Coffee Tales, Chapter 4: “Katya Juliet”

Coffee Tales, Chapter 4: “Katya Juliet”

Written By Myron J. Clifton

Katya Juliet likes an Iced Venti coffee with extra cream, sweetened with 1/2 vanilla and 1/2 hazelnut. I tried Katya Juliet’s drink recently, here is my review.

This is a drink that is full of life. Of many lives. Of adventure. Of not being afraid of life and embracing life’s wonderful diversity. A drink of two major elements which are seemingly disparate and from different worlds, places, times, and imaginations. And yet, here two elements meet — join — and consider one another in respect, wonder, and in offering their very best.

Like Katya Juliet.

Each element is open to the possibility of union and of joining strength for strength to make something greater. They are together but not complete…yet.

They are two but they need two more for true completeness.

And as with any gathering of strength and of multitudes meeting from a position of strength, someone, some-thing, has to become humble to allow the joining to exist. It is first the ice that absorbs then takes the heat away allowing for much-needed cooling that will in turn allow the other elements to flourish.


And then next is the extra cream that blankets the joining in comforting love while reassuring each strong element with a cozy certainty of…attention to finally merge the two strong elements with the two newer elements.

So the threat of too much heat and overpowering taste  – is soothed –  thus completing the merging of power for power –

vanilla and hazelnut +

ice and extra cream =

2+2 =


Kinda like how families come together.


For often our greatest strength and power is in our ability to join others and subdue our innerselves who may want to dominate; Our true strength then is in our ability to commune with others in honesty, openness, and love.

And it is a worldly love, like the venerable hazelnut which is produced in America, Spain, Italy, Greece, Russia, Iran, Romania, and France – truly a product of diverse, interesting, and ancient; and new worlds that mix history of West and East, with origins for philosophy, the alphabet, medicine, algebra, and so much more.

That such a seemingly small tree nut contains so much input from the world matches perfectly with a daughter whose own DNA is reflective of the same diverse world.


Like this wonderful drink of multiple elements, this ability of containing a universe within a small sweet flavorful drink is also who Katya Juliet is.

She is a recipient of the world’s many flavors, many outlets, and many strengths. She meets those strengths in humbleness, openness, and wonder and in doing so, she comes away stronger and more open. The wonder repeating itself across time from her first incarnation until… there will never be a last, will there?

I drink this drink fully embracing Katya Juliet’s past strength from time immemorial, to her humble present, and all the way into her infinite future in which the elements of wonder and strength will dance and sing in unison with her song of

beauty and love +

family and attention  =

2+2 =



When I need to feel and intake sweet complex beauty I will drink this drink to feel and know the world.

This then is Katya Juliet’s drink.

Copyright 2018 Dear Dean Publishing, All Rights Reserved.


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