Coffee Tales, Chapter 5: Jennifer

Coffee Tales, Chapter 5: “Jennifer”

Written by Myron J, Clifton

Jennifer likes a Grande Lime Refresher. I tried Jennifer’s drink today, here is my review.

This is a drink of intuition. A drink of exuberance. A drink that caresses and partners with one’s spirit to give one a sense of… accomplishment? Reflection? Focus? Ah, yes, connection.

This a drink of connection.

This drink allows one to focus and infuse that focus with the connection of ages. The focus and connection with knowing progress is and will happen, and that one will be a participant of that progress and not a bystander. This drink is for the doer, because the doer doesn’t only watch, the doer joins in to participate in connecting and effecting change for all and mostly, for effecting positive change for themselves.

Like Jennifer.


The taste, healing properties, and the aroma of lime recalls a time, thousands of years ago when limes made their way from Indonesia all the way to Africa before the British Empire discovered this “new” citrus fruit. The British Navy used limes to prevent scurvy on long voyages, giving British sailors a healthy treat that they loved so much that to this day, those sailors are nicknamed “Limey.” This then is a fruit that is a tasty snack, that is used for cooking and for preventing disease. A fruit that turns into a perfect cross drink to recharge the external body which has undergone strenuous and daily full body activity, whether on a ship or in a gymnasium.


Shortly after feeling the effects of this drink, one can see a future born out of cold winters on the edges of Lake Michigan, where German and Polish settlers met a Native people, the Algonquin, who called their land “Meskousing.” French settlers changed “Meskousing” to “Ouisconsin,” which was then changed by English settlers into… Wisconsin.


But the original meaning of Meskousing/Ouisconsin/Wisconsin never changed because the word is a reference to the river where the Algonquin lived, near the Wisconsin Dells with its reddish sandstone; “It lies red,” “red stone place,” and “where the water gathers,” are all meanings for Wisconsin and one of its daughters: Jennifer.

“Where the water gathers” is a place where one can meet friends who need to rest, who need to share their pain, their struggle, and look for and listen for the words of connection. This would be a place, this gathering of the waters, where one can seek advice from a daughter linked to the untouchable and immeasurable wisdom of intuition.

Like Jennifer.


The gathered friends come to this place, to this person, from diverse origins, from different places in time and in the world; with different views and experiences and yet all seek the same water, the same person, and all are thirsty for her connection to the intuitive unknown. And perhaps she can share a companion drink to the Lime Refresher; another drink that includes lime..maybe a drink like…a..Mojito. Yes, Mojito would be a fine companion on a journey to share lessons, advice, tales of love, and how to make good decisions and conquer life’s many challenges of the mind and the body

I will seek this gathering place with Jennifer and her Lime Refresher during those moments when I need to reflect and plan; to look ahead beyond today’s present troubles to a gathering place of water and the friends who are also gathered there to drink from this connection and this person.

I will share for a few minutes with this friend who stops time to listen and who will, like water, find the best path forward, no matter how hard it seems at the moment because we all know that where there is water there is life; where there is love there are friends; and if water and friends are there, Jennifer will also be there, always ready to share her untouchable connection and help steer all friends to the best path that will always include beautiful intuition, health, laughter, and love that flows like water to the red sandstone.

This then is Jennifer’s drink.


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