Racism Is More Powerful Than God

Slaves, be obedient to your human masters with fear and trembling, in sincerity of heart, as to Christ” -Ephesians 6:5-8

“Oh, God, you know I have no money, but you can make the people do for me, and you must make the people do for me. I will never give you peace until you do, God.” -Harriet Tubman

American racism is more powerful than God, more powerful than love, more powerful than science, and more powerful than all the churches in the nation.

Racism is more powerful than the American government, the American military, the Supreme Court, and every American President.

Americans are told the country was founded as a Christian nation, founded on a belief in God, and ordained by God to be a shining light on a hill. America, we are told, were forordained to rule the world by so-called “founding fathers” who joyfully owned Black people when they knew it was inhumane.

But their God supported enslaving people because… he always had. Their God believes in the institution of slavery and that as they say, is that.

Racism is more powerful than Jewish, Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Latter Day Saints, Islamic, evangelical, atheist, satanic, agnostic, and every other religion practiced in America.

Americans are told they are a modern day chosen people, following manifest destiny, and saving the world from hurt, harm, and evil. A people of goodwill who are beholden to God and the Constitution. Not to the laws they make, not to international borders, not to treaties, the United Nations, or any other nation’s sovereignty.

Racism is bigger than Democrats and Republicans, Independents and Greens, Communist and Socialist, and every other “ist” tossed around by Americans.

Racism is bigger than Black Lives Matter, the NAACP, your homeowners association, and PTA, University, and community colleges.

Racism is bigger than your hospital, your State, your therapist, your entanglements, and every movie, television, stage play, cable & network news, and every print and online magazine.

The fairytales Americans tells themselves and which are told to each of us is a lie.

A four-hundred year lie of historic proportions that is being repeated even as you read this blog.

Americans view the world and treat the world through the lens of racism and hold the other seven-billion people hostage to our number one export: racism.

Are Americans imperialists or conquerors?

Neither, we are told. Americans are liberators who are doing God’s will and saving nations from dictators and despots so they can be free… to live under American racism and American “religion” that loves a racist god who loves whiteness first and foremost.

Americans by the hundreds of millions consider themselves good Christians and God-fearing people. People who pray, forgive, love, and help a fellow man – and maybe a woman.

Americans are overwhelmingly self-proclaimed Christians who almost exclusively attend either a white-led church or a Black-led church.

Racism is more powerful than God.

The stark reality is that white and Black Americans, believers in the same God, readers of the same bible, and saved by the same savior, each Sunday attend a mostly all-white or all-Black church.

Racism rules your local church.

Whites attend to affirm that they, and only they, are equal to God and made in God’s image so that they are rightly in charge of ruling everyone else- it is God’s will, they believe.

Blacks attend to petition God for safety, deliverance (from whites), salvation, and a guarantee of a heaven where none of the world created and sustained by white racism exists in any form or fashion.

Black people are asking the God of racist white people to deliver them from racist white people.

And God continues to ignore Black people, extending his streak of ignoring our pleas for millennia.

Every Sunday racism defeats the white and Black versions of God, Yaweh, Allah, Jehova- whatever name or title Americans want to give who they believe is their creator.

Christian Americans will preach and teach forgiveness while two million Americans are in jail and prison – the vast majority for nonviolent offenses that I guess God doesn’t want forgiven. And most of those in prison are Black Christians in need of forgiveness from white Christians who will not forgive them.

White Christians refuse to live around Black Christians. Refuse to send their white children to schools with Black children. Refuse to support Black-owned businesses, and refuse to follow Black leaders.

The majority of white police officers are white Christians.

For profit prisons are owned by white Christians.

White Christians own the banks, the home loan companies, the corporations that underpay and/or will not hire/promote Black people, and they are the prosecutors who put Black Christians in jail and prison using maximum sentencing that other white Christtians.

White Christians vote every election to criminalize just about everything to do with Black Christian lives.

White Christians vote to give their police more money and authority. They place white Christian judges in place and those judges sentence Black Christians to longer sentences than white Christians for the same crimes.

All-white Christian juries have long decided the fates, live and death, of Black Christians.

White Christians made postcards and enjoyed picnics celebrating torturing and lynching Black Christians.

In many ways the civil rights and Black Lives Matter movements are movements of Black Christians asking – begging – white Christians to be treated fairly.

And white Christians answering back with brutality, death, and laws that negatively impact Black Christian lives.

When white and Black Christians begin going to church together on Sunday, then maybe they’ll occupy a type of moral ground whereas they can preach to everyone else about the uncommon love they say their savior and God has.

Because as it stands today, Racism is defeating the God of all of the Abrahamic religions with regularity and confidence.

God needs to apologize for slavery.

God needs to apologize for 401 years of slow tortuous genocide, for mutilations, and for generations of rape, baby stealing, and daily cruelty.

The God of Christian confederate and Christian nazi followers march triumphantly throughout American cities, with the support of law enforcement and tens of millions of white Christian Americans.

That God is a vile, evil, racist God who deserves no honor, no love, no followers, no respect, and no remembrances.

That God can rightly die in his own racist house, alone, forgotten, scorned. That God has reigned over Black lives far too long.

That is the God who is prayed to by White Christian racist cops who murder Black Christian women and men in the streets.

He is the God that deny Black Christians humanity, peace, healthcare, living wages, clean water, voting access, staffed and fully funded schools, and a peaceful coexistence with his white Christian followers.

America will never reach its potential following a racist God who allows white Christians to “master” over Black Christians.

And neither should it, when Americans prayers aren’t answered by their God, and Black Americans prayers aren’t answered by their God.

What good, then, is the God of American whites and Blacks if he isn’t answering any of their prayers?

Black people have prayed 401 years for deliverance to a God uninterested in listening to our prayers much less answering them.

American Christians, Jewish, and Muslim believers maintain a hope that their beliefs can save everyone if only everyone would do as they say their God instructs. They say that all our problems are due to the lack of belief in God and his perfect plans for mankind.

But there is zero proof that their God hears their prayers as a global pandemic harms Americans worse than any other nation; when more people are murdered by cops than any other nation, and when poverty, homelessness, lack of healthcare, are epidemics, when people in prison, people who are hungry, children abused, women raped and abused are so common as to be regularly ignored and forgotten.

American Christians blame nonbelievers for their lack of faith in a God who oversees genocide with regularity.

But it is not God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Jesus, or Allah who will save us.

I think this quote sums it up for me:

“All human issues are caused by humans.

You are given choices.

You are who you choose to be.

Choose differently.”

© 2020 By Myron J. Clifton. All Rights Reserved.


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4 Thoughts

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Religion is a front. It’s truly a joke that so many Christian’s hide behind this black curtain.

    And, to add another layer that I was just thinking of a few days ago as I watched a genealogical show going way back when they tell, yet again, of how women of ALL races have been raped, abused and taken advantage of. This has happened throughout ALL history. It makes me sick that MEN of ALL races (not all men are guilty of course) have been allowed to get away with this, still to this day. And let’s not forget the abused children.
    Honestly, this is even worse than racism! And honestly, IF a man gets caught, they don’t get nearly the consequences that they should. I believe they should be severe enough to STOP it from happening. Men should fear the consequence so bad that they won’t even try.

    What is wrong with this world? My opinion is any human being in any position of power that abuses it. I’m so tired of humans and their behaviors. It’s really exhausting and pathetic.

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