections and you begin to understand the magnitude of what the most popular political party faces.

You read that right, even federal elections are too low and when compared to state and local elections which are pathetically low, we get what we’ve gotten for the past fifty years: An emboldened violent and democracy-dismantling republican party.

And the only way to prevent things from getting worse is to vote in overwhelming numbers.. in all elections.

That’s the cold hard boring not exciting not magical one-hundred percent truth.

As many are saying as we watch republicans continue to sink to depths only some have long predicted, democrats have to vote the GOP out of existence. Blue tsunami all day every day.

Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash

Failure to do that and the democratic party will always operate like a family a few thousand dollars short each month and forced to pay some bills, delay others, and outright ignore others. If you’ve ever been poor and had to budget between food, clothes, utilities, gas money/bus money, your child’s birthday gift, keeping your phone on, paying rent, or dentist or doctor co-pay, then you will understand how every decision is both right and wrong according to the month and other factors.

The democratic party will always have to operate from a position of reaction and stress because it simply does not have enough votes in enough places. And anyone who has lived poor will understand how difficult and exhausting such circumstances are and the toll it takes on one’s health, clarity, happiness, success, and the ability to get things done.

That is what the democratic party is experiencing presently.

With the President and Vice President overseeing record job growth, international leadership — in Ukraine and with VP Harris’s successful trip to Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia, and with expanding the United Nations, to strengthening relationships with south American nations, the U.S. again leads. The dynamic duo’s list of accomplishments are long, thoughtful, important, and show they and their administration have a clear vision, fingers on the pulse of the nation and party, and that they are wonderfully positioned for even better results in the coming months and years.

The positioning of priorities that are happening now — mostly online it should be loudly proclaimed — show the rising expectations that follow success.

We want more because we’ve seen what can be done. We want personal priorities addressed because we’ve seen other priorities addressed. And we want what we want because we know what we want is good for the nation’s interest.

If only democrats disregarded rule of law and precedence and cheated like republicans.

If only democrats lied and ran as republicans in heavy red areas and immediately switched to democrats once elected.

If only democrats used secret billionaire money to buy three supreme court seats.

If only democrats owned multiple cable and network news stations, national newspapers, and multiple social media apps to spread talking points and misinformation 24×7.

And if only democrats didn’t have an opposition party that only has to run on three platforms: Guns for all, harm for all, and no abortions no matter the circumstances.

The fantasy of a single-rule political party, a democratic one at least, doesn’t exist and I don’t think it should exist because that is not democracy.

The beauty of democracy is that it can stress-test ideas and political positions while incrementally but consistently improving all aspects of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for you, me, and that person over there.

The drawbacks to democracy are what you see republicans doing: actively harming as many people and groups as they can and doing the bidding of the worst of worst Americans — their voters.

And so once again we will soon face “The most important vote of our lives” and it will once again be up to democratic voters to save the American democracy.

Because whatever our differences are within the big tent, on one thing we can all agree on: Having an America is better than not having an America.

And the only way we will continue into the future as a nation is if we — the democrats in all our infighting, disagreeing, and arguing glory, vote to make that future a reality.

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