Coffee Tales, Chapter 15: Desiree

Coffee Tales, Chapter 15: “Desiree”

Written by Myron J. Clifton

Desiree likes an Americano with a shot of sugar free vanilla and a splash of heavy cream.

I tried Desiree’s drink recently and here is my review.

This is a very smooth drink that is both light and full of life. The splash of heavy cream makes this a fun drink. Who doesn’t smile upon saying “splash of heavy cream” out loud. Try it.


Next, throw in some vanilla and one is left with a feeling of fun (splash of heavy cream) and feeling good with an inner sense of renewed positivity and resilience.


Having fun and feeling good are some of life’s most wonderful gifts, along with friendship. And as it turns out, heavy cream and vanilla are good friends who travel well together, too!

Like my travels with Desiree.

I drink this drink in the spirit of travel and time well spent with Desiree in San Francisco, Sacramento, Iowa, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Delaware, and Mendocino.


Yes, this drink is an enticing combination of flavors which, when enjoined with the classic Americano coffee style, helps one feel energized, happy and a bit giddy by the third sip.

By the fifth sip, one starts to believe in themselves just a little more; as one’s confidence begins moving in positive directions with the delightful flavor of vanilla tagging along to keep things joyful and light.

I felt good drinking this drink and thinking of Dez because she is fun, like a splash of heavy cream, and she improves the lives of those around her, like the beautiful aroma and flavor vanilla does to all it encounters.

And just like the Americano style coffee, Desiree is bold and confident, not overpowering, just serious enough and gentle enough to guide your energy down a better path.

A good path.

A good path with a good friend in many places and in travels of learning, fun, and even work.

I will drink Desiree’s drink when I’m traveling or even when I’m thinking of traveling because a good friend to travel, explore, and to seek out the nooks and crannies of a great nation with is always a bit more fun and interesting, especially when that friend also loves a good hot cup of fun coffee.

That friend is Desiree. This then is Desiree’s drink. Cheers! 


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