A Universal Wave

The Goddess and The Daughter were joyous. They had been busy illuminating stars ever so gently so that some shone brightly upon the diverse women men and who love the orb and so will help bring healing, gardens, and historic change for The Orb.

The Goddess and Daughter knew that loving change was deeply needed to protect The Orb and all of it’s universal magnificence.

Celebrate today. For The Goddess and The Daughter’s legend lives inside of you.


Keep The Universal Wave alive; keep your mind and heart open to all good things and get your copy of Her Legend Lives In You: The Untold Creation Story Honoring The Goddess And Our Daughters. 

“This story is a new mythology that captures the Divine Feminine and draws the reader into its sisterhood with magical creatures and utopian dreams. Both whimsical and darkly serious, this previously untold creation story, presented as a prose-poem, reveres the Mother as creator.”


Author Note: Over 100 women were elected to the United States House of Representatives. I did not create these images, I’m sharing from NowThis Politics on Twitter.

© 2018 Dear Dean Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

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