Goddess Mail – A Reader’s Poem

I am sharing with you today a special poem, sent in by a reader. Her poem was for a physics school assignment, yet inspired by reading my latest book “Her Legend Lives In You: The Untold Creation Story Honoring The Goddess And Our Daughters.” Please Enjoy!

The Physicist Tells a Bedtime Story

Written by Katherine T. (3.16.18)

His mom was an employee
At the esteemed LHC
At the tender age of eight
He had started to fixate
To wonder and to muse
On the myriad of views
The world seemed to give
For how and why he lived
From African to Greek
Mythology and Sikh
Beliefs and Vodou sects,
Wiccan, Zen, and LDS
All had different things to say
And they swirled in his brain
From Buddhism to Islam…
One night he asked his mom
To pleeease tell him a story
From his favorite repertory
As he wasn’t sleepy yet
As his mind was still beset
Though mom had a towering stack
Of papers in need of attack
(Theoretical physics it was)
She felt she had time to pause
She climbed into the bed
Kissed him on his forehead
And began.

“There used to be nothing
Long before you were born
When into the nothing
A something was formed
The something was not
Bigger than a jellybean
But more like a spot
Too small to be seen
Had you been there to see her
But you didn’t have shape yet
This universe either
And the something then set
Out to see what was out there
It was getting quite hot
And she wanted some fresh air
But you see there was not
Even air yet, or space
And the poor spot was feeling
Literally out of place
So she started careening
In three different directions
Three dimensions were stacked
And it was then her intention
To take a short nap
She curled up in a sphere
Then curled some more
And so it was here
Seven more dimensions were born
And all of this while
The whiles were adding
The spot in her sleep smiled
At the time she’d been having
Thus dimension number eleven
Stretched out through the ages
Defining forever, never to lessen…”

The physicist peered
At her child fast asleep now
She admired his three dimensional nose
She marveled for a minute
Was struck
By the luck of his existence
By the luck of existence



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