DEMS OF PREY and the Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Neera Tanden

Neera Tanden withdrew from consideration to be President Joe Biden’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget after mediocre DINO Joe Manchin (D+r -West Virginia) got his long awaited revenge on Neera, who rightly called out his daughter’s Epi-Pen price gouging.

Manchin, hiding behind his State’s nightmare health, wages, flags, and coal souflees, gave the green light to leftists, media outlets from boy’s club Politico to the Washington Post, to the queens of access at the New York Times, to launch an attack on Neera’s nomination that was Hillary-esque in its thoroughness in destroying a qualified, intelligent, woman of color.

Let’s be clear: The derailment of Neera is part of an era that saw Hillary cheated out of the presidency and MVP Harris be the most attacked woman online for going on two years now.

In the era of #metoo, we are seeing qualified women of color bear the brunt of men lashing out determined to put women back in their places when they dare seek their rightful place in leadership.

The bizzaro word of the confirmation of Neera Tanden is further sullied by the audacity of those who had the opportunity to question her qualifications: Racist insurrectionist Josh Hawley (R-acist Missouri), traitor Lindsey Graham, and morons like John Cornyn.

In America, white men like Josh Hawley who seek to overthrow the government can deny the new president a qualified woman of color on the basis that she is… a qualified woman of color.

What were the main issues Manchin and Hawley, WaPo and the NYTimes had against Tanden? She wrote a few “mean” tweets.

You read that right. The GQP who said they *never read” their president’s tens of thousands of tweets that were vitriolic, hate-filled, racist, and misogynistic, had their stunted feelings hurt by a few tweets.

Neera defended herself from the same online men who harass women online all day and everyday. And now, after being made to apologize and be deferential to men unfit to comment on her Tweets, Neera has graciously removed herself from consideration.

President Biden accepted her withdrawal and now we move on.

However, the small men who derailed Neera’s nomination were typically shortsighted because now President Biden is free to place her in his cabinet in a role that doesn’t require supplication, er, confirmation.

Neera will be in a prominent role befitting her expertise and skill, and she will gain valuable experience that’ll serve her, this administration, and possibly the next administration after that.

She will follow the path of so many women who are all descended from women who spoke up, defended themselves, got noticed by the patriarchy, and was burned by mediocre intimidated men who believe the lie of their superiority.

Neera’s emancipation from the confirmation process frees her to help the country and the Biden/Harris administration if that is what she wants to do. She will be a lightning rod on all sides of the aisles with friend and foe alike hoping to use her to their own advantage as a weapon against the others.

The same men who have spent the past month attacking her will move to their next Black or Brown woman to attack. The misogyny within the Democratic Party by men like Bernie Sanders (the senator and rape essayist) his rabid followers, and Governor Cuomo, will continue to harm the party if democratic leadership allows it. And for now the party leaders are allowing it.

But Neera owes no one anything. Not her time, not her experience, not her patience, and certainly not her graciousness.

Her detractors will be happy if she goes back to private life. Her supporters will cheer if/when President Biden pulls her into his administration. Still, others will be indifferent to what she does and where she goes.

I will cheer her decision because it will mean it was made with sober thoughtfulness, familial consideration, and loyalty to America, democrats, and President Biden and MVP Harris.

But mostly I will cheer because she will make the decision without having to listen to or consider any opinion from small-minded inferior men afraid of an intelligent actualized woman of color.

That is the type of freedom of choice in this women’s history month everyone should be cheering.

© 2021 by Myron J. Clifton. All Rights Reserved.

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One thought

  1. Myron,

    Excellent post. I wanted Neera Tandem for the Director position and though it did not happen, I know Ms Tandem will design, create a path where she can shine brightly. The clock is ticking and the days of the white patriarchal will end and we will no longer need to bow, prance and please for their approval. Great blog.



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