Meghan Markle: First of Her Name, Destroyer of Monarchies, Mother, Fighter, Deliverer of Joy, The Truth Bringer

Meghan Markle sat for an interview with Oprah and the world saw what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immoveable object.

The resulting explosion of energy rocked global television, owned the internet, trended across all social media platforms, and eviscerated the antiquated and lived-beyond its always dubious usefulness “British Monarchy” for all the world to see.

Former colonies the world over celebrated Meghan Markel following in the giant footsteps of her mother-in-law and knocking the shit out of her racist in-laws.

After enduring years of racism from William and Kate, Charles, and all those inbred cousins, Meghan sat down with the queen of televised interviews, Oprah, and shared her truth and the truth. She exposed the deviousness of the royal family, exposed how they work hand in hand with a complicit media, and showed the vast differences in how she, a Black woman, is covered versus her white peers.

Meghan Markel is a light-skinned mixed Black woman who inherited her grace, beauty, intelligence, and her power, from her mother who is also a Black woman.

All she got from her white father is light skin.

The royal family was never good enough for Meghan, yet she tried her best to fit in with them because that is what Black people the world over often do in order to make and keep peace in relationships, at work and, mostly, with the white families we join.

The struggle to join a white family, learn their traditions, meet their expectations, and fit in, are common challenges for all partners. Now add in blackness and the layers become numerous, as micro-aggressions, racist extended family, child rearing differences, and of course political conversations make the challenges much more complex.

Meghan did what she had to do in order to contribute to her family happiness. The effort she undertook was ignored and what was returned to her was hate, racism, pettiness, mean-girl bullshit by Kate and her team, and every day micro-aggressions by the near and extended family.

A lone Black woman was at war with what is left of the British empire and the war she waged was quiet, ignored, and played out in real time in the media who took the side of wealth, whiteness, and empire.

But Meghan Markel found her way and saw her light at the end of the tunnel: She simply Megex’d the hell out of there once and for all and never looked back. She kicked off the shackles the racist and corrupt family tried to bind her with, told her husband she was returning to America/Canada, and that the royal family could take their titles, their money, and their bullshit and shove it into all into the Thames.

Her husband Harry did what a husband should do in response to his wife telling him his family is toxic, racist, and unhealthy for her, their baby, and their relationship: He called Tyler Perry.

Despite being in the company of wealthy white people for his entire life, it was Tyler Perry, Black movie studio owner, actor, director, writer, who Meghan and Harry called for held. And true to Mr. Perry’s Blackness, he took them in, gave them and their baby security, and sat them down for a Madea Movie Marathon, like any good Black host would do.

Tyler Perry did what Black families do all the time: be there for our Black friends and family when they are rejected by their white in-laws. And like Black families the world over, Tyler Perry welcomed in Harry, no questions asked, and treated him as part of the family.

The niceness of Black families cannot go missed in this ugly situation. The grace to accept our white extended family even when the white side refuses to accept our loved ones, is something so beautiful about Black families it is a wonder it isn’t a television, book, or movie trope.

Don’t get it twisted, we will give our white relative hell – but it will be with laughter, seasoned food, brutally hard jokes, and lots and lots of love. We know what it means to be outcast, ignored, talked about, discarded, kicked-out, and mistreated. Black families understand.

Meghan Markel’s interview with Oprah has surpassed 50m views so far from around the world and Black Diaspora. Blackness the world over rode to Meghan’s defense and wrapped her in protection against the vitriol that is still being thrown at her by the white media, white celebrities, and white subjects of “the crown.”

It is long past time the British monarchy – all monarchies- are relegated to the dustbin of history where they belong.

Meghan Markel may be the ultimate catalyst who causes the destruction of a monarchy long reviled and hated by hundreds of countries and hundreds of millions of humans who have had to learn the history of their atrocities on our ancestors.

The end cannot come soon enough and the fact that it will come due to the power of a Black woman is a beautiful and historical comeuppance a long-time coming.

The ancestors are proud of Meghan.

© 2021 by Myron J. Clifton. All Rights Reserved.

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