Hate Debate

Gentleman Joe Biden and hateful disgraceful Donald Trump met on stage in Ohio for the first of three debates.

The first debate lived down to expectations and made no one happy except racists, proud boys, white nationalists, and the Trump family – even Tiffany.

While Joe Biden represented decency, democracy, and the Democratic Party with professionalism, patience, and as many facts as he could share in his two-minute allotted time, Donald countered with yelling, interrupting, bluster, lies, more lies, and rambling unconnected sentences that showed off his deteriorating mental faculties.

Joe Biden was at a disadvantage in a setting that calls for comportment, intellectual honesty, and the kind of gentlemanly political discussion that all previous candidates somehow managed to deliver.

Moderator Chris Wallace and the debate organizers were given false guarantees by Trump’s handlers that he would “Abide by the rules.” Despite a life of documented cheating and a presidency marked by absolutely not abiding by the rules, Wallace and debate organizers fell for the old okie-dokie.

Trump trampled on their gentlemanly agreement as it were a contractor’s invoice.

Trying to debate an unrestrained narcissist is an impossible feat, even when said narcissist isn’t hyped on chemical substances as this writer believes Donald was.

Biden showed remarkable class, detailed policy knowledge, the ability to speak to issues on the fly and quickly change topics as needed. His skills and experience were on display and the audience noticed as the first round of post debate polls have him thoroughly trashing Donald.

Most polls have Joe Biden winning the debate with comments ranging from knowledgeable, patience, kind, and caring. All attributes sorely missing from the other side of the stage and aisle.

Most feedback about Donald’s performance range from “Unamerican to lack of empathy, nasty and mean, to my favorite – crackhead.

The only people happy with Donald’s debate are racists, white nationalists, and so-called proud boys – a group of entitled white men angry that they have to abide by rules, work for a living, and peacefully exist in a society with other races and genders.

Little Josh and Chad who a few years ago were getting trophies for correctly lacing up their soccer cleats are now a spinoff klan group with scragglier beards and portable game consoles to go along with their hatred for anyone not white and male.

Donald got their attention though and directly told them to “Stand back and stand by” when asked about accepting the results of the election. In a dogwhistle loud enough for Donald’s racist dead father to hear, the racist men heard him loud and clear – again – and celebrated hearing from their dear leader on national television. It was the first time they had heard from Trump in about forty hours, since he has white supremacy words of encouragement for them and other racists every other day.

Pundits are saying America lost because of Trump’s racist and clownish showing but they are wrong.

People who love America won because Biden reaffirmed that there are kind and empathic politicians who want to serve and not be served. Who can tear up when talking about a child who has fought drug dependency, and when talking about the real pain Americans who have lost loved ones to war and to Covid-19 feel.

America wins when we care for and about one another, and Joe Biden showed that it is a sign of virtue to openly share caring and concerning statements about each other. When Biden said, “When I win I will be the president for democrats and republicans.” his words rang true.

When Donald Trump spoke it was bitter vile and ugly pollution. He had nothing good, or happy, or empathetic to say about anything or anyone. Because he is a man devoid of humanity and one who is only concerned about himself and his oldest daughter.

The hatred flushed from Trump’s dry mouth will gather news stories and thinkpieces because the carnival barker is loud and generates clicks and circus customers.

But circuses end and the one-ring circus of racism and idiocy are soon leaving town – and taking the snake oil salesmen and his clowns and freaks with him.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are arriving soon and when they arrive they will bring honor back to the White House, decency back to the political discourse, and empathy back to a nation begging for its empathy-cup to be refilled.

There will be two more debates over the next two weeks and it is almost certain that the country will get more of Donald’s pollution to go along with Biden’s knowledge and kindness.

Biden will win the election and America – and Americans who love America – will win with and for him and millions of others like him. The big tent will again course-correct the country away from its worst, most racist and harmful instincts.

Donald and his supporters are hoping to scare, intimidate, and depress voters so that he again has enough room to cheat his way to victory.

Not this time and not ever again. Americans – Black women, Black men, white women, Indian-Americans, Jewish, and white men voters will show up and deliver a resounding defeat to hate and the Trump family.

Copyright 2020 by Myron J. Clifton. All Rights Reserved.

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