Amy Coney Barrett: Affirmative Action’s Daughter

Republicans long voted against Affirmative Action but when it was time to utilize the last of their power during the waning day’s of the Trump regime, they looked for and found the most unqualified judge since Clarence Thomas.

In a cynical move, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, the Heritage Foundation, and Rupert Murdoch, dug deep into their dirty laundry and pulled out a lightweight jurist who ranks somewhere below Judge Judy on those qualified for a lifetime appointment for the highest court in the U.S.

And as Bush Sr. did by plucking sexual absuer Clarence Thomas to fill the historic seat formally occupied by Civil Rights giant Thurgood Marshall, Donald Trump picked “The N-word is okay” Amy Barrett to fill the historical seat formally occupied by women’s rights icon Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Republicans are nothing if not consistent in their generational ability to do the worst with the least.

Judge Amy was opposed by her law school peers, lawyer peers, the American Bar Association, elected Democrats, and people who understand how hiring should happen.

None of that mattered though because Judge Amy has the ability to tune out reasonable political voices as well as she tunes out reasonable Black voices who see the nightmare her adopted Black kids have to grow up with.

Judge Amy is no more qualified to rule over the lives of Americans than she is to rule over the lives of the Black kids she and her white savior husband bought, er, adopted in Haiti.

It is too late to point out her joy at telling her kids and other Black people that being called nigger at work does not constitute a hostile environment.

Imagine the bedtime stories Judge Amy tells when she gently whispers to her son “Just because the Black man was being choked to death didn’t mean it was illegal because as we learned during homeschooling, the original constitution doesn’t guarantee Black people the right to breathe.

And to her daughter: “Your body is just like the body of your ancestors, controlled by white men. Your dad and savior – who is also my husband and savior – has final say-so over your body and then after him, all the white men in our little cult. Then your white teachers, the baker, doctor, the police, your bosses, and your weightlifting coach.

Blessed be and good night, my little niggers.”

Republicans now control the Supreme Court 6-3 and are days away from realizing their ten year dream of eliminating the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, which will take away healthcare from 20 million people at the same time their policies have helped kill almost 230,000 people.

Some call the GOP a death cult and it is apparent why.

That is the immediate impact to Judge Amy taking her seat.

There are worse things to come.

Judge Amy hates women who control their body so she is locked and loaded to help make abortions illegal for non-white women. It will technically be illegal for *all women, but we all know white women will always have access to safe abortions, while all Black women, regardless of financial status, will lose real and safe access.

Judge Amy will help give businesses more power, help eliminate environmental protection, help cage brown kids at the border, and will be poised to help Donald Trump steal the presidency should he need a boost from the court if Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Saudi, or mobsters can’t push him past Biden during the “free and fair elections.’

We all would be remiss if we did not direct disgust at voters who did not vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016.

Those voters and non-voters include people who voted for Russian spy Jill Stein, angry Bernie Sanders voters, and those who stayed home out of spite, ignorance, or both.

Shout out to 100m voters who decided to stay home and watch the Bachelorette rather than voting!

There is plenty more blame to go around: Mitch McConnell who slammed the door on Merrick Garland, the republicans who supported him, the print and television press who relentlessly attacked and vilified Hillary, Facebook and Twitter who made billions by allowing Russia to spread lies, and all the suckers who were duped by Russian propaganda because they were too stupid to discern truth from fantasy.

And let’s not forget Bernie’s brigade, who disparaged Hillary, depressed votes, voted with republicans or Jill Stein, or who just opted out to protect their “purity” bullshit.

And there is a special place in American history for the women who did not vote for Hillary.

Black women voted for Hillary at 98% and every other demographic of women voted significantly less than that, led by white women who voted somewhere between 50-53%, sealing Hillary’s loss.

After all the blame has been distributed there remains enough to give Democratic leaders their share as well.

Playing by the rules against a competitor who disregards the rules is a bad position to be in, and democratic voters can understand and empathize with the plight of the party who wants to “Go high” with an opposition party that lives in the muck.

Those days are over, though, and the sooner the democratic men who lead the party – looking at you, Chuck Schumer- figure that out the better.

If you are angry and you are white, please recognize that Black people deal with Amy’s and Kavanaugh’s every day of our professional careers: unqualified folk promoted ahead of more qualified applicants, rules bent to fast-track white candidates, then having to survive at the mercy of said candidates.

A new age is upon the land and liberal Americans are about to find out just how tenuous liberties really are and how quickly more can be lost. With two-hundred court appointments and three Supreme Court justices, America will be in the “Donald Trump” era long after he dies.

All is not lost though, as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are poised to win the White House in the coming days. And if they do, there are options the can use to remedy the muck of the past four years.

They can add more positions to the Supreme Court – they’d better. They will fill all open judge positions over the next four years, especially if they flip the Senate. And they can change rules that allowed Mitch and republicans to cheat their way to judicial dominance.

Whatever the outcome of the election, the Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action daughter will shape the lives of Americans for the next thirty years.

Amy being the Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action daughter is made clear by her qualifications:

  • 2 years in private practice
  • Never tried a case
  • Never argued an appeal
  • Never argued before Supreme Court
  • Most private work involved civil cases, not criminal cases
  • 15 years teaching experience
  • Never served as judge until 2017

*Per Mother Jones

Judge Amy completes the takeover of Affirmative Action by white women who were already the chief beneficiaries of the landmark ruling that should have benefited Black people most but, hey, this is America and if you’re Black, step back, right?

Blessed Be.

© 2020 by Myron J. Clifton. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Handmaids Tale is becoming more and more realistic as this continues to unfold. Just like in the show, it happened really fast…One can only hope people vote for change

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