Coffee Tales, Chapter 9: Ana

Coffee Tales, Chapter 9: “Ana”

By Myron J. Clifton

Ana drinks a Venti Green Peach Lemonade Iced Tea. I tried Ana’s drink recently, here is my review.

This drink is liquid excitement. A drink that pulls, not pushes. It is a drink that cheers one on. And it is a drink one selects when one requires something to drink for a journey that will be fun and exciting, maybe with a few sharp encounters, and possibly even to an unknown destination.


This drink is of course refreshing and tart. And sweet with peach flavors that introduce a certain whimsy that makes one immediately feel good and maybe even laugh. The drink then is a youthful drink of exuberance that matches the power of coffee through force of will and flavor. And Tea. And Lemonade.

C6E6C9FA-F5C7-4038-8566-5EB852947FF1The drink is tart because of the lemon and sweet because of the peach and so there is a certain dance of opposites that complement one another in rolling laughter.  Like Ana.

The peach taste and flavor are the strongest, though, and that makes the drink a historical holdover since enjoyment of peaches is possibly 10,000 years old, where a province in China first enjoyed this wonderful fruit. Peaches made their way to Persia (Iran), then Alexander the Great brought them to Europe where they eventually made their way to Spain.


The Spanish then brought peaches to the Americas, including to Central America, and to a Mayan civilization that was most prominent of all the people living, in what is now called Honduras.

The people in a Capital city called “Tegucigalpa,” which may mean “In the homes of sharp stones” or “hills of silver,” and the people of a city not far away called “Minas de Ora” or “Gold mines” survived the Spanish conquest and continued striving for unity for a people who lived in this land for thousands of years.


Two cities, one named for gold and one named for silver, like a drink that is both tart and sweet with peaches. A drink that blends two tastes, two minerals, and perhaps two people, into one union of equals despite differences of origin, upbringing, taste, and flavor, and which is ultimately a drink greater than its ingredients.

Like Ana.


But there’s something else present in this drink, isn’t there? Yes, there is the boldness of the tea which, when taken with the tart and sweetness pulls one to attention; to the present moment that is important and presents its vision for the journey.  The journey will have moments of joy, and glee and laughter, of course, and it will have sharp edges, troubles, and maybe times of difficulty that usually happen when one is looking for gold or silver – or those bright and shiny things that get the most attention. This is the “homes of sharp stones” foretold by the land that brought forth a daughter from a people who lived, then survived, then started over, and who now see a better land and a journey that has a clear purpose for life and happiness, and fulfillment and…family.

I will drink this drink prior to my next journey when I need to reflect on where I am going and why I am going; and to ask myself: am I ready for the sweet, the tart, and the sharp stones that will show themselves? And when I have truthful answers to those questions, I will set out and happily embrace each step of the road, to learn from walking, running, skipping and, yes, even stumbling on those ever-present sharp stones because to fully enjoy and learn from life’s journey one must see, taste, and experience all that life shows and presents along our journey.


To do like Ana and embrace the home of stones and know that there is purpose to those stones.

And I will drink this drink and think of Ana and the excitement she shares that is filled with the known and beloved gifts of the Mother – gold and silver – and the other less appreciated gifts – sharp stones – while knowing that all of the Mother’s gifts are equally beautiful, equally shared, and equally needed.

This then, is Ana’s drink.

2018 Copyright Dear Dean Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

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