Goddess Illumination: “The Elf Queen”

Goddess Illumination: The Elf Queen


From the secret companion guide to the book, Her Legend Lives In You: The Untold Creation Story Honoring The Goddess And Our Daughters.

As discovered by Myron J. Clifton


The Elf Queen loves the Daughter and is in love with The Goddess. It is not known how old she is, but stories of her, though limited, show that she knew the Daughter when the Daughter was very young, which indicates that she is very ancient herself. No stories tell of her birth per se, but there is one brief passage in an ancient text that mention, in a contested translation, she “came into being from the original Goddess garden”. Some scholars say “Came into being” should be translated as “Grown in the Goddess Garden.” More study is needed. She is the Orb-wide leader of all the Elves and loves them as much as she does the Goddess and Daughter, and will fight to protect her loves, and all that they love.


Discovering who she is has been extremely difficult as the records are nonexistent and the few societies who even acknowledge her provide very little information and almost no descriptions. What was found was laboriously pieced together so that we have a better idea of who the Elf Queen is.


I should also say that recent but as yet unreleased discoveries show that her story continues after the events told in the book and I hope to explore those in the near future. We believe she is tall, with thick hair that may resemble a modern version of what is called dreadlocks.


The Elf Queen watches events on the Orb closely but only intervenes when she feels it is absolutely necessary, or when the Goddess asks, which she rarely does. It is also assumed she would lay down her life for the Daughter. The Elf Queen will provide guidance when the Daughter asks and when she doesn’t. She prefers to live in the forests and away from humans. The Daughter always knows where she can find her though and will go to her for advice or when she just needs to be away from her Mother or spend time in her magical forests.


The Elf Queen’s great personal pleasure is listening to trees and laughing at the stories they tell. The stories take decades and sometimes appear to meander but the payoff is always worth it. She particularly loves the Tree stories that involve the adventures of their roots as they explore the Orb and which are not for the faint of heart.

The Elf Queen Has Fondness for:

  • Woodland animals, creatures, and magical beings
  • Berries (especially rainbow berries that she developed as a treat for the Daughter)
  • Hidden gardens where the fairies come to play
  • Providing shelter and rest for weary travelers who, after sleeping, will not remember her at all
  • Flattened wood-fired bread with garden vegetables and pineapple generously layered on top
  • The forest before the Goddess rain and after the Daughter’s rain.
  • Her special vineyard that produces the best fruit that makes the best drink for late evenings and special times with the Goddess
  • Looking forward to a long, extra, very long vacation with the Goddess



Copyright 2018-2019 by Myron J. Clifton, Dear Dean Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

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