Coffee Tales, Chapter 14: Stacey

Coffee Tales, Chapter 14: Stacey

By Myron J. Clifton

Stacey likes a Venti drip with two pumps of vanilla, cream, and light ice. I tried Stacey’s drink recently, here is my review.

This is a drink that is in the present. The now. A moment. A playful moment of need fulfilled and urges granted. It is a drink of culmination. The culmination of a thought, a decision, an action and, finally, an accomplishment.

To drink this particular drink one must simply know.

Know what, though?

Of all the great, wonderful and beautiful things there are to know, there is nothing better, perhaps, than knowing oneself.

This is the drink of someone who knows herself.

Like Stacey.

To drink this drink and know Stacey is to chuckle at the subtle humor in the “Venti” of this drink. It’s too easy although necessary and fun to who she is.


It is a simple yet sophisticated drink of the culmination to that moment that must be faced with a direct path of truth that is bilateral in its application of good/bad/indifferent.

Like Stacey, who shares her truth as a means to inform, challenge, and heal the speaker and the listener. Fully knowing her power and, as a result of the drip of time, now knowing how to temper her power, like the light ice of this drink and how it tempers the heat, caresses the vanilla, and sings its appreciation to the cream.

This drink has a long name and two different types of beans – coffee, of course and, vanilla. One could call this drink, “Long Bean.” Yes.


When the ingredients come together – coffee, vanilla, cream, ice – four unique elements blended into a delightful drink that is in its essence a family of four enjoying all of life together as blended families will do.


When I next drink this drink, I will think of and be happy at the directness it shares, the humor that is present, and the simple yet sophisticated life of one who knows, accepts, and shares the power of who she is with those within her playful circle.

This then is Stacey’s drink.

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