Nina Turner Must be Stopped – Hello, Somebody!

Voters in Ohio’s 11th district are apparently getting to know the real Nina Turner, and not the fake Nina Turner she and her campaign have falsely presented to the people in Ohio.

Nina Turner has run a false campaign that desperately tries to paint her as a “Democrat” who has worked “with” the party to… do what, exactly?

Nina Turner has a long history of disliking the Democratic Party, centrists, establishment, and Democrats who refused to bend the knee to her idol, twice failed presidential candidate Bernard Sanders.

Like her mentor, Nina Turner isn’t a Democrat and only poorly pretends to be one so she can get elected and do her best to muck up every Democratic priority being championed by President Biden and MVP Kamala Harris.

Her goal is to join “The Squad” so she and they can continue to oppose President Biden, Madam Vice President Harris, and Madam Speaker Pelosi, while being social media champions of gumming up and destroying Democratic chances for 2022 and 2024.

Make no mistake: Nina Turner has no desire to help Democrats gain seats so the country can  continue its recovery from the white nationalist former guy.

It wasn’t long ago – okay, it was 2016 – when Turner, coming off the humiliating shellacking of Bernard Sanders by Hillary Clinton, was unable to maintain her professional comportment and graciously congratulate nominee Clinton. Instead, she showed her political immaturity and railed against Democrats and Hillary while giving her vote and allegiance to known Russian Puppet Jill Stein.

It is easy to draw a straight line from Nina Turner not supporting Hillary, to supporting Russian-fed sour honeypot Jill Stein, and all the way to The Former Guy cheating his way to a win.

Nina Turner was happy The Former Guy won because she, like many Sanders followers, hoped for the absolute worst —which they got — so that Sanders would return like a hero and take the nomination they believe is “owed” to him.

But something happened along the way to Russia’s, er, Sanders’ and Turner’s grand plan. Moderate Democrats, especially Black voters, joyfully thrashed inept Senator Sanders and elected the far more accomplished Hillary Clinton to represent the party.

Sanders and Turner sulked away to the poorhouse of their donors in Big Pharma and other industries they love to collect from – while being awfully quiet about the damage the former guy was doing to everyone except the white aggrieved voters they also both love.

But they also continued to attack Democrats and worked to weaken the party ahead of the 2020 election.

With Sanders’ candidacy all but destroyed after the unbeatable combination of Congressman James E. Clyburn endorsing candidate Joe Biden and Black South Carolina voters doing what they do (ignoring white political hacks who incredulously sugggested they would follow the lead of white voters in Iowa and New Hampshire), Nina Turner found herself left out. 

Far left out, if you will.

Tell me you’ve never asked a Black voter from South Carolina if they are going to follow the lead of white voters from Iowa and New Hampshire without telling me you’ve never asked a Black voter from South Carolina if they are going to follow the lead of white voters from Iowa and New Hampshire.

So many Beltway media pundits in print, cable, and network news should have lost their jobs over their horrible, terrible, entirely incorrect political prognostications. Unfortunately, only some of us lose jobs or positions for being so wrong so often.

But you know who did not criticize the media over being so wrong about crowning Sanders the presumptive nominee? Nina Turner, that’s who.

And once Sanders was eliminated, what did Turner have to say about Kamala Harris once she was selected to be Biden’s running mate?

Her answer was ugly, befitting her inability and constant refusal to champion Democratic women. As she did with candidate Hillary Clinton, Nina Turner said of Kamala Harris: “Wall Street has the ticket that they want…. Progressives and other people who care about justice for all must come to grips with that. We’ve got to wrap our heads around that.”

Personally, I would have said: “Congratulations to vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris on her historic selection. Now we’ve got to get back into the White House to fix the problems caused by this administration, and nominees Biden and Harris are our way to do it. I hope all progressives get behind the ticket with me. Hello, somebody!”

But Nina Turner’s ugly comments on candidate Harris were like poetry when compared to her comment about voting for Candidate Biden vs. Former guy.

Nina said with all the eloquence of a drunken maga: “You have a bowl of shit in front of you, and all you’ve got to do is eat half of it instead of the whole thing. It’s still shit.”

Unbelievable. Too believable. 

Nina Turner lacks the nuance, graciousness, class, and desire to be a true team player and her responses to candidates Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, after she refused to back Hillary, prove she is incapable of learning, growing, and figuring out how to gain influence and work productively with the party and people she wants to elect her.

And that brings us to right now.

Nina Turner is running against Shontel Brown in Ohio’s 11th district race to replace Marcia Fudge.

Turner is tanking because voters are getting to know the real Nina Turner, but also because Shontel Brown is a better politician and a more authentic choice to represent the people of the 11th district. They don’t need a carpetbagger, Jill Stein voter, or rabble-rouser more interested in being famous on Twitter like her “Squad” mates.

They need solid leadership and a true Democrat who desires to work with the party to achieve its goals vs. work against the party to further Bernard’s and Russia’s destructive agenda.

And Shontel Brown is on a roll as she picks up a steady stream of key endorsements from James. E. Clyborn, the Congressional Black Caucus, Hillary Clinton, and democrats who are working for the people and with the administration to produce additional significant results and build more momentum heading into 2022.

The endorsements are working, too, as the big early lead Nina Turner had collapsed faster than her taking money from PACS after unequivocally saying “I’m not taking any corporate PAC or lobbyist money.” 

I guess taking money from a Trump-supporting company that’s the focus of an FBI investigation due to its ties to Russia, China, Turkey, and Libya (among others) as reported in the Daily Beast is something Nina Turner forgot to mention.

What was a whopping twenty-five point gap has largely disappeared and now the candidates are basically a toss-up, something the Turner camp did not want to see because they felt Nina was owed the election, just like Sanders thought he was owed the presidency.

Of course.

Because as it now stands, the far left is content to antagonize, obstruct, insult, and alienate the very voters they need to grow their wing of the party.

The hypocrisy of the far left shows itself in who Nina Turner is and what she says. 

Nina rails against police while being married to an officer, doesn’t support Black women or Black politicians who don’t support her hero Sanders, and she and her team complain about out-of-state endorsements while highlighting endorsements from out of state.

It is time to end Nina Turner’s political career and leave it where it has earned the right to be: In an inconsequential corner of angry Twitter where she can join her Squad-mates as they complain about the many successes of the Biden-Harris administration. 

If the far-left wing is to make inroads and gain influence in the Democratic Party, it must find candidates that can build bridges, negotiate concessions, accept compromises, and celebrate incremental wins for the good of the party and country. There are plenty of left-wing progressives who show promise and who are needed since the Democratic Party has certainly moved left and more progressive over the past two Democratic administrations — and Biden-Harris is continuing the trend. 

If only the left wing could see the wins and enjoy the fruit of their labors they would be less dissatisfied and more willing to work with the majority of the party. 

Because as it now stands, the far left is content to antagonize, obstruct, insult, and alienate the very voters they need to grow their wing of the party.

We just saw in New York with the humiliating defeat of Andrew Yang a possible preview of what may happen in Ohio with Nina Turner. 

Andrew Yang’s early polls were also strong until he began giving interviews and showing his true political beliefs, beliefs that even tough New Yorkers ran away from. 

And, like Turner, Yang ineptly tried to run as both an insider and outsider, while proving he had limited grasp of complex issues and or reductive and offensive viewpoints on complex issues.

But unlike the upstart and largely unknown Yang, we know where Nina Turner stands because she has been vocal in telling us: She stands against the Democratic Party and as such, she should not now or ever be chosen to represent the party she has worked so hard to dismantle. 

She doesn’t deserve Democratic votes, so politely ask her to go share the other half of the famous bowl of excrement with her pal Jill Stein. 

After the failure of Bernard Sanders Nina Turner could have used her wisdom and influence over many of his followers to usher the far left wing closer to the middle of the big tent. She has the skills to influence the left wing, knowledge to help party leaders strategize local and statewide elections, and enough political smarts to plan to run in future statewide elections. Nina Turner could also have positioned herself as a viable future cabinet member of the next couple of Democratic administrations. 

She could have done all those things because although her history is riddled with offensive statements, poor word choices, and disruptive actions directed at the party, no one can deny that had she chosen differently, she could have been a groundbreaking leftist trailblazer. 

And she can still be. If she chooses differently. 

I don’t see that happening and in fact, should she lose, I would not be surprised if she once and for all burns every Democratic bridge and relationship during and after her concession speech. 

And that will be too bad and too sad. Because as they say in sports, Nina Turner could have been a contender. 

But unfortunately, she will be most remembered for being a Democratic Party pretender. 

VVote for Shantel Brown, the actual Democratic choice in Ohio’s 11th district.

© 2021 by Myron J. Clifton. All Rights Reserved. 

Myron J. Clifton is slightly older than fifty, lives in Sacramento, California, and is an avid Bay Area sports fan. He likes comic books, telling stories about his late mom to his beloved daughter Leah, and talking to his friends.  

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