The Left Wing Should Form Its Own Party

The democratic party’s far left wing should leave the party and form its own political party.

It is also time for the Democratic party to invite the far left wing of the party to leave and form their own political party.

The left wing, also known as “progressive,” “leftists,” “Justice Dems,” are perpetually frustrated at the Democratic Party, its leaders, and voters, who consistently reject the left wing’s candidates and demands.

The frustration the left wing feels is used as fuel for them to attack democratic leaders and work against the party to block incremental change which is the party’s proven and necessary approach to change in the face of recalcitrant republicans.

The left wing demands big changes but they do not have the political power to make real their demands, and they do not have any republicans who will support their grand reimagining of American politics – support that would be necessary if any of their policy demands are to be implemented. Something that is obvious to the majority democrats.

And the wing, known equally for their vitriol directed at true democrats as they are for their pet-projects, are a drag on the democratic party, harm the party during crucial election cycles, and are used as a socialism cudgel by republicans against moderate democratic candidates – as is now happening in the crucial Georgia senate runoff.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are moderate democrats who were elected with more than eight-one million votes – the most votes ever by any party’s candidates – flipped five states, outed an incumbent by close to 8 million votes, and are building a diverse and historical administration that is being applauded domestically and across the western world.

But while the world applauds the Biden/Harris growing administration, the left wing is attacking every person hired to be in the new president’s cabinet, and they continue to loudly denigrate President Biden, Vice President Harris, and democratic voters.

The left wing, led by former and current followers of Senator Bernie Sanders abhor the democratic party, referring to democratic voters derisively as “corporate dems” “centrist” “coastal elites” and to Black democratic voters as “low information voters” “stupid” “unimportant” “outdated” and the standard insults racists have always directed towards Black people.

The group attacks democrats with venom equal to how republicans attack democrats and with as much anger.

We have learned through the primaries and presidential campaign that the far left will never accept Vice President Kamala Harris even though she was ranked as one of the most liberal senators, she is a trailblazer who works to protect girls and women, and she worked to fix a broken and predatory justice system. Her work on climate, predatory lenders, accountability by government officials, are widely respected except by the left.

Bernie Sanders is an independent who pretended to caucus with democrats to serve his own interests, and his behavior during his race against Hillary Clinton gave license to his followers to relentlessly attack her even until now, setting the template for how his followers would eventually attack Vice President Harris.

In addition to Hillary and MVP Harris, perhaps the most frequent target of the left’s attacks are Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi who deftly runs the Dem machine with as much skill as any Speaker in history, and who has a track record of incredible successes that have improved the lives of every American.

And they attack President Obama’s every move, every word, every book or television deal. President Obama’s accomplishments are monumental, his words measured, and his intellect unchallenged – except by the left wing and republicans – who believe Obama should have solved racism, ended all wars, eliminated the military, closed all police departments, allowed the auto industry to fail, shut down Wall Street, cleaned the environment with his personal giant vacuum cleaner, and emptied all prisons.

The Democratic Party is a big tent and the far left wing is welcome to leave. They are prisoners with an open jail cell that they refuse to use.

Walk away, left wing, and be free.

Your new party – The American Party let’s call it – can be the third party many have long called for. You can be, with your millions of followers, king and queen makers, as the democrats and republicans are forced to lobby for your votes, granting you concessions for your pet projects in return.

You will be, as you have always wanted, the belle of the ball. The star quarterback. And the pursued bachelorette or bachelor and forming your own party will give you that opportunity.

You want to move the democratic party left and forming your own party is the best way to do it. You will not force the vast majority of Black voters – who are the base and most important democrat voting block – to leave the party of our parents and grandparents and upend our hard fought gains in the party for our chosen daughters and sons who run for office. But you can siphon away enough disgruntled Black voters to add to your base of disaffected young white voters who resoundingly reject their parents two-party love affair.

You could even force republicans to concede ground on climate, or student loans, or even healthcare if you promise them you will not vote with democrats.

A small third party can force the two larger parties to adopt platforms that include its priorities in exchange for its votes. Third parties can be powerful and other countries use the power effectively.

By staying inside the Democratic Party all you are doing now is making enemies, closing the minds of most Dem voters, and causing the base – again, Black voters – to disregard you and your demands as those of spoiled voters who live in a political fantasyland without true politic power – even though your social media leaders are good online.

But being an internet influencer doesn’t get bills passed or accomplish much else besides selling nice hoodies, and delivering pithy clap-backs that get lots of likes and retweets.

You have millions of followers and now is a great time to take advantage of your strong progressive voices and leaders to make your dream a reality.

You already place your candidates on ballots across the nation and you have even won some races. You have reps in big and small districts and you have national reach due to the popularity of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jamaal Bowman, Cori Bush, and even many “Warren” Democrats. And of course Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

You have a formidable lineup of established and newer politicians each of whom are fresh voices who can be promoted to help push the country left.

And many of your followers appear to be philosophically and politically close to republican voters so you could even siphon young republican voters who may wish to distance themselves from the “grand old party” who have loudly embraced racism, nazism, white nationalism, proud boys, and evangelicals.

You could give those unhappy voters a soft landing place in your party since your racism is more the standard American brand that is much more acceptable to disaffected republican voters.

American politics will benefit from a strong, if small, third-party, and you already have the beginning of a strong political infrastructure, and name recognition for your members.

Now is a great time to walk out of the party of your parents, organize your followers and voters, and stake your claim to your American rights and form your own party.

Instead of telling democrats what to do, you will flip the script forcing democrats and republicans to ask for your votes and listen to you as they each seek to coalition-build with you to retain their power.

You will get to decide which party ascends with the knowledge that your priorities will be a part of whichever party offers you the most political concessions.

It is the best and most realistic option for you. You will move from the frustrated fringe to the most desired voting block and coalition partner.

2022 is right around the corner and the mid-terms are a great starting ground for your new political party to work out some of the logistics as you look toward the 2024 presidential campaign which is guaranteed to be unlike any we have ever seen – even more so than the one this just sorta ending.

Now is your time, far left wing. Get to work.

© 2020 by Myron J. Clifton. All Rights Reserved.

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