BLM-PD – The Beginning

State of the Union

In the near future the world hadn’t changed—

Many nations were at war, some diseases were eradicated while others spread due to growing disbelief in science that was spearheaded by middle class white Americans who traveled the world promoting anti-vaccination as the safest method to good health. There were international trade disputes, contested elections, new regimes moving countries forward, and old regimes surviving through brutality.

The United States was at its most unsettled since the Civil War, and at its most divided since the post-Civil Rights era. Dissatisfaction with the outcome of midterm elections some years ago, led to riots in twenty-three states—including all Southern states. White supremacists, upset that their candidates had been swept from office in a rebuke of the president and his party, left their insignias, Nazi signs, and damage and death in their wake. The president fanned the flames by claiming voter fraud to explain their historical losses and the supremacists were energized by his support. The day after those midterms, the president called a press conference to say that he was officially running for re-election on a platform of Making America Pure Again.

For the next two years heading into the presidential election, his supporters disrupted voter registration drives, intimidated campaign workers, and incited riots when police escorts were used by opposition candidates.  Neither the Democratic National Committee nor the New Progressives offered any serious counter message to the Republicans and the president, and instead pleaded with the electorate to “wait until the election to show your disapproval and make real and lasting change.”

The lack of national support and money for the Democratic candidate, combined with suppressed voter turnout, led to a landslide victory for the President. He easily won his core voters in overwhelming numbers and many white Democrats solidified his hold on the US federal government by aligning with his message of Make America Pure Again, which had quickly become synonymous with Make America White Again, or, put the white man back in charge.

(It was discovered in later interviews that white Democrats rationalized their vote for, and work with, him in order to “better understand the anger of the voters.” Also coming into play was their anxiety over losing their country’s “identity” (read, white, Christian identity) and, most telling, wanting to be on the “winning side” if the country went to war with itself again, i.e. a new Civil War.)

The scene of his inauguration was shocking in its thoroughness. Surrounding the president were generals of high rank and from every branch of the military; most of the Senate, and almost all of the Congress; thirty-six Republican governors; thousands of federal and state officials and law enforcement from the FBI, NSA, Homeland Security, ICE, CIA, and hundreds of police officers; and eight Supreme Court Justices, hundreds of federal judges, and 450 of 500 Fortune Executives, including one—Stephen C. Bronson—who, like others, was not only an industry leader (his specialty was information with a company called TechFive) but was also a key player in a top-secret, high-level organized movement to “protect white spaces.”

Flags festooned the red curtain that hung behind the group on the elevated platform, and many in the sea of white men, the medals of uniforms glinting bright in the high sun, carried flags representing key white-majority states. The White House lawn never looked more militaristic.

It was a jarring scene that had been orchestrated as a show of force: A strongman leader with his power base before a national and global audience. He was supported by millions of white supremacist citizens who proudly called themselves City Soldiers, and they had millions of their own supporters.

At his inauguration, the two-term president’s speech shocked the nation and the world:

“White Americans. For too long you have been made to feel ashamed of your
heritage! You and your ancestors built this country! There were people here who were savages and had nothing! They created nothing! They’re gone —well now I hear they’re in California—hah! —and good riddance!

Some like to say we had help building this great US! Well, they lie! They all LIE! The slaves didn’t help—they were a burden! A BURDEN! And the slaves, who otherwise would still be in the poorest place in the world if we didn’t bring ‘em here, the blacks (laughter) are STILL A BURDEN! And the gays! The feminazis! The fake transsexuals who, by the way, don’t exist!

Well, NO MORE, I tell ya! NO MORE! White men built this great nation, and white men will reign supreme here again!”

Thunderous applause rose from the crowd, and those who were there said they felt the power and hatred surge like a tsunami which had been sucked back and back and held and finally allowed to rush forth. Those who watched from home said they wept, or vomited, smashed the surface of their television screens, or just stared gape-mouthed, unbelieving.

“For too long we have taken care of the blacks, the Mexicans, those immigrants,
the gangbangers, drug addicts, criminals and thugs while they unjustly accuse us of
mistreating them–they rape our women and steal our jobs! NO MORE! NO MORE! NO MORE!”

Once again, cheers and chants spat from the white mob—from the snarling politicians and the gap-toothed coal-miners, from the blue-suited and red tied businessmen to the greasy ball capped roughnecks on the White House lawn. The video cameras spun from one side of the crowd to the other, lingering from time to time on a rapt face.

“We are a NEW and BETTER COUNTRY now that whites are back in charge of
everything! We are at the top because we built this country and we will not allow the blacks or Mexicans to take over!”

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What People Are Saying About BLM-PD…


This book is brilliant!

I started reading your book a few days ago. Honestly, this beginning was chilling. We absolutely are sunk if he gets a second term.

This book is a ‘wunnerful’ book about ornery heifers like us banding together to avenge the fallen and end the reign of terror, and it is BRILLIANT!

I just went and bought it. The first five lines…holy crap. It isn’t the future, we’re there.

Loved this book! Thought provoking and unique… can’t wait for the sequel!

Loved all the strong women characters…Just like real life!

OverProject 134

© 2020 by Myron J. Clifton. All Rights Reserved. 

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