Vote for These Candidates

Take Advantage of the Opportunity to Vote Before The Opportunity to Vote is Taken Away

There are so many great democratic candidates running for office who understand the importance of the time we are in.

President Biden and VP Kamala Harris were delayed taking power due to an attempt by anti-American forces who took over the Capitol trying to prevent the peaceful transfer of power and continuation of the American Democracy and democratic processes.

Their republican opponents supported and continue to support The Big Lie and they have vowed to work hard to prevent future fair elections should they gain/return to power.

Stated again, republicans are asking voters to help them end America and hand it over to theocratic extremists who will limit access to voting, be in charge of women’s health care, end the investigation into the leaders of the January 6th insurrection, and end all support to Ukraine in their war against Russia.

The job of voters is to reject the republican hatred and provide more Senate, House, and Gubernatorial support for President Biden /VP Harris administration so that they may continue pushing America forward, not backwards. 

Infrastructure, health care, insulin costs, digital access for cities and rural communities, NATO support, student debt relief, legalizing marijuana, funding climate help and food safety, and placing additional qualified judges on the bench, are continuing priorities for the progressive dynamic duo.

There’s a lot of the line and it is critically important that voters, vote. Sitting out should not be an option when so much is at stake for all Americans — white, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, small business owners, students, military, homeless/unhoused, senior citizens, children, public schools, homeowners, and YOU.

Here is a list of candidates to vote for:

Stacey Abrams — Georgia Governor

Beto O’Rourke — Texas Governor

Val Demings — Florida Senator

Senator Ralph Warnock — Georgia Senator

Charlie Crist— Florida Governor 

Josh Shapiro— Governor Pennsylvania

Catherine Cortez Masto— Nevada Senator 

Cheri Beasley— North Carolina Senator

Tim Ryan — Ohio Senator

Marcus Flowers — US House, Georgia-14

John Fetterman— Pennsylvania Senator

Maggie Hassan— New Hampshire Senator

Mandela Barnes — Wisconsin Senator

Kendra Horn — Oklahoma Senator

There are many candidates running for mayor, city council, supervisor, representative, sheriff, district attorney, attorney general, director of elections, and other critical and important roles that impact your daily life.

Please check your local voting registration website — many states will send ballots in mail, notify you via text, and then notify you again once your vote has been counted. Other states require you to vote in person, to bring ID, and to wait in lines.

Whichever is the requirement for your State, City, district, please know ahead of time so that you are not turned away!

Take advantage of the opportunity to vote before the opportunity to vote is taken away.


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