Hopeful Democrats Hateful GOP

The globe was destabilized for the last few hundred years by selfish and evil men who wanted to own and control trade, resources, and people, and we see it happening again in the USA, Brazille, and Ukraine.

We are seeing the same events because a few ultra-wealthy men want the same access to resources, the same unaccountability, the same place atop their evil-inspired hierarchy they believe they are entitled to.

The attempted overthrow of the Brazilian Congress by supporters of Jair Bolsonaro, who is conducting his coup from Mar-a-Lago’s dictator suite, were pushed and advertised by the same factions who caused the January 6th Insurrection and takeover of the Capitol two years ago. Trump, “General Flynn, Steve Bannon, Steve Miller, Elon Musk, Ginni Thomas, Fox News, Ali Alexander, and the rest of the anti-American goons.

I am so sick of them.

Sick of the magas and insurrectionists in government, in military, in media, and on social media. They are the scourge and cancer of modern living and they are preventing progress because they see progress as “taking” from them because they believe they own everything and every person.

The only thing positive to take away from the coup attempt in Brazile was the quick response by law enforcement to arrest thousands of coup participants within twenty-four hours.

If only this nation had done the same, and then handed out years long sentences of the ground troops and the leaders instead of allowing the leaders, those mentioned above and others, to remain free and work on Insurrection 2: Coup Boogaloo.

And now with the GOP in charge of the House of Representatives thanks to non-voters and voters who were fooled by dumb corrupt liars like George Santos in New York who is a fugitive from Brazil of all places. Santos says he is Jewish, Black, Married, not gay, employed, and a host of other verifiable lies which didn’t stop voters for putting him in office.

We have a GOP majority in the House and they have stated they will attack, investigate, and do as much damage to President Biden and Democrats as they can over the next two years.

They are suddenly no longer worried about inflation, gas and grocery prices, BLM, CRT, Jewish space lasers, or Wokeness ™ .

The same week House Democrats remembered the officers killed by Trump supporters during two-year anniversary of the January 6th Insurrection, republicans, the party of “blue lives matter” couldn’t even be bothered to show up to the gathering on the steps of the Capitol for the ceremony.

Republicans supported the insurrectionists who killed those cops — never forget. What is worse, a bunch of election deniers and a more than a few who actively participated in the insurrection and attempts to prevent the certification of votes were elected/re-elected even though a host of them asked the former president for a pardon — a pardon for what, we may never know, but we can safely assume it had to do with their loud and strategic support for the insurrection.

What legislation will the gop pass now that they have control? They’ve talked about impeachment, subpoenas, attacking January 6th committee findings, but I haven’t seen anything about what they’ll “Do for the American people” they’re always talking about.

In fact, their first couple of acts were to defund the the IRS so that fewer wealthy people are audited. The funding was just approved late last year with the funding designated for additional staffing to replace retiring agents over the next ten years and targeting wealthy tax cheats.

The other initial action was to eliminate the Ethics Committee, and to open investigations into… various investigation committees that investigate criminal acts by elected people. So, they are going after the people in charge of investigating themselves.

How perfectly corrupt.

Regular folk can’t be happy for a fucking hour because republican shenanigans are never ending and cause us to have to stay in fight mode all the fucking time. It and they are exhausting joy thieves and parasites who destroy with impunity far too often.

The next time folk in the Democratic party complain that elected democrats should “Just make republicans do what we want them to” ..I will gladly point them to the speaker voting fiasco where republicans couldn’t even make republicans do anything, taking 15 rounds to elect Kevin McCarthy to Speaker — and only after he begged trump for help, debased himself to Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert, and then made secret deals with the maga wing of the party.

And only after his peers submitted one loser after another to siphon votes away from the weasley representative from Bakersfield. They even went so far as to find that one Black republican, Byron Donalds, to counter the magnificent Rep. Hakeem Jeffries who replaced Nancy Pelosi and who garnered more cumulative votes than any person in history.

Once Byron Donald failed miserably and once republicans were finished using him, they patted him on the head and sent him out of the big house and back to the fields.

It is only January and we know what republicans are doing and plan to do. But what about Democrats? What does the new year hold for the party who just finished one of the most progressive, productive, and consequential two years in centuries?

The President has said he will implement much of his historic Build Back Better legislation and travel the country touting its implementation in key voting areas — he is on the road now doing this in both blue and red cities and districts. He and the democrats have promised to protect Social Security and Medicare — programs the republicans have vowed to harm.

Funding and programs for Education, Energy, Housing, Defense, Homeland Security, Interior, Labor, Justice, and Transportation are other areas of priority that have funding initiatives rolling out this year.

See more here: https://www.crowell.com/NewsEvents/AlertsNewsletters/all/President-Joe-Biden-Outlines-2023-White-House-Priorities-in-Budget-Request-to-Congress

The Vice President will continue being the face and voice of the administration’s programs, leading international diplomacy and domestic communication, and helping shore up support on the ground for the programs and in key voting districts. The vice president will be the front person for climate, protecting women’s rights, including access to healthcare and abortion, and protecting children of citizens and vulnerable migrants.

VP Kamala Harris will also be a critical liaison to constituents from all over the big tent party, as we saw with her successful campaign swings in critical districts and states during the midterms. VP Harris won over right and left wing democrats, including those who are critical of the president’s approach to managing recalcitrant republicans. She is a bridge inside the big tent and remains one of the most consequential vice presidents in history.

VP Harris has the unique ability to break down complex issues and find commonality and shared interests with and from her former Senate peers, members of Congress, and even with hardcore republicans in that certain way that both President Biden and former President Obama could also do.

The rest of the bench are also strong and we’ve seen them in action over the past year — groundbreaking Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland who is remaking national parks and updating national monuments, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg who is front and center holding airlines and rail providers to account for poor performance, national disaster recovery, quietly effective Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, Indefatigable Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin who is efficiently reestablishing honor and decency to the role and the troops, and underappreciated Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen.

This A-Team cabinet are succeeding across each of their disciplines and within the president’s agenda. Typically there will be cabinet changes before the end of the president’s term and when/if that happens, the president and vice president have shown they are great at finding the right person for the right job.

With a fresh and energetic crop of new democratic representatives, new governors, and new legislators in state legislators across the nation, democrats have earned the expressed hope for a strong next two years heading to the 2024 elections.

With the wind at their backs and the president and vice president leading the way, the party is well positioned to continue the remarkable achievements seen over the past two years.

Representative Jeffries will be the voice of reason, the wall for negotiations, and the chief communicator from the House as democrats face an absolutely batshit group of republican peers interested in making messes rather than making progress.

Rep Jeffries will count on the democratic majority in the Senate backing him up for the inevitable awful legislation his House peers pass. The Senate will hold the line and only allow bills to get to the president’s desk that the president will sign — that majority is looking better by the minute, isn’t it, Senator Warnock and Georgia poll workers and voters?

There are roadblocks, as there always are, and there will need to be keen focus on priorities important to voters from all areas of the tent. The republicans will create messes, launch senseless investigations about Hunter Biden, the January 6th committee, VP Harris’ laugh, the border, Ukraine, Covid, Merrick Garland, Anthony Fauci, and whichever democrat is doing anything positive. But none of the typical republican nonsense should distract the party — or voters — from what will certainly be another productive two years of democratic leadership.

The key will be to start fast, sustain momentum, and then hit a winning stride heading into the 2024 campaign season.

With President Biden leading the way and VP Kamala Harris and the cabinet continuing to perform to the best of their abilities and ignoring the usual republican lies, obfuscation, and distractions, there should be no doubt the nation is in good hands.

Democratic voters can and should expect additional positive and progressive policies, laws, and outcomes that we worked so hard for during the 2020 and 2022 campaigns.

© 2023 by Myron J. Clifton and Dear Dean Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

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