Pro-Trump Forces Took Over the Capitol

Pro-Trump forces attacked the United States Capitol yesterday in their boldest attempts yet to prevent the newly elected Biden/Harris administration from assuming power.

After two months of efforts to stop Biden from assuming power, Trump unleashed his forces in a brazen display of violence and disregard for historical United States norms.

Flouting the Constitution and law, Trump rallied his forces earlier in the day just outside the gates of the Capitol in a rousing speech that reiterated his month’s long theme of election cheating by Biden Harris, Pelosi, the Democrats, and the “Deep State.”

President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a rally Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

He concluded his speech with specific instructions to the gathered troops to “March on the Capitol and to never stop fighting.”

Shortly after his speech, the Trump Troops did as commanded and marched to the hallowed building and taking it over after being greeted by Capitol police, off-duty military, and other Federal employees who were also Trump loyalists.

The Trump forces feared nothing.

And they had nothing to fear as the various security forces, made famous around the world in movies and television – the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, and others- were nowhere to be found.

The myth of American security invincibility forever shattered, like the windows to the Capitol.

The insurrectionists quickly took over one of the heretofore most protected places in the country and on the planet and set about making their mark throughout the building.

They ransacked offices and hallways, went through desks, took pictures, stoles small things like the Speaker’s gavel, and they stole large things, like the Speaker’s podium.

They climbed and swung from railings like wild animals. And there are reports that, again, like animals, they pissed and defecated on office floors and desks.

The troops were there to do more than damage historical furniture, as more than a few brought weapons, plastic ties of the kind police use to hold prisoners. They hung nooses, built gallows, and even had time to recreate scenes state sanctioned murder: recreating the horrific murder of Black American George Floyd.

Every act was designed to send a message to political leaders and Black Americans.

The most direct threat to Black Americans was the collection of Confederate flags that were proudly marched up the steps and them throughout the chambers and hallways, harkening back to the grand wishes of the old confederacy and “The South Rising Again.”

Trump loyalists had been ordered to “Stand by” by their leader while he worked to get his key higher level agents in key places of authority. When the time came for expected intervention by government agencies, the public quickly realized that there was no help coming, no cowboy on a white horse, no super spy in a fancy car, and no military man ready to break with corrupt orders.

No, every agency that could be expected to fight back was instead adhering to “Stand down” orders from Trump.

America had lost and had done so not by knockout befitting the heavyweight champ but by being outmaneuvered by Trump and his cadre of misfits.

The so-called greatest military in the world, the greatest spy network, the greatest men and women in law enforcement, and the smartest intelligence agents on the planet, were defeated in a few hours, forever embarrassing the nation before a world no longer in awe of America’s power and might.

America witnessed a coup by thousands of mostly white men, and now we are at the mercy of other white men who we hope will bring them to heel.

White supremacy, white nationalism, and white privilege on global display in an embarrassing testament to America’s refusal to deal with its original sin.

Black Americans watching white men riot and destroy the symbols of democracy that white men tell us we need to honor and respect, and to do so without consequences, reaffirms what we all know about two versions of justice and law enforcement.

And we listened to interviews with rioters as they loudly proclaim “It is our country” “We won’t let *them steal it” and “We will take back our country.”

I must have missed it when *their country was stolen from them.

We live in a country that caters and panders to white men above all else. And those white men are following a two-bit game show host and conman who is actively working for Russian strongman Vladmir Putin to destroy America from the inside, top to bottom.

And they are winning.

The whitewashing has already begun as network and cable news are complimenting Trump for a speech, portraying his troops as “exercising their First Amendment rights” and showing gentle pictures of the participants troops with humanizing words such as “Loving dad; veteran; and protestor.

The victors write the history and we can say that the victors are already looking like white supremacy won.


The coup is over for now but without swift justice for the perpetrators it will happen again, and certainly with more success since the template can now be studied and tweaked.

To prevent anything remotely similar from happening again, there needs to be devastating consequences for everyone involved in the attempted overthrow of the American government, including:

  • Life sentences for the guilty.
  • Lose of gun licenses.
  • Unable to run for office or hold Federal jobs.
  • Any elected officials who is found to have in any way aided, abetted, or gave comfort to the internal domestic terrorist troops, should be immediately kicked out of office and held in jail until they can be tried.
  • The confederate flag must be outlawed.
  • Social media platforms that allowed Trump to spread his insurrection should be penalized tens of billions of dollars so that they hurt financially.
  • Social media platforms that profited from Trump’s takeover attempt should be regulated.
  • Public news companies – print and especially television – must be regulated, fined for telling lies, and shut down if repeatedly found in violation.

Unless America comes to accept that the enemy is using its own laws to destroy it from the inside, and that to do nothing about white supremacy and white nationalism, what we saw this week is merely the first of many internal attempts to destroy the country and replace it with a white’s only everything.

The crossroads America faces is a government and individual crossroad:

The government must reform itself and root out traitors and hold them accountable under the law – and make new laws to prevent what just happened from happening again.

And to white Americans: You must confront your nice family members who support Trump because they will support the next Trump. If you don’t get to them now, they’ll be staging the next coup. You have to have uncomfortable conversations, challenge their beliefs, and dispel any notion that anything was honorable about what we just witnessed.

And to white Christians, you need to get your pastors to teach his members about racism. Not whitewashed racism, but real American dirty ugly evil racism.. of which the congregation is a willing participant.

Unless and until white America confronts who you are you will see more of your sons and daughters lashing out trying to takedown a government designed by white people for white people.

© 2021 by Myron J. Clifton. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Amen and amen again. Those motherfuckers ought to have been hung for treason from their own fucking gallows. BTW, how the FUCK does anybody just waddle up there and BUILD GALLOWS ON THE CAPITOL STEPS?!?!?!? How in the FUCK were they allowed to build such racist/reich-wing bullshit and DEFACE THE ENTIRE SITE, but nobody said SHIT until they breached the building??? And why did it take 90 minutes for the National Guard to be activated? Why the fuck weren’t they ALREADY THERE??? That’s some buuuuullllshit. Everybody knows how it would’ve gone down if there’d been a BLM or similar anti-fascist protest that day.


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