We Will In Fact Replace You

Republicans are close to realizing their party’s dream of turning back the clock to the time of burning single, older, unattached to a man poor women at the stake. The GOP is salivating at the prospect of white women as baby-making incubators who have no control or agency, who cannot access birth control or any form of contraception, and who can be charged for murder if they miscarry.

Your republican family member that you talk to all the time is supporting charging doctors who perform abortions – including for rape or incest – with murder. Your best friend who happens to be a republican supports restricting women from traveling to another state that allows abortion, and agrees that even if a baby is conceived in say, Missouri, then that state can charge the mother who gets an abortion with murder even if that mother never even lived in the state.

And your coworker who is republican is okay with bounties being placed to capture women who have had an abortion.

Black, Native, Latino and Hispanic women say to white women… welcome to how they’ve lived for the past few centuries in an America that is unequal, unfair, legally restricted, and medically hostile to them more than anyone else.

The illegitimate “supreme” court is close to fulfilling the prayers of the leading misogynistic, racist, anti-immigrant organization in the nation – The Heritage Foundation.

The Heritage Foundation‘s sole reason for existing is to take America back to its glory days of exclusive white male christian heterosexual rule over everyone else. They are the backers of every awful elected Republican for the past thirty years. And no elected Republican or judge gets into office unless they pledge fealty to the not-so-secretive group who see white rule as god-ordained MANifest destiny.

The purpose of the Heritage Foundation’s obsession with funding extremist republicans is the inevitable fact that changing demographics will result in white people being a minority for first time in centuries in this country.

Being a minority and having what can be called a cultural and genetically inherited consciousness of guilt that has been left untreated, is causing most of the problems in the country. The result is we are seeing their issues manifesting itself in violence and a plethora of anti-women laws, and the rest of us are caught in the middle of the war between white people.

Justice Alito’s leaked anti-woman incel manifesto poorly masquerading itself as scholarly and historical reasoning is better looked at as a prescription for removing all bodily autonomy from women, and adding misogynistic, racist, and homophobic building blocks that will be used to eliminate voting rights and end interracial and gay marriages.

Why is this happening at all?

The declining birthrates of white women, the increasing births of Latino/Hispanic kids, and the steady births of Black babies each add to the trend of white people not being the majority. And republicans cannot stomach the idea that they aren’t a majority.

Their actions around gerrymandering, insurrections, voter suppression, and anti-abortion are each part of the larger plan to remain in power – to oversee the country as minority rule. It is why they allowed Russia to fund their politicians, and why they have flittered from one racist movement to the next as they’ve sought to deal with their loss of their imagined supremacy. When you’re told your history is the most important in world history, that you’ve saved the world multiple times, that your inventions, science and technology, finances, institutions, military, and constitution are each The Greatest Things Ever, then any factual rebuttals are seen as hostile, anti-white, and threatening to your self-described superiority.

The rest of us have witnessed white people lashing out for centuries in so many ways we are, sadly, accustomed to the abuse. Just like angry drunks, abusive spouses, and volatile addicts attack those closest to them, non-white people have see the ways their collective insecurities have manifested and damaged America:

Confederates war breaks up country

America First alignment with Nazis

Ku Klux Klan burning and bombing churches

Segregationists creating ghettos and unequal living, schools, job prospects

Jim Crow fostering sundown towns, redlining, police violence

Moral Majority pushing charter schools and stealing finances from public schools

Reganomics giving tax breaks to the wealthy and criminalizing government assistance

Fox News giving racists and misogynists their very own network news

Tea Party hanging effigies of President and Michelle Obama and pushing birtherism

Evangelical and Mega Churches funding extremist politicians and pushing anti-Obama racism while collecting billions in tax-free Jesus money

Maga, Proud Boys, Qanon all just recycled racists, uninteresting and unoriginal, but who think what they do is interesting and original

Russia, which has funded the GOP’s racist desires in state races, the Senate, and of course the presidency.

All their efforts cannot stop the inevitable changing demographics that will see America returning to its original color – Brown.

Though the browning of America will not be like it was with indigenous societies, but with the mixture of people descended from enslaved peoples, from all across the Americas, from all the Pacific, Atlantic, and Caribbean islands, all over China, Japan, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and all the other places.

The tide cannot be stopped no matter what because… science and sociology says so. We will in fact replace you and the inevitable cannot be stopped no matter how awful white people behave.

Alito’s memo may have the opposite effect the leaker intended though as democratic voters, notoriously missing during past critical midterm elections, may be so disgusted at the rolling back of rights they’ve lived a lifetime with that they have record turnout which leads to getting a majority in the Senate. High democratic turnout may secure President Biden’s second term and give him the mandate to end the filibuster, get more judges confirmed and, should investigations turn out the way many expect and hope, give him another opportunity to place a supreme court nominee for confirmation.

But with midterms one can never know until the votes are counted. Until then, democrats are furiously working to capitalize on the leak and calling out all the efforts republicans are pushing to their base on how the extremists can capitalize on the expected ruling banning abortions.

But their base, who get abortions at the same or maybe even at a higher rate than democratic women voters, might be repelled by the shocking laws they are trying to push. Making abortion illegal is a start but they are pushing to ban on all contraception, place bounties on women who have abortions or anyone who pays for an abortion, and fining doctors from $10,000 to $100,000 for performing abortions.

All of it is insane but also very republican: think of the worst position and outcome, and you can be certain that is what republicans are hoping for.

But no matter the insane actions, legislation, and state by state laws they try to implement, nothing will stop the browning of America.

Instead of fighting it, republicans should, as they like to tell victims of sexual abuse: “If you can’t prevent it, you may as well enjoy it.”

Now is not the time to be a lazy uninterested voter. Democrats, independents, and the last “normal” republicans need to band together and vote like never before in the upcoming midterms. All demographics must see and reject the efforts of the most extreme attempts to strip the rights Americans take for granted: legal and safe abortions, interracial marriage, gay marriage, safe and available contraception.

And younger and first time voters should prepare to re-fight the fights their parents and grandparents fought, while recognizing that the browning of America will mean many more battles ahead. One vote is important, but so is the next vote, and the vote after that. Because as surely as we will replace them, American history proves racism and the patriarchy will fight the inevitable with all the hurt, harm, and anger they can muster.

© 2022 by Myron J. Clifton.

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Myron J. Clifton is slightly older than fifty, lives in Sacramento, California, and is an avid Bay Area sports fan. He likes comic books, telling stories about his late mom to his beloved daughter Leah, and talking to his friends.  

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