Coffee Tales, Chapter 10: Kali

Coffee Tale, Chapter 10: “Kali”

By Myron J. Clifton

Kali drinks a Grande London Fog Latte – Sweetened Earl Grey Tea with steamed milk and vanilla.

I tried Kali’s drink recently, here is my review.

This is a drink of stasis. A drink to be at one, in a moment, with oneself and one’s place in the world. A drink that will position itself within and aside one who is engaged in contemplation of life’s challenges as a way of understanding one’s self.

This then is a drink of fulfillment and of moments when time is witness to the never-ending handshake between waves and land; wet and dry; movement and…stasis.


A drink to enjoy, while its fullness covers one’s inside with generous representation of Mother Nature’s elements that all blend to remind the drinker that there can be many parts that are seemingly unaffiliated but work in harmony. The work together to welcome the waves, welcome the fog, and welcome the moment needed to accept each wave as a gift worth understanding.

And the fog, as a friend to consider.

Like Kali.


The drink carries with it…variety and diverse textures; contradictory elements that challenge and cajole one another with a familiar ease that always leads to a strong embrace. And with that eventual and welcome embrace comes acceptance of the contradictory sweetened Earl Grey, the consistency of the seemingly all-encompassing vanilla and finally, and perhaps perfectly, the steamed milk spreading waves as fully as ocean waves and froth lap the shores of a tiny Cove hidden from sight way up the Northern California coast.


This place, Shelter Cove, as it is known, was first occupied by the Sinkyone indigenous people – who perhaps originated in Alaska or Canada. The Sinkyone lived with Nature to survive all over the great North before making their way to this tiny place on the North Coast.

Something that stands out about the Sinkyone way of life is they lived based on what is called a “Matrilineality” system. That is, all inheritances, children, names, property and so forth were based on the Mother’s family. Most societies base lineage on the Male lineage, but this group recognized the importance of one’s Mother’s history, her people, her place in the world, and so they survived and thrived for thousands of years happily content to base their lives and future on the Mother Earth with the Mother’s history and all her daughters. The people valued matriarchs.

Like Kali.

This is a drink one can enjoy while looking out from Shelter Cove along the lost coast way up North. One can look out to the ocean and feel the waves kiss the land. Or hear the waves through the fog. See into and through the fog to the infinite horizon where the land never reappears.



This is a drink that will embrace the confusion of time that misunderstands the necessity of fog and turns away from the sea which is as it always has been and will always be. To embrace the moment away from the sun and take the time to listen, hear, feel, and know that within this moment there is good.

There is life in the water and the fog is a place to rest before the journey begins anew. This resting place, this stasis, presents a time to contemplate – and then – continue the journey and leave behind the dewdrops of our thoughts so that others may learn from our journey.


I will enjoy this drink when there is a need to commune and be part of the elements and the power they hold on the person, the spirit, and the mind. I will seek this drink, like Kali, when my mind requires complex flavors that flow from the ocean in waves of hope bringing fog that forces one to focus inward to that which is close – the water, the land, and the line of women from whom we all came.

I will drink it because this is a drink that helps to block out those unimportant parts of life that may shine brightly but may also blind us from enjoying the fog which holds our own truths of personal self-love.

This then is Kali’s drink.


Copyright 2018, Dear Dean Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

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