Coronavirus – The Conspiracies

America and much of the world is fighting off a pandemic that is devastating countries, states, communities, and families.

As the unfortunate epicenter of the pandemic the U.S. death total is about forty-thousand with another seven-hundred thousand infected. Many experts believe America’s results are under counted due to woeful testing that has seen only about one-percent of citizens tested.

The lack of testing is due to inept and corrupt government officials who refused testing help from the World Health Organization in favor of developing home-grown tests that two months later still do not exist in sufficient numbers.


With most blue state Americans still in mandatory social isolation and continued misinformation from government leaders, Americans eager to know the who what when and where about the origin of the virus are filling in the gaps with conspiracy theories.

Here is a sampling of some of the best and worst conspiracy theories I could find online.

I went down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories so you don’t have to.

The Worst – Aliens, One World Order, Eugenics, and 5G rollout

  1. Aliens long ago invaded the planet and are now implementing population control to make the coming alien takeover easier. Aliens have a specific population number they are working towards and that is why there are so many updates on number of people killed. As far as I could tell, the aliens are trying to kill a billion people.
  2. One World Order proponents see the virus as the natural outcome of their efforts to cull the population and making it easier for the one world government to rule the planet.
  3. Eugenics theories are in flux as the data on who is most likely to die continues to evolve. This theory is also country-specific and always focuses on the majority killing off the minority in every country’s own version of this theory.
  4. 5G promises near instant internet speeds but also it is being linked to the virus because the wavelength of 5G activates latent viruses we already carry in our bodies. This theory pops up with every new iteration of mobile technology.

5G-Virus Conspiracy Theory Fuels Mast Damage Amid U.K. Rollout

The Head Scratchers – Bill Gates, Vaccination Proponents, Anti-Christ Tracking

  1. Bill Gates and his Bill and Melinda Gates foundation have been setting the stages for population reduction and have been testing mass murder under the guise of helping underdeveloped countries by providing clean water that actually makes people more susceptible to viruses developed by big pharma.  Bill’s speeches that are wildly circulated online in which he warns of future pandemics are being used to claim Bill’s warnings were if fact not warnings but his plan.
  2. Vaccination Proponents created and purposely released to scare people enough to get the (non-existent) vaccination. Anti-vaccination believers also believe the (non-existent) vaccination will actually kill more people than the virus.
  3. Computer Tracking Chips. The U.S. government/Great Satan is preparing to insert tracking chips into each person when the eventual vaccination – which the U.S. government/great Satan already has – is given to each person (by force if necessary).


The Tried & True – Government Control, Population Control, U.S. Military, Dr. Sebi

  1. Government control theorists say the virus is a test run by the U.S. government to gauge the efficacy and ease of population control. The “stay at home” order is an attempt to reduce mass killings in the streets when the government, in the very near future, suspends all rights.
  2. Population growth folk say the world and U.S. simply have too many people and business and governments decided to simply kill off enough citizens so that they can hide the failing global economy that does not have enough jobs (or food, medicine, etc.) for people.
  3. U.S. Military created the virus and released it in China where it got out of control. Or, the U.S. military created the virus and it got out on accident from one of our nuclear-armed ships. This version also says the military that created and released the virus is also China, North Korea, Russia, Israel, and/or rogue spies.
  4. Dr. Sebi followers are spreading his theories about the juices, vitamins, stress, and latent viruses already in our bodies are the true cause. Dr. Sebi, who is deceased, seems to pop-up with each new societal health issue, especially on Facebook where conspiracy theories abound.


The November 2020 US Presidential Election

  1. November 2020 election theory to release the virus and force millions to not vote, securing the reelection of the incumbent. This theory alternatively says the virus was released to create an exploitable crisis that necessitates postponing or canceling 2020 elections.

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