Coffee Tales, Chapter 12: Karen

Coffee Tales, Chapter 12: “Karen”

By Myron J. Clifton

Karen likes Grande Iced Non-Fat 2 Pump White Mocha (skinny). I tried Karen’s drink recently, here is my review.

This drink gets to the heart of things. And this drink makes one ponder long after the first few sips. It is a drink of sleuthing and discovery of hidden facts and emotions which lead to an understanding. Yes, this drink helps one understand those things referred to as “common sense,” but which are in fact, uncommon.

Like Karen.

The first few sips are exciting and beget warm smiles as the cool drink tempers any internal residual heat from life. And then, as it is cooling one’s insides, the sweetness follows-up and puts an exclamation point on what the cool coffee just settled. But the drink still has more to offer that is not always immediately apparent, as one is still celebrating the quieting and calming of the heat.


So this is a coffee drink that may be underestimated, but should not be, because the best part of it and its true strength will soon surface. That true strength that seems to be hidden while also being a secondary strength? It’s the underlying sweetness that more than compliments the coffee. And upon thoughtful reflection one recognizes that the sweetness was the strength after all; it is happily content to allow the more forward coffee take the lead because it is confident in what it is and what is can do.

Like Karen.


And it is this sweet confidence that makes this drink a great stress reducer. It does not pretend or try to be…different. It simply tries its best to be who and what it is: A cool coffee drink that shares energy, receives and reduces stress, and sweetly satisfies one’s known and unknown questions about self, love, friendship, life, and familia.

I enjoyed this cup of coffee in the middle of the day as I pondered and sought clarity. This drink facilitated forward movement of thought and emotions that then cleared the way for simple epiphanies in the moment. Or moments.

Like afternoon conversations with Karen.

I will enjoy Karen’s coffee drink again because there will always be times of confusion and this drink helps clear the fog and make plain, or common, those things that appear difficult, which are really just in need of a different perspective, different words, different viewpoint and, mostly, a certain directness that cannot hide its comfort in its own sweetness.

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