Gavin Newsom Beats White Supremacist Larry Elder

In another wonderful indication that the 2022 midterms present opportunities for Democrats to gain seats, California Governor Gavin Newsom absolutely destroyed Republican white supremacist Larry Elder.

You read that right, former radio host Larry Elder is a white supremacist. It may come as a surprise to anyone either not paying attention or who doesn’t understand the concept of a Black man who is a white supremacist.

Black people as white supremacist are as old as white supremacists using Black people to market products ranging from soap, bleach, golf tees, pancakes, rice, and alcohol.

But in this case, Larry Elder, who also eerily resembles one of the famed California Raisins, sold himself to conservative white people using his hatred of Black people as his selling point.

And of course they bought what he was selling as fast as they used to buy racist products.

The approach Elder has, is, and will continue to use is as old as the “house negro” “coon” “tapdancing” and “sell out” characters so familiar and so ugly in America.

Elder built his career on selling hatred of Black people, Black issues, and Blackness to the always-willing-to-buy market of mostly Republican white people who use such ammunition as fuel for their racism and bigotry.

Some of his greatest vile hits include saying he would live in the same neighborhood as Trayvon’s murderer; that slave owners deserve reparations; that the dragging death of James Byrd didn’t represent racism; that women are stupid; that the former guy won the presidential election; and that this California election he got embarrassed in and lost in record numbers in, was rigged.

Yes, he’s a total MAGA antivaxx clown who rides the very long and dirty coattails of his massa while trying to curry favor with the looneys who follow the disgraced former “president.”

Larry Elder has built a lucrative career giving white audiences the verbal hatred they seek against Black people by coating it in… wait, he doesn’t coat it at all. He uses the language of superiority and weaponizes it against Black people much to the delight of his audience and, now, the Beltway media.

Larry Elder has hoodwinked the always-ready-to-pile-on-Black people media at CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, the L.A. Times, and the New York Times, into believing he is a rational voice of a rational Black man.

The same media who regularly pushes out hit pieces on MVP Harris, despite the work and actual results she has helped produce for the Biden Administration and America, has treated the upstart, unqualified, conspiracy-loving, misogynist, violent, anti-vaccination Trump lover as a serious candidate.

MVP Harris is authentic, caring, empathetic, cares about children, girls, and women, addresses both colleagues and foreign dignitaries with respect and honesty, and isn’t afraid to take on the toughest problems facing our nation. For that, she gets vitriol from Slate, Politico, Facebook users, and the Beltway media who can’t see past her color and gender.

But give them a clownish buffoon like Larry Elder and suddenly they find time to give him equal, better, and more favorable coverage than her, while presenting him to voters as a serious candidate even though he was no more qualified than any of the other dozens of characters like Caitlin Jenner who also thought they could lead the most important state in the country.

They overlooked his hateful words, his violent past, his affiliation with the Koch brothers, and his cozying up to the criminals in the former administration, such as Stephen Miller. They overlooked his anti-vaccination positions, his desire to eliminate the minimum wage and mask mandates, and his desire to make all abortions illegal. They looked past his lack of qualifications and his race-baiting. And they did it all because they, like him, are mostly men who spend their lives making excuses for the behaviors of other men while simultaneously writing and talking negatively about the behaviors of women.

So even though his campaign – a term used generously – was doomed before it started, they jumped on the opportunity to give him the biggest platform of his life while refusing to critically analyze his past actions and words, and his plans that would have had devastating consequences to California’s children, youth, women, workers, and non-racists.

Thankfully, California’s Democrats came through and voted in record numbers, refusing to let California become FlorTexas, and to slam the door and say “Goodbye, Larry” and send him on the talk show circuit where he can commiserate with his idols Meghan Kelly, Meghan McCain, and Tomi Lahren. 

He can also join his like-minded hotep Black men who’ve also sold their tainted souls to the cause of white supremacy hidden beneath an ashy blanket of hyper-Blackness, like Kanye, Eddie Glaude Jr., Killer Mike, Marc Lamont-Hill, Van Jones, and Ice Cube among others. 

California Democrats overwhelming fund Democratic races across the nation – and Republican races, too – even though we get less of a return on our money than many Republican states who wield unequal power that they use to make the lives of their citizens – and Americans all over – miserable and unequal. It is long past time Californians – and Californian Democrats specifically –  begin demanding more from the federal government while wielding stronger influence over states who use our hard-earned and honestly given tax money to push racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and anti-immigrant policies and laws.

With MVP Kamala Harris, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep Adam Schiff, and Senators Alex Padilla and Dianne Feinstein, and our 53 representatives, California should have the most influence of all the states. 

We pay the most in taxes and our economy (fifth largest in the world) funds an oversized percentage of the federal budget – money that is then funneled to states that restrict rights, limit access to health care (including abortion), promote the big lie, support the January 6th insurrection, and push the white Christian theocracy ideologies, all things that are anathema to the preponderance of California voters.

That lightweight political loudmouth Larry Elder was the Republican Party’s best attempt to upend the California Democratic juggernaut is laughable if it weren’t so insidious. The GQP tried its best to “Florida and Texas” California, thinking their backwards policies, anti-vaccination nonsense, January 6th insurrection support, and looney-tunes governors are what California needs.

That is not to say that all is perfect in The Golden State, because like any nation, California, with 40 million residents has its share of human, business, and infrastructure problems. 

Governor Gavin Newson and team have worked tirelessly on the problem of homelessness, expanding health care and unemployment benefits, stopping the pandemic, and working through issues of prison overpopulation, nimbyism by wealthy and Democratic white voters, out-of-this world housing and rental costs that exceed wages, and all the other usual American problems: poverty, police brutality, misogyny, immigration, taxes, and a desire to “go green” with energy and with respect to climate changes that contribute to a nearly year-round fire season.

And that is the thing that separates California’s leadership from leadership of Florida, Texas, and places like Mississippi and Alabama: The leadership admits problems exists, spends time researching and listening to experts, and actually allocates funding to try to make things better. Those efforts do not always work as planned – and Democrats get excoriated when they do not – but I would rather have government leadership who try versus those who only sit back and refuse to try….while giving tax breaks to businesses, denying we are in a pandemic, and encouraging gun-toting white supremacists and their friends to harass and threaten anybody and everybody as they seek to take over the country.

The midterms are quickly approaching and despite the Beltway media already running stories of how Newsom’s resounding victory is somehow “bad news” for Democrats, the party and party leaders across the nation and in Washington are celebrating their winning strategy in California and already planning on deploying more of the same in the run-up to 2022.

© 2021 by Myron J. Clifton. All Rights Reserved. 

Myron J. Clifton is slightly older than fifty, lives in Sacramento, California, and is an avid Bay Area sports fan. He likes comic books, telling stories about his late mom to his beloved daughter Leah, and talking to his friends.  

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