U.S.A, Russia, and China: Who Will Win?

The world is at the mercy of three global superpowers with different forms of government, different military capabilities, different citizenry, and different approaches to destabilizing other States, failed and otherwise.

But while the superpowers work to put their knees on the neck of all other countries, each is fighting problems within its own borders led by minorities (USA), dissatisfied “electorate” (Russia), and resisters (China, via Hong Kong).

Hundreds of countries and billions of people are suffering due to the superpowers having something much less than superpowers when it comes to international relationships.

The U.S., China, and Russia exert their influence over other countries using different strategies and tactics with varying degrees of success. Likewise, each country’s International meddling destabilizes governments, destroy local economies, contribute to environmental destruction, and are key factors in market and consumer pricing manipulation.

Russia is facing protests from citizens who are sick of dictator Putin and his machinations. They are fed up with his addiction to poisoning journalists and opposition leaders or, failing that, getting healthy people to “jump” off the top of high-rise buildings.

Anti-Russian marches are also happening in Belarus, led by citizens fed up with Putin’s puppet leaders ruining their country and economy and causing financial instability.

Sound familiar?

China is facing backlash and protests in Hong Kong by citizens who are used to freedom but now are increasingly controlled by China’s stern hand which restricts movement and limits free speech.

In addition, protesters are facing police brutality, a weakened press, and lack of political leadership strong enough to confront mainland China.

China is also carrying out one of the most horrific religious minority genocides in recent memory as they place millions of muslim Uyghur’s in concentration camps, after having prosecuted the muslim minority for close to one-hundred years, with little to no international intervention.

Sounds familiar?

And of course, the “United” States is a mess at the highest levels of government with an incompetent president who so badly mismanaged a global pandemic resulting in the “World’s most advanced country” surpassing two-hundred thousand deaths and seven-million infected.

The U.S. is also, like China, holding minorities in concentration camps along the southern border and, if whistleblower facts are true, forcibly conducting hysterectomies on migrant women. And still more at the Southern border, children have disappeared, there are documented reports of rapes and assault, and it is brutally obvious America has returned to its love affair with eugenics, torture, and state-sanctioned murder.

It is not too late for the U.S. to change its course and move away from human rights violations but it is too late to undo the damage and trauma unleashed on tens of thousands of innocent children who will grow up with an opinion of the United States that will be decidedly different than yours.

The 2020 Presidential Election is less than 40 days away and voters have a second opportunity to reject the republican trump’s racist, xenophobic, homophobic, and anti-immigrant politics and actions, and their work with white nationalists to support and codify white supremacy.

But changing the course of the country away from three years of nonstop abuses by the president will take coordination, action, and the singular most powerful act: Voting.

The country is deep into campaigning and the electorate is being bombarded with campaign ads, Russian targeting of Black voters, Black male rappers such as Ice Cube, P-Diddy, Killer Mike and others, actively working to suppress Black voters, and China, Russia, and Iran hacking the candidates and their teams as they look to both influence voters and disrupt their rival’s democratic election.

The U.S. is being targeted the same way the U.S. has long targeted other countries elections as it sought to use its might to shape the world in its favor.

And now the chickens have come home to roost and the only guard against fascism and all that word means, are democratic voters.

In some areas where mostly Black voters live, lines will be long, ballots will be mislabeled and purposely misplaced, and there may even be armed white men attempting to intimate voters at the request of their racist president.

Nothing though should stop people who are fighting for the heart and soul of a country that long ago challenged itself to be great.

Protests, marching, letter-writing, voter registration, phone and text-banking, and influencing our circle of family and friends to vote for Biden-Harris are actions every person can and should take – and for those who can, giving to the campaign as well.

The Democratic Party must win the presidency and if they are to make lasting changes, then the Senate much flip as well. And the only way that happens is if democrats vote in record numbers across all demographics and in every downstream contest, in all counties and districts.

The roadmap to helping the country recover from its worse instincts is to vote in record-braking numbers so that the message is sent, received, and etched into the fabric of every member of society: We will not tolerate racists, fascists, white nationalists, or anti-Americanism from any elected official ever again.

Voters must send Trump and his cadre of racist white men – Bill Barr, Jared Kushner, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, ICE and HHS leaders, his judges, his staff, his campaign criminals, DeVos, and his criminal family packing and relegated to the criminal dustbin (or prison) of history where they belong.

And Trump supporters need to know that their wish for a minority ruled, racist fueled, and white nationalist curated country will never happen. But more, Trump supporters, like their Nazi forebears, must be so thoroughly beaten that they never forget the consequences of trying to establish a white-theoacracy led by a strongman wannabe dictator.

© 2020 by Myron J. Clifton. All rights reserved.

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