Coffee Tales, Chapter 11: Dawn

Coffee Tales, Chapter 11: Dawn

By Myron J. Clifton

Dawn likes a Grande Latte with Coconut Milk and an extra shot.

I tried Dawn’s drink recently and here is my review.

This is a drink of a time traveler. A drink that is comfortable in the past, and right now, and one that will move through time. But not any type of movement through time; a movement that gradually undulates with life’s challenges; that ebbs and flows, fully taking in the literal ups and downs presented to a traveler who is content, and happy, and stressed, and scared, and brave and, most of all, determined to greet the waves of time with a confident and welcoming smile.

Like Dawn.


This is a flavorful drink packed with life and bursting with energy-charged sweetness from an extra shot that pushes one forward. The movement of the drink then, like life, allows one to reflect and look back while simultaneously moving forward.


When the welcoming the flavors of the ancient coconut greets one’s body and passes on more than just its flavors, one instantly feels camaraderie with life and its positive-conflict companion, time.

The coconut delivers its history of travel, perhaps upon ocean waves at first, and then much later as explorers from all over the world learned that cultures that were unrelated and thousands of miles apart called this miracle food by similar names: In Sanskrit it was called “kalpa vriksha” “the tree which provides all the necessities of life.” In the Malay language, it is “Pokok seribu guna” “the tree of a thousand uses.” And in the Philippines, the coconut is commonly called the “tree of life.” 

Such is the historical respect afforded a simple yet sturdy fruit. And seed. And nut. You see a coconut is all three things at once, mirroring human life in so many ways.

The drink makes one feel better and think better. It makes one remember a past that was cold and where tough, sturdy people learned to thrive and build, and create, and solve life’s challenges by addressing those challenges head on. Those people left a cold European land and traveled to a new land that was also.. cold.


A place where the winters were frosted with freezing air pushed to a land now known as Cleveland, but at the time was the land of the Seneca Natives. The Seneca helped the settlers survive harsh winters, and they shared food, clothing, and survival techniques during those first encounters. They found kinship in the struggle to survive and in finding a warm place to rest, recharge, and refocus on moving forward out of cold and into a warmer future.

To plant seeds, tend the land, harvest the fruit and vegetables and survive and thrive.

Like time with Dawn.


I will enjoy Dawn’s drink again as I travel through time and need to stay focused on moving forward – from seed onward; and while appreciating the past that is slowly receding in the distance, but that left its scars and lessons on top of the waves of time so that while the scars remain visible they also are moving away, slowly, inexorably, and safely to a new land and new time of possibilities.

This then is Dawn’s drink.

Copyright 2018, Dear Dean publishing. All Rights Reserved.

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