Four Girls of the Apocalypse – The End

The Louvre, Paris, France

Meeting of 1,000 world leaders, Military and Intelligence experts, G-30, U.N. Assembly, East, South, and West African Trade Alliances, Regional Trade Groups of the Americas, South Pacific Alliance, Asian and East Asian Trade Group, Russian Trade Authority, Nordic Trade Partners, Baltic Group and more than twenty other trade, investment, Intelligence, and an agreed upon number of high ranking military leaders from the world’s largest militaries and select and State media representatives.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome. I’ll not try to mention all the honorifics to such a distinguished and historical gathering as we have today.”

The was a polite applause as translators filtered the opening statement to the massive assembly of anxious and agitated world leaders.


“As many of you know I was asked to facilitate this weekend’s session after an agreement by, well, by you all. I want to thank all the world leaders for agreeing to bring us all together for an occasion none of us has ever seen and fully unlike any the world has witnessed.

I am Maxine Weller. Former head of the U.N., former Prime Minister of South Africa, Fellow at Cambridge, Nobel Laureate and other titles that don’t matter much to you nor that is warranted for the unprecedented situation that brings us together.

Now, let’s get down to business, shall we? Behind me and on your individual monitors are four live scenes from Myanmar, Guatemala, Australia, and Kenya. The feed is live with minimal delays.

The large screen showed four scenes of massive numbers of people celebrating while alternatively surrounding and spreading out from a fixed point. Everyone assumed that was where one of the girls was, but the video was too far away to see a child in such a mass of people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and in colorful clothing. There were millions of people in all and billions watching on televisions, tablets, and computers all over the world.

“Just a moment. We are zooming in.” Maxine said aloud before being asked.

A few moments later each of the pictures began zooming, blurring, focusing, zooming, blurring, focusing, until motion stopped and each rested on the face and body of a small girl. Each matched the description they had been provided:

A girl age 12-14, small frames, with a sense of self and confidence. Each stood still while alternatively waving and switching back and forth between left and right hands.

The group had begun gathering as soon as satellite images began circulating on newscasts around the world showing massive crowds gathering around young girls in different parts of the world. War, rebellion, cult, religious, and other analysts and experts provided little help or context. At the urging of the U.N. the emergency meeting was called.

The video settled on the girls and then paused. The room brightened slightly and then a different person was center on the dais.

View into quad

“I have a theory.” It was Dr. Monique Lerner, Ph.D from Stanford and expert in ancient cultures that survived to modernity. Dr. Lerner was forty-seven, authored several little-read books on ancient cultures, and lived in a small apartment in Northern California with her two cats and two dogs. She had no children and traveled the world six months each year furthering her studies by living with civilizations that other scholars defined as “ancient”.

“Please, go ahead.” Maxine Weller, former head of the U.N., former Prime Minister of Ghana, Fellow at Cambridge, Nobel Laureate and the only person the world’s superpowers could agree on to facilitate the unprecedented gathering.

“What we are seeing is natural and not at all unusual. In fact, it has happened many times throughout history.”

“What do you mean, Dr?” Maxine prompted her while channeling what everyone wanted to know and ask.

“Simply that every religious movement, including those that are represented here.” She waved her outstretched hand toward the audience that was full of members of the world’s largest and oldest religions. “Has at its origin movements of the type that we are seeing now. What is unusual is that we are seeing multiple at the same time – and in different parts of the world. While I cannot speak on that particular… outlier, the rest is very fundamental to how new religions are and have been historically launched.

“There is nothing fundamental about massive uprisings. Ever. And these are with, or appear to be with, young girls at the lead.” The male voice from the center of the dais was from a member of the Chinese delegation.

The audience murmured and there was conversations and sidebars for a few moments before Maxine quieted everyone and turned the attention back to Dr. Lerner.

“Yes, you are partially correct when you think of the current world’s largest religions that reflect men at the heart and start of movements; men as saviors, men as gods. These movements, all of them, are modern by current civilization standards. Roughly eight-to-twelve thousand years which is a long time but again, only by modern accounting.

I would argue that movements – there were not called religious movements at the time, so our modern words and languages are an approximation – were not only common across civilizations around the world, but they were almost exclusively centered around birth and fertility and thus were woman and girl centered. Those movements, which would spur their own goddesses, were common for two-hundred thousand years, or the very birthplace, no pun intended, of modern humans. Another way to look at this situation is a return to normal in the sense that male-centered religions and gods are only represented for ten-thousand out of the over two-hundred thousand years of religious worship.


What we see as universal should be thought of as anomaly. These girls are a more accurate reflection of human religious movements than any of the religions popular throughout the world today and that are represented in this room.”

The pushback was immediate and loud as the audience – many who did not actively participate in religious services but who were either raised religious or answered to religious constituents, angrily defended their religions while blasting the heresy and “feminist agenda” as members from the States called Dr. Lerner’s speech.

Dr. Lerner was unbothered and after Maxine regained control of the room she continued.

“So, you see these young girls of perhaps twelve to sixteen – are in fact more common historically than Jesus, Buddha, Muhammed, and all the rest. You can even find evidence in each of those male-centered movements, of more ancient female centered movements upon which they were based. I would direct you, should we have time, to deeper stories of Eve, Mary, and all the female goddesses you all know as mythology, but which far outnumber the male gods. This is not a forum to discuss the patriarchy, but it informs my talk and is borne out by many colleague’s research as well as my own. We have forgotten and dismissed our own collective history. I believe what we are seeing is… natural, normal, and not at all dangerous unless we make it so.”


The noise of the crowd was immediate and louder and more disruptive than the first outburst. The overwhelming consensus was disbelief, anger, and swift dismissal of Dr. Lerner’s worlds with multiple nation’s demanding that she be removed from the meeting and building. There were death threats and threats of sanctions.

“Please. Please everyone. Please! We must continue. We must explore all possibilities.”  Maxine implored the audience to settle down, and she ignored Dr. Lerner being led off the stage by U.N. Security.

A moment later, Maxine heard a single shot just to her left off stage. As she turned in the direction the sound Maxine saw two U.N. security men dragging Dr. Lerner’s body away.

Just then the video started again, and the lights dimmed. Everyone’s attention shifted from the sound of the gunshot to the movements on their screens.

Dr. Lerner was already forgotten.

The girls were still waving at supporters. But what everyone was seeing seemed to be a trick or some type of video editing because the girls were waving in unison, turning this way and that, switching between right and left hand, and even their smiles were the same.

Complaints sounded from the gallery: “Fake! This cannot be real!” “Who is controlling the video?!” “Outrageous!”

“Quiet down!” It was Maxine.

“I assure you these are live videos. They are not being manipulated. And many of us have people on the ground and….” Maxine’s voice trailed off hundreds of members of the audience were standing and pointing at the large screen behind her.

The large screen was divided into four panels.

Nilsa, Lowanna, Msichana, and Chewa were waving in unison and just as suddenly each stopped and looked directly toward the camera. Each girl stopped smiling and their arms now rested at their sides.

The room quieted and breathing slowed as everyone waited for something.

“I am glad you are watching. I have long known you were following me and watching me from near and far.” The girls were speaking in unison. The crowds around each girl remained festive and undisturbed by what their own local girl was doing.

“They don’t notice. How… ” Maxine said above a hush.

“You have known about me for months and yet you chose to ignore me and send spies and snipers to kill me while I traveled and while I stood here. And again once you heard me speak today. You feared me more than you cared for my people.”


“Kill her! Shoot her now! “Fire!” Take her out!” the cries came from presidents, generals, snipers, warlords, prime ministers, and those who were in charge where the girls were.

Maxine and the assembled world leaders heard the orders.

“Wait! Wait! Do not shoot! Stand down! Stand down!” Maxine was screaming into her microphone.

It was too late. In each of the countries the men, soldiers, mercenaries, snipers, and drone operators acted on command as they were trained to do.

There was instantaneous firing of hundreds of guns, rifles, machine-guns, and various other type of legal and illegal military style weapons. There were a few hand grenades thrown and even missiles from drones all directed at a young girl who stood among crowds of hundreds of thousands of civilians.

The sound in the assembly was nauseatingly loud and caused more than a few of the attendees to cover their ears with their hands, while others covered their mouths.

The firing and explosions lasted for far too long for the girls – or anyone in proximity – to survive. The minutes and furious firing went on and no one in the room feared the death toll from an attack with so many civilians in close proximity to the girls because the girls represented an upheaval to the natural order of world powers as agreed upon by those in the room.

“They were just little girls.” Maxine whispered as the firing finally ended.

The room was silent as the smoke seemed to linger for far too long.

Then ever so slowly the smoke started to thin. The smoke colors began to turn from black, to grey and, finally, to white.

The room of world leaders remained silent.

Then the four screen cleared at the same time.

Through the clearing smoke, in different parts of the world and with humans of different races and nationalities all facing certain death…

There stood Nilsa, Lowanna, Msichana, and Chewa unharmed.

And the crowds were unharmed and continued celebrating the girls

The girls were still looking toward the camera while the smoke cleared. Faces unflappable with slightly furrowed brows.

Nothing about the girls had changed since before the assault started. It was an impossible scene to world leaders but also and especially to military leaders who trusted their weapons to solve any and all conflicts, disturbances, and wars.

The girls standing unconcerned and unbothered caused all those who placed their confidence in the weapons of men immediate fear upon the realization that the four girls were  impossibly immune to their weapons of war.

The girls continued talking in unison to the unseen cameras while the celebrations around each girl were more festive than ever.

“You will not attack me again. I have shown you the inefficacy of your weapons and your way of addressing your fears. Your weapons will no longer hurt innocent people, either in war or person to person.

Now I will speak to you and everyone.

The girls raised their hands and the celebrations began to quiet as the people turned to their girl.

Still looking at the cameras the girls said:

“You have tried to prevent my family from knowing about me, to know I am here for them and not just for you to sit in France trying to decide the best way to kill me.

Now though I am sharing today with everyone all over the world. You are no longer world leaders. I am. And I will ask others to lead with me. Others who are now outcasts, in prison or concentration camps, or indentured servants, sex workers, or slaves.

The least of you will now be in charge, representing us, and focused on creating a better world for everyone, not just a select few.

This is the time foretold by all religions, both new and old, forgotten and ignored.

Original words that have been twisted and changed through millenia to serve a purpose that is not and was never ours but used to subjugate and harm people. To mistreat. To injure and to kill.

That age and those beliefs are ended today and forever.

The time of a new age is here, and it will last for thousands of years.”

The crowds near each girl erupted in cheers and thanksgiving. Music, horns, and mostly voices of wonder and celebration as hugs and kisses, tears and laughter became the sounds most etched into everyone’s memory.

No one knew how the girls would accomplish what each boldly claimed as new truth and reality.

But the words resonated around the world and so the celebrations were spreading around the world as people watched the events just as the world leaders did and it dawned on everyone that somehow nothing would ever be the same.

“Now go. I want you to share this news to those who have yet to hear or see. You will find your water clean, farms robust, air pure, and sickness eliminated. All weapons are forever inoperable.

I am who you have been waiting for and now is a new age. I am the foretold. The first and last. I am in every country, city, village, and town the world over. Look for me. I am there. I am thirteen and my name will be familiar to you and you will know me because I already know you and now your eyes are open.”


The celebrations lasted for years as the realization of the new age dawned and after men tested whether their weapons had indeed stopped functioning (they had).

The four girls of the apocalypse were everywhere at once, as they’d said they would be.

And the people found them, spoke to them and fellowshipped with them in cities, in the country, forests, deserts, homes, and in parks and on beaches.

There were few events in world history that gathered the attention of everyone at once. There were large scale sporting events from earlier in the century such as The Olympics that came closest but, on this day, in the year 2264, humanity reached its final evolutionary position and its final religious understanding. 

© 2019 by Myron J. Clifton and Dear Dean Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

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