America’s Abuser

America is in an abusive relationship with conservative men. In the era of #Metoo it is time for America to confront, finally, its own abuser.

America’s abuser courted America by putting on a face of an honest lover, a hard worker, and an attentive partner, only to be outed as a cheating, slaving-loving, violent, and dysfunctional brute.

America loved him though, so much so that even though he decided to leave and burn it all down on his way out, America begged him to stay.

We call it the “Civil War” instead of a failed attempt at divorce.  And it was ugly as divorces tend to be: court battles, money disputes (due to slavery) and, finally, all out war.


When America should have been saying “Goodbye,” it was instead pleading for the conservative abuser not to leave. No matter the violence conservative men delivered to America’s head (Capitol), heart (lands), or financial stability.

When conservative men decided to leave America, they wanted to take most of the money that enslaved people was producing and making, most of the land, and a significant portion of future earnings from the very government Feds and people (Black folk) it professed to hate.

America pleaded, begged and, ultimately decided to fight to keep her abuser. And America won!

At least that’s what America would lead her descendants to believe. In reality America lost even though it continues to convince itself and its citizens that it won and lived happily ever after.

But it’s all lies hidden beneath ugly and sustained abuse by conservative men. America, whose brutal payback started as soon as America forgave them, let them back in.

First conservative men demanded and received concessions that gave them continuing power over the Courts, Voting, land, commerce, jobs, gerrymandering, banking, government loans, farm loans, law-making and, perhaps most devastating: The Electoral College.

America allowed it to happen in a desperate hope for lasting reconciliation that was nothing more than the all too common broken promises of a desperate divorcee.



Conservative men were not satisfied with the gains they were given for trying to break away from America because Black people were merely trying to share in America’s success they created. Conservative men lashed out and carried out a hundred’s-year war of terror that only lasted so long because America continued to play nice and beg conservative men to “Do better.”

But this time America took precaution and showed it was starting to learn to not fully trust conservative men. America passed civil rights laws that were supposed to partially remedy the one-hundred years of terror conservative men had unleashed on Black America and it implemented rules and regulations that lightly prevented discrimination in historically discriminatory segments of society.

But as usual, America refused to go far enough for its true patriots and instead allowed conservative men to implement its newest atrocity on Black America: Segregation. And this time America aided and abetted conservative men by turning a blind eye and allowing the atrocity of segregation to last more than fifty years… and with vestiges still active even today though conservative men vehemently deny it.


America had a surprise though for her abusive suitor and elected a Black man to its highest office. But the honeymoon ended far too soon as conservative men worked day and night to disrupt the Black president and eight years later conservative men celebrated the election of their ideal man they’d longed for since they tried to leave and start their own country: A racist, misogynistic, lying, deplorable, illiterate, fool.

America had been warned for hundreds of years and failed to heed every warning, every sign, every admonishment by friends near and far: Unless you deal with the the historical and current carnage perpetrated by conservative men, you are headed for a fall.  

No warning and no admonishment mattered though because America never stopped loving conservative men even though they never loved America back. Even though conservative men celebrate the flag and monuments of their own country, even though their leader celebrates dictators and makes enemies of long-time allies, and even though their leader is a puppet of a foreign government – one that was once the sworn enemy of conservative men – none of it matters because conservative men have the savior they’ve always wanted: someone who hates America and Americans just as much as they do.


America is again at a crossroads and divorce is again on the table. What will America do this time? Allow the conservative abuser to lie his way back in or reject him forcefully and finally?

As of right now, no one can say if America will divorce and push conservative men to their rightful representational place in America that is no longer outsized vis a vis their percentage of the population. And with help from their leftist cousins, are dangerously positioned to retain their minority-hold on America… if America once agains allows its abuser to abuse it.

© 2020 by Myron J. Clifton and Dear Dean Publishing. All Rights Reserved. 

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