Death Watch

The president played with pandemic fire one too many times and suffered the consequences of his non-actions, contracting the deadly coronavirus after hosting a hastily called and crowded rose garden event dedicated to installing a new Supreme Court justice.

The anti-science president who gleefully told his followers for ten months that the virus was a hoax, it would go away like a miracle when the weather warmed up, that bleach and sunlight were a cure, and that herd immunity is the only way, finally got his comeuppance when Covid-19 slipped right past his handlers and landed squarely in his lungs.

A nation fatigued from trumpism, high unemployment, and minuscule stimulus, were bombarded with hospital images by a complicit and typically uncritical media who were falling over themselves for clicks and views

The nation that is quickly approaching a year sheltered in place and wearing masks while in public (not the privileged people screaming and yelling at hourly retail and essential workers) found themselves forced into the latest trashy trump reality show and second rate soap opera.

Coming off a disgraceful debate performance that was universally panned as one of the worst presidential performances ever, Trump did the equivalent of a runner pulling up lame when she/he figures out there is no way they are winning the race.

That is not to say that Trump faked his Covid-19 experience – though many believe he is pulling a stunt to garner sympathy from his rabid base and so-called undecided voters.

He even has a group of cultish nimrods, pundits, and religious quacks who say the rose garden event was attacked by “insert some nefarious entity” since only republicans are getting infected.

Never mind the rose garden event was only attended by republicans who, like millions of others republicans are drinking the orange kool-aid by refusing to wear masks and socially distance.

His cult of followers refuse to distinguish reality from trump’s forced reality that they are accustomed to and that is always completely insane.

It is also now known Trump was sick when he debated Joe Biden and that he refused to be tested prior to the debate as he and his team had agreed to do. Melania and Trump’s grown kids from his other baby mama’s also refused to be tested. It is unknown if any of his kids are infected or if Vice President Pence is infected, even though about thirty-five other people who were either at the rose garden event or who work in the White House are now infected.

But only Trump went to Walter Reed hospital and only he was the focus on the national deathwatch as the nation traded rumors about his health that spread as fast as one of his false tweets.

The first briefing by Walter Reed doctors was a disaster as they lied, deflected, and delayed, giving further credence to the widely known adage that whatever Trump touches he destroys.

In this case he destroyed the reputations of the doctors sent out to lie for him.

Imagine completing medical school and military duties, and then being assigned to the most prestigious American military hospital, only to see your reputation squandered in one thirty-minute briefing because you chose to lie to the nation and world.

Physician heal thyself, indeed.

Day two of saw him wheeled out in his wrinkly suit to wave to the cameras. Reports were that he was incredibly sick but worried about the stock market.

Because as humans have learned, there is money in the afterlife.

Then on day three the Not Very Fantabulous Emancipation of Donald Trump happened and he was set free to again roam across the land like Ichabod Crane holding his giant sickly pumpkin in his hand as experimental drug cocktails pushed through his Kentucky Fried Chicken filled arteries.

He was said to have told his handlers and medical staff that he was leaving no matter what they said or did because three days was enough.

He will also be leaving the White House no matter what as three years is enough for a nation and world sick of him and his family.

It took three days in one of the world’s finest medical facilities, with twenty-four hour care, fifteen doctors, and dozens of nurses and accouterments before Donald Trump was broken.

Three days.

Consider children and women at the border in cages with concrete floors, either no medical care or forced hysterectomies by unqualified doctors, canned food, and abusive guards, and they’ve been there for a 365 days or more.

And the Christian nation shrugs.

Donald Trump paid $750 in income tax as shown in three of the four years of his personal tax returns that have been released. The fact he could have free health care, dozens of doctors, get access to multiple experimental drugs, and have the same coverage at home when he left the hospital is no better proof how broken the American healthcare machine is.

You and I, dear taxpayer and user of company subsidized healthcare and/or Obamacare, will never have that level of coverage.

And in fact, Trump’s government lawyers are arguing in court right now to eliminate Obamacare while he’s wheezing through videos telling his followers about all the experimental drugs his team of doctors gave him that they will never qualify for.

And they’re waiting to vote for him just so he can harm others and eliminate their healthcare during a pandemic.

Finally, upon release Trump staged a scene straight out of the Dictator’s Handbook, 3rd edition, Penguin/Random House, page 25: “If you ever find yourself hospitalized, stage a resurrection so that you look even stronger to your followers and so you can strike fear in the hearts and minds of the opposition. As a bonus, if you can orchastrate the scene camera in front of historical monuments, you will be compared to the historical figures your country loves. Remember, show power, not weakness!”

Trump wheezed, huffed and puffed, and yanked his mask off for all the world to see, further proving that despite him saying he “Learned so much about Covid” he actually had not learned a thing. Just like when he was in college.

Then his prepared video saw him telling people “Do not be afraid of the virus, you have to dominate it.”

It was one of the most unhinged comments his chapped lips have ever uttered.

Trump never mentioned the 210,000 dead or 7M infected. His words delivered additional trauma and pain to families grieving the loss of family and friends as he cast them as weak, non-fighters, and suckers for having “given in” to the deadly virus.

And his fans cheered, including his “religious” “right to life” and “all lives matter” crowds.

The circus never really left town, it just paused to recharge and strategize on how to win or steal an election.

And true to form Trump’s first act – besides infecting more white house and military folk, was to stop negotiating with Democratic Senators and Nancy Pelosi on a second stimulus.

Trump is using tried and tired dictator and Putin tactics by attempting to harm the opposition party’s supporters so that those supporters pressure leaders to give into the demands of a lunatic, drug-addled president.

Nancy Pelosi will again refuse to acquiesce to the Trump’s inadequate demands.

His next act of fear posing as strength was reversing semi-human robot Mike Pence’s agreement to utilize a plexiglass barrier between himself and Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris for their debate later tonight.

Pence was at the same rose garden virus fest and Senator Harris and her team are rightly demanding distance and every necessary precaution be taken against Pence who has been so ineffective as the “Covid Czar”, literally everyone around him including his boss have now been infected, along with the aforementioned 7,000,000+ Americans.

And true to form for the weasel president, he made Pence back out of the agreement he had made the prior day with Team Kamala to have the plexiglass divider.

But of course Kamala and her team got their way and the plexiglass has been reinstated, even if it isn’t high enough and the two candidates remain too close according to all of Kamala’s online followers.

The debate will certainly be another shitshow from the republican side, but the ending effect will clearly show that Kamala, Biden, and Democratic voters are the solution and true medicine the country needs.

The country is within 30 days of ending the trump nightmare.

November 3rd can’t come soon enough and trump and his vile and now Covid-infected regime s of anti-Americans can’t leave town soon enough either.

Copyright 2020 by Myron J. Clifton. All Rights Reserved.


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